A Sundae Hot Fudge on A Thursday at Home

This is one of those days that I am cramming/battling or whatever messy term you can call it on what to do first.
  • Draft a post? to what blog?
  • Continue registering to ad companies or evaluate more? Which one?
  • If I do register, I need to work on incorporating the ads and I’m sure gonna mess my lay-out.
  • Then it will take lots of my time and I won’t be able to draft a post on any of my blogs.
  • Which task to prioritize? Which one to drop?
  • What blog topics to draft? Which draft to post?
  • Should I write about the significant topic looming in my head but not in the mood to write about?
  • Or write about anything that inspires me right now even if I know it won’t earn traffic? 
  • What? Which? When? How?
  • What to cook for dinner? (the most challenging)

Oh my! there’s still the “Eleven Wagas” tag from one of my favorite blogger friend that I still haven’t had the nerve to deal with Sad smilebut really really wanted to answer (just summoning some guts).  Whew! I’m in a total mess. I guess this is one normal phase for bloggers and this got me into thinking asking some blogger friends if they are experiencing this same dilemma from time to time.

Mr. Soltero, Super Beki from Planetang Barubal, B1 and B2 (Lesterrible and Virgo Guy, you two gave me a breather with your “kakulitan” today) - is this happening to you from time time?

So I’m in the middle of this dilemma when suddenly the heavens opened and sent its ♥angel♥ and brought me this!

I heard trumpets playing and angels singing ♫hallelujah ♫hallelujah♫

Suddenly I have all the answers.  This Hot Fudge Sundae commanded me to snap that headset out of my head, remove that eyeglasses from my tired eyes, place both my feet up on my desk and savor this softness, creaminess and awesome sweetness… Oh wait let me take some souvenir shots of this heavenly thing.

And a photo after...

I savored this awesome goodness while mentally sharing it with my lovable blogging friends while smiling at the thought that I finally decided what to write about. 

Anyway, do you know that McDonald’s Sundae Hot Fudge is 6.3 oz per serving and can give you a 330kcal?  Who cares?

Do you know that I don't normally have/eat food in my working space? Who cares?

All I know is that I could have an ice cream on any given day and place and flavor but there couldn’t be an ice cream sundae as perfect as this one at this moment.

By the way, the heavenly ♥angel♥ happens to be my ♥lovey dovey hubby♥ Winking smile


  1. nice to have heaven sent hubbies, ain't it, ms. balut? ;)

    thanks for the special mention here :) yap, this happens to me a lot too. i was just in the beginning of your to-do list, when i told myself, "hey, this pretty much sounds like the everyday dilemma i'm in!" LOL. naka-relate ako :D

    and yeah, a sundae is worth that much of calories, but what the heck, right? in fact, i had one a couple of weeks ago from DQ, which reminds me i haven't finished that one yet and is probably already super frozen by now inside the freezer. thanks for reminding me, LOL!

    enweiz, if you're still stump on what to do first, I think you can start with the Eleven Wagas tag, and when it's done at least you got one task out of the way, right? ;)

  2. super korek♥

    i pretty much imagine you always have this moment that's why I particularly mentioned you ha ha.

    hindi kaya snowball na yang "weeks ago" na sundae mo lol.

    and I really have to work on the Eleven Wagas at na-tag na naman ako. i have to answer 22 questions na at galing yung isang set kay "albert einsten" :(

  3. Wow! ang sweet ni hubby. Dati-rati, dumarating sa akin yung mga ganyang pagkakataon. hindi ang mabigyan ng sundae, kundi yung sa dami ng gagawin ay walang magawa dahil hindi alam kung saan mag-uumpisa. ang secret? list them all down and give them priorities. i don't really do this. i usually sleep it off. or eat it off. or have a sundae. thanks for sharing. at least alam ko na we have something in common. pareho tayong mental case. hahaha

    1. @rence
      minsan kasi frustrating to list it down tapos you won't follow din di ba? you're right best thing to do is eat/sleep it off.
      and yeah matagal ko ng tanggap yung mental case ha ha ha

  4. After mo bang kumain nyan eh nakapag decide ka na kung anong uunahin mo?

    1. @Virgo
      oo nagluto ako ng dinner. sarsyadong boneless bangus sa kamatis then natulog. heto ngayon pa lang ulet magsisimula he he

  5. tagged you on my post...

    good thing may sundae to ease you. ☺

  6. hahaha ako na lang pala ang wala..sorry naman...busy kasi ako sa pag-iisip ng dadalhin bukas para sa akyat..ehehe ayos yung post mo..kaya lang mas ok kung ililibre mo lahat ng naka-tag ng sundae hot fudge :) joke lang ..peace salamat nga pala sa pag-tag sa akin :)

  7. @E=mc2 (Einstein),
    I'm now having loads of sundae to survive dealing the 22 questions :( but thanks for tagging me of course. My Wagas answers coming soon. just need to deal with lots of backlogs :(

  8. @el terible (lester :),
    aakyat ka lang ng hagdan pinaghahandaan mo pa lol! siguraduhin mong bababa ka at wala akong maaasar he he. sagot mo yung blow-out ng sundae bago shoes mo eh:)
    you're welcome. don't worry I'll tag you again (evil laugh)


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