3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition–Australia and Canada

We’re now on the fifth installment from this series of posts for the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition, and this is the second to the last installments.  First, you may want to take another look on the videos of the first four entries:
Tonight's competition covers the entry from Australia and Canada, so let’s take a peek in the videos of these two entries:

Australia – Fireworkx Inc.
Entry from the Australia (acknowledgment to ArBeshPH for the video uploaded to YouTube)

Wow! There was a lot of “ohs and ahs” there when Australia’s entry danced to “Eye of the Tiger” and it definitely captured the hearts of the audience with its cute smileys and hearts popping to the tune of Mambo Number 5. And the fireworks really look “romantic” while gracefully dancing to “Speaks Softly Love”.

Canada – Fireworks Spectacular
Entry from the Canada (acknowledgment to okal85 for the video uploaded to YouTube)

   While I found the Canada entry as mysterious.  The opening didn’t appeal to me at first but on the part of “Let it Rain”, I was not blinking up to the grand finale.  I think this entry is extra colorful than the others.  That was aaaawesome!

One more competition night which will include the entry from our very own Philippines and we will know the winner of this years competition.  Excited much! Winking smile


  1. wow, so nice to have watched it live.. thanks sa videos po :)

    Let's Vote for Cebu!
    Everything Etcetera

  2. hi you're welcome and thanks for the visit. I will be posting the last installment soon :)

  3. Hi Balut, backreading mode ako. Ang gandang mapanood ng live ang pyromusical competition na yan, ganda!

    1. Wow! ang saya nyanng back reading! THANKS at napili mo ako sa back reading mo :)
      Here's the final installment with our very own Philippine (proud ;) entry. I rushed posting it for you ha ha...


    2. until now backreading pa rin ako haha, hay andami ko pala talagang namiss na blogposts mo kaya now bumabawi! whoa. tho' i haven't that had much time, sisingit ko talaga for you, naks idol!


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