Post Event Piece: Best Food Forward–A Blast!

“Would you like to taste our Paella? I would be honored if you taste our Paella”

That is one among the appetizing and delicious offer from one of the exhibitors at the Best Food Forward event. And when I tasted their Paella, I almost forgot my name LOL! Seriously, I tasted a number of great tasting paella but this one is sooo unforgettable!  And so do with all the food we tasted on this event.

All the best food came forward at the NBC Tent last March  24 and 25, 2012.  We were there during the second day and here’s sharing to you some photos that will speak for themselves.

photo booth – obviously we had a blast! (look! there's a chilli pepper in my head!)
BFForward B15352393
yum and creativity all in one
the place, the venue, the décor, the food tents.
the food signages

the stage, the program, the food bloggers, the people, the cooking demo, the story telling

"Are you a crack addict? The pie does not crack.  Nor does the pie contain crack."
sweets and creativity combined
free taste, free taste, free taste of every food!

more sweets…
the cute girl in the 7th photo from this collage is so smart encouraging us to buy from them. she said,
"Please buy our sweets, part of our sale proceeds is going to kid’s charity”
aaaw – so smart!

people and food, food and people

Words of the day - yum! and burp!

Manila International Auto Show 2012

Get ready and fasten your seat belts! The country’s biggest motoring show is back now on its 8th year!

Manila International Auto Show 2012 (MIAS 2012)
Theme: Motorsports
March 29 – April 1, 2012
World Trade Center Metro Manila
10AM – 10PM

MIAS has an annual attendees record of over 85,000 and this year’s event is anticipated as bigger with 110 companies occupying the WTC, the Philippine Trade Training Center, the adjoining WTC East Wing and the specially constructed WTC East Wing B, with the total exhibit area now at 30,000 sqm.

A closer view of Philippine Trade Training Center with the MIAS banner

The Philippine Trade Training Center with MIAS full banner

The show will showcase various car launches, test drives, motorsports exhibits, special demonstrations, and many more show highlights such as:
  • Russ Swift Precision Driving Stunt Show
  • Top Gear exhibit
  • MIAS Classic and Custom Car Competition
  • European Mobile Media Competition
  • Car photography contest
  • Gala Night for the Car of the Year Awards 2012

MIAS 2012 organizer : Worldbex Services International
Poster photo and information source: MIAS website and WTCMM website.

Sunday Quote and Photograph: You Don’t Raise Heroes, You Raise Sons

You don't raise heroes,
you raise sons.
And if you treat them like sons,
they'll turn out to be heroes,
even if it's just in your own eyes.

~Walter M. Schirra, Sr.~

My BIRTHDAY! How Did it Go?

This should be a post during the “all about me” week, but I was undecided if I will share this or not.  Until today I was looking for a draft post and accidentally found this untitled draft which is about how I spent my birthday.  Hmn… not a bad draft I thought so I’m sharing it now.  I’m not re-editing, so it will sound like I was talking last week. Also you will find that all photographs are all “dated”.  Here how it goes on my last week writing about my birthday … 

As almost everybody know by now, I’m the blogger runner behind the Run! and Keep on Running blog, which if you click that link, you will know how I started my day.  Yep, I started my day the way I started it last year. I run!


A morning run is regular for me but I’m putting on extra miles this week because I’m running my first 16K this weekend.  That’s the pros and cons of running on your birthday week.  The pros is it keeps you disciplined and the cons is that you can’t do weird things (which I love to do on my birthdays).  If I would be given another choice, I will go bungee jumping!.  But since this is my choice for the past two years, I might as well put a heart into it. 

So my whole day is set to do “wholesome” activities which includes roaming around the city to pick-up the things I want to have today.  Talking about living to my blog’s name huh! Balut Manila is roaming Manila! But before we (me and hubby) go too far, we made a short trip to the wet market to buy some “boneless bangus”, which I cooked later and served to dinner topped with mongo sprouts, yum! (yum pic at the bottom) .

Next stop… the Nuffnang office!

I was so delighted to know that the Nuffnang Office is located in Bonifacio Global City just across my favorite Nike Park. 

  BGC view from Nuffnang Office.                          View from Nike Park to Nuffnang Office

If you are wondering what I’m doing at Nuffnang office, it is because I won five tickets to the Best Food Forward event.  Yey! THANK YOU Nuffnang!

Then we’re back on the road on the way to Araneta Avenue where my good friend Bagets owns an auto-shop. 

I won’t talk about Bagets office much because he’s a very private person.  But I can share that we had lunch in a Korean restaurant, on Bagets tab LOL.

So what am I doing in a friend’s business office on my birthday? Again, that’s part of my “birthday run” thing, to pick-up “our” race kits. “Ours” because Bagets gifted me not only “my” race registration, but also for hubby and my whole running team (Team QuekQuek). Am I an abusive friend? LOL.  Just so you know, I’m a lovable friend, thus I am getting these awesome birthday treatsWinking smile

I spent the whole afternoon answering phone calls, text and online messages – all birthday greetings.  It is at this time of the year when I particularly remember how blessed am I to have tons of friends who never fail to greet me each year.  Thank you God for these wonderful friends and family.

We had a quiet dinner at home with family and friends.  Again, no loud partying, no alcohol. just a quiet peaceful dinner.  I want to share with you all my cake, have some slice.


… and the boneless bangus I cooked Smile

Surrounded with wonderful family and friends,
wearing my trademark untrimmed eyebrows (LOL),
unbrushed hair and no make-up face,
and wearing my red birthday top from five years back (yes it still fits Winking smile).
Another blessed birthday is celebrated!
Thank you God!
bday me 

A week after and I'm still replying and sending thank yous to lots of birthday greets!

If you're interested to know the culmination of my birthday week you can take a quick look here and the "prize" I got here.

Final Night: 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition–Italy and Philippines

All roads lead to Mall of Asia (MOA) on the night of March 17, 2012.   As expected, there's heavy traffic everywhere.  I read a lot of (online) comments from the usual people who are covering the event every Saturday that they were trapped in traffic for hours and not being able to get a good spot to video or photograph the event and a lot more similar complaints. 

Well what could you expect? Aside from the fact that it was the final night and the last chance to witness this spectacular event, it is also the night that this year’s winner will be announced.  More so, it is also the night that the host country, our dear Philippines is presenting their exhibition entry.  Knowing Filipinos, we are very supportive to anything that our country is representing to international competitions/shows, plus! we are all fireworks lovers and everybody is certain that our entry will always be one of the best.

And the winner is…. whoops, first let us take a look on the videos of tonight’s entry/participant Italy

Italy – Orzella Fireworks S.R.L
Entry from Italy (acknowledgment to ArbesPH for the video uploaded to YouTube)

That was one great opening to the tune of “Volare”.  The next part of Italy’s presentation after the opening part reminds me of the movie “Close Encounter of the Third Kind”.  That part for me is a bit mysterious but not too exciting. Then the crowds “ohs and ahs" were back when it became more lively again to the tune of Abba’s Dancing Queen.  It seems Abba songs are favorites in this competition.  All in all, Italy’s entry is good. 

At last the announcement came! And the winner is….

CANADA! – 1st Place

AUSTRALIA and FINLAND – tied in 2nd Place


The night and the competition in all will not be complete without the exhibition display entry from the Philippines! The opening “Let’s get ready to rum-------ble” to the tune of Madagascar's "I Like to Move It"  song sent the crowd into a deafening cheers and shouts as the magnificent Philippine Platinum Fireworks zoomed  into the beautiful dark bay of MOA.  I’m sure there’s one person in the crowds mind at that time, the Filipinos boxing pride Manny Pacquiao!

So goes Philippine Platinum Fireworks wowed the crowd with its spectacular opening display until it was halted with a technical “blah blah”.  The reports said there was a fire in the barge.  But after few minutes the Philippines' awesome exhibition displays continued with notable fireworks swaying and dancing to songs such as Whitney Houston’s "I Will Always Love You", “Mga Kababayan Ko”, “Like A Prayer” from Glee “Pilipino Ako” by Manny Pacquiao and Dancing Queen (Abba again!) and a lot more!

Undoubtedly, the Philippines display entry is one among the best.  I may need to apologize to my foreign readers here because I can not perfectly describe the Philippines exhibition display entry without using the very apt language... ♫and it goes like this♫:

 “ may konting palpak ngunit bonggang-bonggang maingay,
mausok, masaya at major major na panalo!"

Philippines – Platinum Fireworks
Entry from Italy (acknowledgment to for the video uploaded to YouTube)

If you wish to watch all the videos for the whole competition, you may follow these links:
Till next year folks! When it comes to fireworks, it is definitely

 “More Fun in the Philippines!”

Sunday Quote and Photograph: It is not age; It is not diet.

The body does not want you to do this.
As you run, it tells you to stop but the mind must be strong.
You always go too far for your body.
You must handle the pain with strategy...
It is not age; it is not diet. It is the will to succeed.

Jacqueline Gareau (1980 Boston Marathon Champ)


Photo taken at Buendia (Sen. Gil Puyat) Avenue flyover while running on my 8th kilometer trail for my first 16-kilometer run.  My birthday run.  The first eight kilometers includes up hills and down hills at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and I have to tackle this flyover twice. The first time was coming from BGC Taguig when I took this photo.  The second time was after running two more kilometers at the turn around and it is more elevated than the first.

I honestly did not anticipate the flyover run.  I usually just peek at the map before the run.  I take note of the vicinities that I will be passing by but not the details of the road.  I don’t want the map to motivate or unmotivate me.

Passing by this flyover on board a vehicle is ordinary to me being a city dweller.  But taking this by foot more so while running a race is an entirely different thing.  It gave me a different perspective of the place.  It also fascinates me to be able to cross two cities by foot.  From Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, to Buendia, Makati City.  Few more kilometers and I will be in Pasay City, then it will be three cities by foot.  It gave me a good mental calculation if I can finish a 21K race.
This is one tough run, actually the toughest so far for me.  But I just pushed myself until I finished!

3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition–Australia and Canada

We’re now on the fifth installment from this series of posts for the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition, and this is the second to the last installments.  First, you may want to take another look on the videos of the first four entries:
Tonight's competition covers the entry from Australia and Canada, so let’s take a peek in the videos of these two entries:

Australia – Fireworkx Inc.
Entry from the Australia (acknowledgment to ArBeshPH for the video uploaded to YouTube)

Wow! There was a lot of “ohs and ahs” there when Australia’s entry danced to “Eye of the Tiger” and it definitely captured the hearts of the audience with its cute smileys and hearts popping to the tune of Mambo Number 5. And the fireworks really look “romantic” while gracefully dancing to “Speaks Softly Love”.

Canada – Fireworks Spectacular
Entry from the Canada (acknowledgment to okal85 for the video uploaded to YouTube)

   While I found the Canada entry as mysterious.  The opening didn’t appeal to me at first but on the part of “Let it Rain”, I was not blinking up to the grand finale.  I think this entry is extra colorful than the others.  That was aaaawesome!

One more competition night which will include the entry from our very own Philippines and we will know the winner of this years competition.  Excited much! Winking smile

Eleven + Labing-isa = Onseng Wagas na Nosebleed!

Since this is a “no way out” situation and this is my revelation week, it's about time to comply to this viral tag.  It would be unfair and "dyahi" to the people who tagged me if I won't comply, and of course pampasaya!  Ang aking iginagalang (at may kasalanan ng lahat ng pagdurusang eto-lol) na si Kuya Rence, at sundan pa naman netong si E=MC2.  So 22 wagas questions ang sasagutin ko waaaah…  So this is it!
First, here are the rules para sa mga mata-tag:
  • Post 11 random things about yourself
  • Answer the tagged questions
  • Create 11 questions for the people you tag to answer
Nosebleed No. 1: Ang aking onseng ka-random-an:
  1. I’m celebrating two birthdays. First in March my real birth month. Second in August after surviving a “not-so-fun” hospitalization.
  2. Vanity
    I’m not vain (daw).  I don’t like earrings so I don't have ear piercing.  Galawin mo na lahat sa buhay ko wag lang ang kilay ko - I don’t trim my eyebrows. I don’t like parlors. I don’t own any female thing in the pink color. I can live without a vanity kit in my bag but not without a digicam.
  3. Work.
    Can do multitasking.  Something like “PC work-phone talk-personal talk-reading tex, while having  coffee”
  4. Food.
    Love coffee hates milk. Love sour hates sweet. But I'll hug whoever will give me a bar of BABYRUTH.  Habitually uses just one pair of spoon and fork (at home) for the last 16 years which my hubby bought from Europe (we have a pair each of the same kind).
    Was allergic to lots of food when I was younger. I gradually eat all of them until I got immune.

  5. Music lover but can’t sing a tune. I love Freddie Mercury/Queen songs. I pumped full volume FM/Queen songs in my ears using aviator’s headset while reviewing for exams.

  6. Hindi ako matatakutin sa kung ano-anong mga hiwaga. Isa lang ang greatest fear ko SNAKE (nginig).  Pwede mo kong ikulong sa haunted house or maiwan sa sementeryo wag lang may kasamang ahas :(. The irony is, I am born in the year of the snake.

  7. I seldom watch TV.  I’m more on listening to TV than watching it. I hate tele-novelas lalo na yung mga hindi sabay ang dialog sa pag-buka ng bibig (LOL).

  8. I’ve a 101 Dalmatian collection (McDo toy). I collected used staple wires when I was still working in an office.  I collect mugs, and now race singlet and running stuff.

  9. I own a pair of a 46 year old running♥ legs that can finish a 10K race at 1:30.  I’ll be running my first 16K this weekend.  I started running just a year ago and I wish to run a full marathon before I die.

  10. Blissfully married for 17 years to my ex-boyfriend of five years who’s into soccer (a former Philippine National Team player).  Blessed with a heaven sent son and a daughter who looks like my clone.
  11. I am known for being workaholic and mataray (ewan ko ba hmp!).  Mataray ba ako? Ha? Ha?  Hindi naman ah! Tanong nyo pa sa BFF ko he he.
Nose bleed number 2: Mga Questions ni Kuya Na Kailangan Mong Sagutin Kung Ayaw Mong Masaktan:
1.  How can we achieve world peace?
Pag nagunaw ang mundo?

1.  Sino ang pinaka-hate mo na teacher o prof at bakit?  (Pwedeng hindi ibigay ang tunay na pangalan ng teacher to avoid self-incrimination.)(at hinay-hinay sa pag-type at baka ibuhos mo ang poot sa keyboard.)
The prof  behind kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay memorized ko pa ang "Mi Ultimo Adios”  (but it's not the reason why I dislike him).

2.  Ano ang pinaka-grabeng ginawa mo para makapag-cheating?
For myself wala, but iginagawa ko ng essay yung mga friends ko pag exam (wag sana to mabasa ng ka-FB kong Prof)

3.  Ano ang isang bagay na dapat ay sinabi mo pero hindi mo nasabi at para kanino ito?

”A promise made is a debt unpaid” – For my former virtual boss.

4.  What is the greatest thing that someone did to make you realize how much he/she love(s/d) you?
Nung pinakasalan ako ng asawa ko kahit sinabi sa kanya ng kuya ko na “Ano? pakakasalan mo ang nuknukan ng taray na bunso namin na eto? sigurado ka ba?
Sweet ng kuya ko ano? he he

5.  Magbigay ng isang instance na may nasabi ka nang hindi ka nag-iisip at feeling mo, gusto mong biglang matunaw o mawala sa mga oras na iyon.  Ano ang iyong sinabi at kanino? Ipabasa ito sa kanya.
Short story: Sabi ko: ”Uuwi na ako”, sabay para ng jeep at sumakay, then after few miles bumaba at namasyal.  Nasalubong ko yung taong pinagpaalaman ko at tinanong ako “Di ba umuwi ka na? Aking sagot: “Hindi pa he he”
Sa isang manliligaw na sobrang bait ngunit ayaw kong magpahatid. Wish ko lang mabiyak ang lupa at kainin ako :(

6.  Give an expression of love that you have done and for whom.
To my husband who has a dog phobia. When we were jogging in Baguio, nakasalubong kami ng mukang “asong ulol”.  Hinarang ko yung aso nung papunta na samin. Sweet ko no? ha ha ha

7.  Magbigay ng sampung tatlong bagay na kinaiinisan mo.
Chizmoza. Daming pwedeng gawin sa buhay unahin pa ang chizmiz
Yung government employee na parang vendo machine = yung hindi nagpa-function pag hindi hinulugan ng pera
Yung tanong ng tanong pero hindi naman pinapakinggan ang sagot tapos tatanong ulet. Grrrr.

8.  Ano ang isang bagay na hindi mo pa nagagawa at plano mong gawin in the future?
Kumita ng limpak limpak na salapi (plano lang naman).

9.  Anong kanta ang itinuturing mo na iyong "life song?"
Depende sa phases ng life. Sa ngayon “Let It Be” by “Beatles” . My anthem at this moment is “She’s a Woman”.

10.  Give an event or a moment where you were greatly inspired.
Everything about them inspires me.
abo n abi
11.  Magbigay ng isang joke na nakapagpatawa sa iyo ng malakas. 
Madami eh, pero lately yung answer mo sa No. 9 question, ha ha ha tawa talaga ako ng tawa, mag-isa pa naman ako nung binabasa ko yun.

Nose bleed #3. Questions from Albert Einstein (2AM na po)
1. If we, humans (Homo sapiens) originated from monkeys and apes, why are there still monkeys and apes this time?
I’m a believer of “Si Malakas at si Maganda” so there are still monkeys maybe because they have their own version of “Si Tsonggo at si Tsongga”

2. What is your favorite Science subject and why?
Botany – I just feel that there’s lesser guilt experimenting on plants than animals.

3. How will you change the world through blogging and the like?
As I always say on my blog (my original piece):
“I just have this simple thinking that whatever bit of good I share to the world will make the world a bit better to be in.”
4. Is Albert Einstein wrong on his Theory of Relativity saying that light is the fastest object on Earth?
Jeez! He’s Albert Einstein who am I to question him?
5. Describe your blog(s)?
Run and Keep on Running – is more of a personal blog, to keep me motivated in my running.  I feel so blessed that I can run and blog about it.
Pinoy Anik Anik – expressed my big LOVE to my race and fatherland.  I am simply proud to be Pinoy! (but I nosebleed with Wordpress and now considering importing it to Blogger, suggestion please?)
Balut Manila – this is where I discuss all my interests.

6. Do you think you will be the next Miss Universe?
Nope I’m overage, but could’ve been Winking smile kaya lang STRICT and parents ko eh!

7. Explain why humans are attracted to each other. More of a boy and girl relationship, actually.
Because it is more normal than to be attracted to cats and dogs?

8. Do you deserve to be tagged? Why?
I think so? Because I deserved to be punished? LOL

9. What’s your favorite sci-fi movie and why?
”Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” – it’s a love story but for me it’s a sci-fi (weirdo)

10. Do you believe that the youth is still the hope of the fatherland?
No one but them yes!

11. What’s the biggest mistake you have done in your life and how did you overcome it?
Overworking. I haven’t.
Not blogging for my own  earlier. (Obviously) I’m making up for it right now.

Haist salamat! And here’s my 11 (aaaw) questions.
  1. Sinong best friend mo doon?
  2. Batay sa iyong maling paniniwala, sino ang kamukha mong celebrity?
  3. What is your best physical asset? Kung totoo man, bakit?
  4. What is your ultimate gadget wish?
  5. How do you pamper yourself?
  6. Why are you blogging?
  7. What can you say about me and this blog?
  8. What do you think of “Google’s New Privacy Policy” that took effect on March 1, 2012
  9. What movie can you relate to your own life? Elaborate in a full length movie.
  10. Except “learning to love yourself, what do you think is the greatest love of all? (Wagas ba?)
  11. Are you satisfied in the track your life is taking right now?
Eto na na ang panahon ng paghihigante (evil laugh).  Narito ang list kung kanino ko ipapasa ang koronang wagas with individual casted spell na mangyayari pag hindi nila eto sinagot he he…

Virgo – hindi matutuloy ang mga adventures mo at bababa ang PR ng blog mo
Lester – masisira agad ang bago mong hiking shoes at bababa din ang PR ng blog mo (tagal mo sumagot kaya tagged din kita)
Super Beki – hindi ka makaka-rumpage at mauubusan ka ng “bekspression”. at kelangan “bexpression ang reply diteys ha!
Animexited – magiging normal human face lahat ng anime sa blog mo
Jigz – Mabubutas lahat ng backpacks mo, maiiwan ka ng mga flights & cruises at magma-malfunction ang iyong cams. LOL
Lazybiatch – magugulo ang iyong sanctuary
Mitch – made-dethrone ka sa pagka-Goddess at magiging maalat lahat ng niluluto mo. LOL.
Rona – magiging “chaka” ang mga designs mo ha ha ha
Gracie – hindi matutupad ang mga birthday wishes mo. LOL

At ‘sensya na kung ngayon lang naka-comply.  This is the most challenging blog post of my life! Good luck to all and happy blogging.  Cheers!

Sunday Song and Photographs: She’s Always A Woman

(You are tagged!  You need to finish reading this post!)

She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
She hides like a child,
But she's always a woman to me
She can lead you to love
She can take you or leave you
She can ask for the truth
But she'll never believe you
And she'll take what you give her, as long as it's free
Yeah, she steals like a thief
But she's always a woman to me
Oh--she takes care of herself
She can wait if she wants
She's ahead of her time
Oh--and she never gives out
And she never gives in
She just changes her mind
And she'll promise you more
Than the Garden of Eden
Then she'll carelessly cut you
And laugh while you're bleedin'
But she'll bring out the best
And the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself
Cause she's always a woman to me
100_0916b4 d operation
Oh--she takes care of herself
She can wait if she wants
She's ahead of her time
Oh--and she never gives out
And she never gives in
She just changes her mind
She is frequently kind
And she's suddenly cruel
She can do as she pleases
She's nobody's fool
And she can't be convicted
She's earned her degree
And the most she will do
Is throw shadows at you
But she's always a woman to me

Well obviously I can’t get over the song that I included in my post for the 101st International Women's Day (IWD) celebration.  It became my LSS (Last Song Syndrome) for the whole week culminating today by making it as my Sunday post complementing it with the photographs of  the faces of this woman that I see every time I look in the mirror. LOL. 

I just hope that you wouldn’t take the meaning of the song literally or based it on the story behind why and for whom the musician Billy Joel wrote it for.  I like the song primarily because of it’s melody and I love the singer as well.  It definitely has a great lyrics that I consider as metaphorical. And whether we admit it or not, most us women can find a bit of ourselves from this song.  C’mon sisters, don’t deny it.

The other reason is that, my hubby sang it to me one time.  It was one among those ordinary days that we’re together.  It was played in the radio and he sang along and dedicated the  song to me. Sweet!  My hubby by the way possess a good singing voice.  You can throw any kind of song to him and he can sing it in perfect tune.

Well I’m talking a lot about myself now and bear with me if I'll be a bit KSP (kulang sa pansin/looking for attention) this week, anyway I seldom do this on my blogs.  Since I started blogging I have been avoiding not to reveal a lot about my person, but I think it is inevitable not to share a portion of yourself if you are running a personal blog. I just thought that this week is the perfect time to share a bit about myself because… Yey! it’s my birthday week. 

So reading this post is like a tag.  You are obliged to greet me in writing by leaving a message below in my comment box (not in the guest book please).  If  you do not follow my wish, you will suffer from all those consequences threat written in the scary chain letters LOL.  C’mon be kind to this celebrant, leave me a message and greet me on my birthday.  It doesn’t matter what day you came across this post. Any day that you read this is my birthday so greet me and don’t forget to wish me luck ok?

Thanks and cheers to my birthday!  And oh… “Beware, it’s the ides' of March! ;)


A single link is okay as long it says something about your comment or related to my posts. Apart from that I'm sorry I need to delete your links. THANKS!
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