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Sunday Thoughts and Photograph: No Matter How You Call Her

  Moeder  - Afrikans  Nene or Meme - Albanian  Ahm - Arabic Matka - Belarusan  Majko - Bosnian  Manko - Bulgarian Mare - Catalan  Mati. Majka - Croatian Matka - Czech Mor - Danish  Moeder - Dutch  Ema- Estonian  Nanay - Filipino  Aiti - Finnish  Mere - French, Maman  Meowmy - Cat Mutter - German  Mana - Greek  Makuahine - Hawaiian  Maji - Hindi  Anya, Fu - Husgarian Moooir - Icelandic Induk, Nyokap - Indonesian Mathair - Irish  Madre, Mama - Italian  Okaasan - Japanese Mater - Latin  Mate - Latvian  Motina - Lithuanian  Ibu - Malay  Mor, Mamma - Norwegian Madr - Persian  Matka - Polish  Mae - Portuguese  Mataji, Mai - Romanian  Matb - Russian  Tina - Samoan  Majko - Serbian  Matka - Slovak  Madre, Mama - Spanish  Mzazi, Mzaa - Swahili Mamma, Morsa, Mor - Swedish  Anne, Ana - Turkish  Matn - Ukranian  Me - Vietnamese  Mam - Welsh  Different languages, and different cultures, but mean only one thing - unconditional love. 
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Spruce Up Your Spring Wardrobe with Top-Notch Shapewear from FeelinGirl

Spring is a time when flowers and lace are always a great choice to have in your closets. However, it's not just this type of clothing that you have to put together.  What's the best wardrobe for spring?   The best wardrobe for spring should include versatile, light and fresh pieces, suitable for changing temperatures and milder weather. Therefore, choose pieces that can be easily layered and removed according to temperature changes throughout the day. Lightweight cardigans, denim jackets, and blazers are great options for adding layers without overheating. Add a pop of color and pattern to your wardrobe with printed blouses and tops. Flowers, stripes, and geometric patterns are popular in spring and add a fresh, vibrant look to your outfits. Dresses are essential pieces for spring, as they are practical and feminine. Choose light, flowing dresses in fabrics like cotton, linen, or chiffon, which are comfortable and breathable. Midi dresses and shapewear with floral prints are c

Hello, Its Me, Hi

 Hello,  I am just dropping by to tell you that I didn't give up. or gave you up. Although I was on the verge some three months ago.  I was wondering if it is still practical to keep you or if was I just wasting my time paying for your annual maintenance. I let you expire, and then at the last minute I saved you! Causing me more money than usual.  The truth is, I can't. I can't let you go. Letting you go will just be like letting go of a fourteen-year-old relationship. Yes, that long it had been. You've been a cathartic to me for all those years.  So let's hang out more OK? 

Sunday Memories and Photographs: The Manila Cathedral And Everything Nice Around It

138/366 Quarantine Day 63 ~ It's funny when I read from somewhere how people classify the current date under "BC" which stands for "Before Corona" so it would read like AD (Anno Domini) and BC (Before Christ).  Thinking back from the last time I really had an enjoyable wandering before the lock down was mandated, the classification seems valid though.  It gives you the feel that the last time you had the freedom to be out and wander was some hundred years back and not just some months ago. More than 60 days into the lock down, we are all probably wondering when and where was the last time you had a nice wandering before the government-mandated lock down caused by the COVID19 pandemic forced us to stay put. For me, it was a week before the declaration of the total lock down which was March 08, 2020 BC to be exact.  It was a very happy chance! A happy chance because we never planned to visit the place where we enjoyed our time.  It was a result of some u

Ang Huling El Bimbo The Musical

131/366 Quarantine Day 75  ~ I'm not here to do a review for this one great musical,  Aside from the reason that I don't have a formal training in doing a review for stage plays and musicals, I feel so incapable to even discuss this one great creation. An all Filipino one!  My purpose here is to tell everybody to go watch it!  So as not to miss one half of your life! Set your heart to be ready though.  It's not one for a soft heart or for "kilig" moments.  It's heavy and tragic.  It might make you cry or in my case, I ended up with a heavy but happy heart!  The good catch is that you'll be on for a treat for a non-stop Eraser Heads songs played by a live band!  That alone is a good good reason to watch this musical plus that you can do it in the convenience of your home for free! Aside of course for the great performances of Filipino theater actors.  This is the best entertainment one can offer during this time of pandemic.

Sunday Thoughts And Photograph: Hello Summer, Stay Please?

117/366 Quarantine Day 42 Are you really here? I'd like to see you, feel you! But the crowned virus is out there to get us! Wait for us please? Bear with us? Stay a bit longer? The virus didn't like you, you know that? So we need you to stay a while longer please? Probably more than a hundred days is better Stay summer, please stay... *** The photograph is taken in the summer of 2019 (last year).  From one of the beautiful beaches in Nasugbu, Batangas.  Dark shades, waterproof mobile cam and some shells collected from the beach are among my summer treasures.  Take me back.

Sunday Song, Prayer and A Photograph: Why The Happy Birthday Song?

110/366 Quarantine Day 35 I was listening to the Sunday Healing Mass (televised) today which is being officiated by Father Oscar Orbos. This had been a usual in the house even before the lock down brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Every 6:00AM on Sundays, I open the television and our home celebrates the mass via the television.  But, of course we still attend the actual celebration later in the day. One of the lesson that struck me most during this celebration is the advise that Father Orbos gave before his final blessing.  He reminded about washing hands.  He said that instead of singing the Happy Birthday song, why not say the "Hail Mary". Thinking about it I realized its one sensible advise.  My birthday happened last month on the very day that the lock down took effect and there was really nothing "happy" about it.  Birthday celebration in this time of pandemic is not the best thing to do when other people are mourning for the death of their love one