My BIRTHDAY! How Did it Go?

This should be a post during the “all about me” week, but I was undecided if I will share this or not.  Until today I was looking for a draft post and accidentally found this untitled draft which is about how I spent my birthday.  Hmn… not a bad draft I thought so I’m sharing it now.  I’m not re-editing, so it will sound like I was talking last week. Also you will find that all photographs are all “dated”.  Here how it goes on my last week writing about my birthday … 

As almost everybody know by now, I’m the blogger runner behind the Run! and Keep on Running blog, which if you click that link, you will know how I started my day.  Yep, I started my day the way I started it last year. I run!


A morning run is regular for me but I’m putting on extra miles this week because I’m running my first 16K this weekend.  That’s the pros and cons of running on your birthday week.  The pros is it keeps you disciplined and the cons is that you can’t do weird things (which I love to do on my birthdays).  If I would be given another choice, I will go bungee jumping!.  But since this is my choice for the past two years, I might as well put a heart into it. 

So my whole day is set to do “wholesome” activities which includes roaming around the city to pick-up the things I want to have today.  Talking about living to my blog’s name huh! Balut Manila is roaming Manila! But before we (me and hubby) go too far, we made a short trip to the wet market to buy some “boneless bangus”, which I cooked later and served to dinner topped with mongo sprouts, yum! (yum pic at the bottom) .

Next stop… the Nuffnang office!

I was so delighted to know that the Nuffnang Office is located in Bonifacio Global City just across my favorite Nike Park. 

  BGC view from Nuffnang Office.                          View from Nike Park to Nuffnang Office

If you are wondering what I’m doing at Nuffnang office, it is because I won five tickets to the Best Food Forward event.  Yey! THANK YOU Nuffnang!

Then we’re back on the road on the way to Araneta Avenue where my good friend Bagets owns an auto-shop. 

I won’t talk about Bagets office much because he’s a very private person.  But I can share that we had lunch in a Korean restaurant, on Bagets tab LOL.

So what am I doing in a friend’s business office on my birthday? Again, that’s part of my “birthday run” thing, to pick-up “our” race kits. “Ours” because Bagets gifted me not only “my” race registration, but also for hubby and my whole running team (Team QuekQuek). Am I an abusive friend? LOL.  Just so you know, I’m a lovable friend, thus I am getting these awesome birthday treatsWinking smile

I spent the whole afternoon answering phone calls, text and online messages – all birthday greetings.  It is at this time of the year when I particularly remember how blessed am I to have tons of friends who never fail to greet me each year.  Thank you God for these wonderful friends and family.

We had a quiet dinner at home with family and friends.  Again, no loud partying, no alcohol. just a quiet peaceful dinner.  I want to share with you all my cake, have some slice.


… and the boneless bangus I cooked Smile

Surrounded with wonderful family and friends,
wearing my trademark untrimmed eyebrows (LOL),
unbrushed hair and no make-up face,
and wearing my red birthday top from five years back (yes it still fits Winking smile).
Another blessed birthday is celebrated!
Thank you God!
bday me 

A week after and I'm still replying and sending thank yous to lots of birthday greets!

If you're interested to know the culmination of my birthday week you can take a quick look here and the "prize" I got here.


  1. Wow Balut, what a lovely entry you've got here. Again, belated happy birthday hehe. You're so lucky to celebrate your birthday with your family and circle of friends there, and you're loved! Inggit much. Ako kaya? Hay don't know. Bet ko pala yung boneless bangus girl yummm penge...hehehe, hmm my favorite. Last time I ate it, November 2011 pa ouch!

    1. THANK YOU ulet gracie! nadagdagan na nga lalo mga friends ko dahil sa inyo, my blogging family :) so I am more blessed this year :)
      Lapit na birthday mo! Aabangan ko yung entry mo. Sana magkaron ng chance na magkita-kits tayong mgan bloggers at magkainan na may boneless bangus :)

    2. Sure, basta ikaw organizer hehe. Me too, thank ful din having a new friend online(naks ulit) i like you po kasi napakadown to earth mo po at masayahin while ako naman bugnutin nyahaha, kung sakit ka gusto kong mahawaan hahaha haruy bumabanat?!

    3. Banat! aha ha ha ha THANK YOU! ulet! :)

      Naku lalo na akong mag-ngingiti nyan baka mapagkamalan na akong baliw lol. Magbasa ka na lang lagi ng blog posts para mawala pagka-bugnutin :) Baka home sick lang, ang layo mo kasi...

      Yaan mo magkikita-kits din tayo nina TPW and the rest :)

    4. at... mukang maling acct yung ginamit ko sa reply lol! kakagising kasi at nagmamadali, sisimba pa :P

    5. Okay lang kaw pa din yan ihihi! Guess ko lalaka-RUN mo naman papuntang Bacla-RUN church, peace joke lang para iwas wrinkols, happy sunday!

  2. Enjoyed reading your bday post. Belated Happy Birthday!!! More birthdays and runs to come! :)

    1. Ayeeee! THANK YOU nadj! dinagdagan mo ang blessing ko sa pagbati :)) God Bless and see yah around ;)

  3. Ikaw na ang athletic. Sarap ng boneless bangus!!! Happy birthday ulit!!

  4. ha ha ha THANK YOU Rence! i can promise you the boneless bangus someday :) have a slice of my cake :) THANK YOU ulet sa suporta :)

  5. Sama ko sa kita-kits at penge din bangus, parang ang sarap though di ko masyado type mongo sprouts. ;) You seemed so happy on your bday, and you look beautiful, even with your "untrimmed eyebrows, unbrushed hair and no make-up face". Happy birthday ulit Balut. :)

    1. Syempre kasama ka TPW kasi ipa-pass mo sakin yung giveaway ni Gracie :P
      Naku antay mo munang matikman yung mongo sprout na luto ko :)
      At uma-angat-angat ako sa upuan while reading your comment, high na high ako ha ha ha
      THANK YOU ulet!

  6. Hangbongga ng birthday mo, teh! Belated. Grabe, yung onseng post ko, hanggang ngayon di ko pa natatapos, censya naman po. Pramis, tatapusin ko yan bilang birthday gift ko sa'yo... sana lang this year :D

    1. SALAMAT KM!
      Naku ganun din ako sa onseng yan, more than a month in the making lol! natawa naman ako dun sa "birthday gift/sana lang this year". Wag naman at magkaka-utang ka sakin ng birthday gift this year, ihabol mo kahit Dec. 31, 2012 LOL!

      Good luck!

  7. huwaw...kala ko sa nuffnang ka na nagwowork..swerte mo ah...lucky birthday..ehehe

  8. THANK YOU! naku may kasunod pa yan. may free sunglasses pa ako abangan mo :)

  9. E bakit ba, ngayon ko lang to nakita! belated na belated happy birthday! o i-advance ko na kaya, lol..


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