3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition – United Kingdom and Spain

True to my words from my previous post here’s the update on this spectacular event – the videos from the entries of  United Kingdom and Spain!

United Kingdom – Smart Pyrotechnics Ltd.
Entry from United Kingdom (acknowledgment to Arbesh PH for uploading this video to YouTube)

Spain – Turis Fireworks, Inc.
Entry from Spain (acknowledgment to Arbesh PH for uploading this video to YouTube)

This event is happening every Saturdays from February 11 to March 17 at the Mall of Asia at 7:00PM.   But do you know that they are setting-up the venue as early as dawn time every Saturdays?  Here, take a look at these photos taken at dawn time while the people behind this event is setting-up the venue.

"the sun is not yet up but the bees are now abuzz"

So what can I say for this two entries?

Since this is a pyroMUSICAL, for me the music plays a lot in the presentation.  United Kingdom’s choice of Paul McCartney/Wings’ “Live and Let Die” excite my rocker’s blood, probably because I’m a true blooded McCartney fan, while Spain playing “We are the World” touched my heart.
What about you? What can you say about these two entry?

Show schedules and details about this event can be found from this post.

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