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The 14 Churches I Like Most from my Vicita Iglesia Chronicle

Do you believe in reincarnation?  They said that whatever unique interest and quality you posses in your current life is a manifestation of the life that you reincarnated from.

Some of my family and friends used to joke that maybe I am a reincarnation of a “nun” (don’t laugh hey!).  It is because I have always been interested and fascinated with CHURCHES.  When I go to places especially on provincial trips, the first place that I look for is the church.  I know that my being a catholic is one major factor for this interest.  But I also feel that there’s more to that.

So I have always been wanting to write about churches and since it’s the lent season I think this is the best time to start my series of posting about churches.  I am observing “Vicita Iglesia” annually so I have been into a lot of churches within the reach of Metro Manila or the nearby towns.

Some few years back, I started taking photographs of the churches that I have been to.  There are quite a number that are my favorites but what I will share from this post is the most currently available from my file and the most recent from what I call my “Vicita Iglesia” chronicle. 

Here are the first fourteen list of churches that I like most.  I will enumerate their parish name and location in this post, then I will make a separate post about each of them along the blogging way.  The list is according to the the photograph’s chronological arrangement.

1. San Clemente – Taytay Rizal
2. The Manila Cathedral – Intramuros, Manila
3. Our Lady of the Abandoned Church – Sta. Ana, Manila
4. The Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life – SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
5. St. John the Baptist and Columbary – Calamba, Laguna
6. St. John the Baptist Parish – Taytay, Rizal
7. San Juan del Monte Parish – San Juan Metro Manila
8. San Isidro Labrador Parish – Biá¹…an, Laguna
9. San Geronimo Parish (St. Jerome) – Morong, Rizal
10. Sta. Ursula Parish – Binangonan, Rizal
11. St. Polycarp Parish – Cabuyao Laguna
12. Sta. Cruz Church – Sta. Cruz, Manila
13. San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish (Binondo Church) – Binondo, Manila
14. Sta. Rosa De Lima – Sta. Rosa, laguna

Anybody want to guess why is it fourteen?

I do hope that my non-catholic readers will also appreciate this post. Anyway. churches does not only symbolizes religion but also history and heritage.


  1. Very well written Balut. Fourteen because it is the number of the stations of the cross. Like you, una kong binibisita sa isang lugar na pinupuntahan ko ay ang church.

    1. obviously we share the same interest Gracie. gets na gets mo yung 14 :)
      heto kakadating ko lang from my Vicita Iglesia for this lent. naku ang dami kong ohs and ahs sa mga bago kong napuntahan :)

      sigurado maraming magagandang churches dyan sa Norway, yung kahit hindi Catholic churches?

  2. nakiki-bisita iglesia kahit hindi sumisimba :) Bisita ka minsan sa Batangas ma'am!

    1. hello red salamat sa bisita (iglesia :)
      Naku wish ko yang Batangas churches. Kasi puro beaches yata ang napupuntahan ko pag Batangas ha ha. But may isang church na akong napuntahan dyan San Jose yata, yung may seminary. teka lang hahalungkatin ko yung file para sa name at nalilito na ko. kakadating ko lang kasi from Vicita Iglesia for this lent.

    2. san ka naman naglagalag this time? hehe Di ko alam yung sa San Jose pero try mo yung Taal Basilica (one of the oldest) or San Sebastian Cathedral sa Lipa. Syempre nasa Lipa na rin lang punta ka na rin sa Mt. Carmel (yung nagkaroon ng shower of rose petals!) O ha! parang empleyado ng Dept of Tourism lang ;)

    3. ha ha "lagalag". another 14 churches added to my Vicita Iglesia chronicle, I am making the post ;)
      naku naman na-excite ako sa mga pinagsasabi mong simbahan. can't wait to see them kahit hindi lent ;)
      You're hired! It's more fun kung ikaw ang empleyado ng DOT ha ha. Salamat sa dalaw kapatid na makata :P

  3. been doing Visita Iglesia the past few years, pero halos same churches lang every year, and 7 lang visit namin. Tama si Red, visit Taal and Mt. Carmel, magugustuhan mo dun, lalo na yun Taal. :)

    1. haleer sistah! naku ako naman nabiktima ng ayaw pa-comment sa blog mo nung isang araw :(

      likewise been doing it for quite some time. since bata pa yata ako. wala lang taking of photos noon wala pa kasing FB/blog he he. As much as I can I'm trying to do the Vicita Iglesia in 14 diff churches each year. maniwala ka, pati Simbang Gabi ginagawa kong Vicita Iglesia. tingnan mo sa post ko :)

      naku! humanda sakin ang mga church na yan sa Batangas ;) salamat sa dalaw :)

    2. Talaga?!? Madre ka nga siguro sa past life mo, hehe.

      Naku, binabawian ka ng blog ko kung ganon. Hahaha...

      Jowk lang, pasaway tong blogger, dami bugs!! :(

  4. Psst, Ms. Balut, will add your link after I'm done with my blogwalking.

    A thing of note about reincarnation... I often attend the 6:30pm mass at the Chapel of Eucharistic Lord in SM Megamall, the mass celebrator is quite funny, very interactive too. He's fond of asking people questions about faith. At one time he asked: do you believe in reincarnation. A few murmured yes. Usually when people are unsure, they just murmur their answers -- so he asked again but this time asked people to raise their hands whether they've answered a yes or a no, respectively. I answered yes so my hand was raised up high when it was the yes' turn -- I remember I've read a book about it and I definitely liked the concept of reincarnation. But the priest said that reincarnation is not a Christian belief, as a matter of fact he is correct. I remember reading from my friend's book that it is from Hinduism (which I obviously forgot at the time the priest imposed the question pfft), I was embarrassed of my answer, LOL! Reincarnation is also closely related with karma, which is of course non-Christian again. No such thing as karma, though as Christians we must believe that everyone is basically good. And if he/she did us wrong, we shall forgive them. Because that's the way it is, that's the Christian way. ☺

    So there, I'm sure you aren't a nun's reincarnation. LOL! Btw, that's a nice thing to do -- visit churches on Holy Week. It's an old Filipino custom which I think is quite cool. And you've visited quite a lot already! I like the 'history and heritage' aspect that you've incorporated to this. Haha. And why indeed is it fourteen? I have no idea. Enlighten me! ☺

    Happy Easter!

    1. Sure Michael anytime you're ok :)

      In my social networking accounts where I need to fill-in the information about religion and politics, I put mine this way:

      Religion: As long as you believe, that for me is religion
      Politics: I hate politics / Not Important

      This means I do respect all religions and beliefs (except for Satanism and the likes of course).

      Talking about religion and belief is one risky topic in blogging (and in any venue). I'm avoiding it as much as I can. If I do write about my "activities" in relation to my being Catholic", I dare not discuss "religion or belief" itself, rather I discussed more on the "adventure", the experience, the photographs or the story behind the photographs and some other things. In short, I always try to balance it. This is one way of not limiting your audience.

      I am born and raised Catholic (but not devout). I took it as simple as "it's what my parents taught me, I'm pretty sure it's good". And I think my parents raised me "pretty cool". I don't belong to people who destroy "world peace" (lol) due to belief. I'm more of a "kung saan ka masaya suportahan taka" ;). As long as it's good and you're not stepping into someone's toe and not hurting people, I'm with you!

      I have LOTS of interaction with the clergies (of different "ranks") and its not limited to just celebrating mass with them (sorry can't publicly share the reason why I have "LOTS"). Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the cool priest. I LOVE IT! If I am one among with you in that Holy Eucharist celebration, I will probably be one among who will "murmur". LOL! When I'm not sure about one thing I always "put myself in the middle". I'm in the middle of things like "reincarnation, "hula" "ghost" "from beyond", etc.

      But I do believe in "Karma" not because a certain book, religion or belief says its true or not. But because it's "practical". For me it's just as simple as "negative and positive effects". "Karma" may just be a term. But again, I take it as simple as "If all what you do in this world is to offend and hurt people, don't expect that you will live a good life, haleeer!"

      I just added 14 new churches to my VI Chronicle last (Good) Friday. I am halfway writing a post about it. And there's lots more churches not from the VI Chronicle.

      Hmn.. I placed my being a nun's reincarnation as my "mystery". But if I'm really am, maybe I'm the "Whoopi Goldberg" type lol.

      You may want to take a peek at the first comment from Gracie as to why it's fourteen ;) Thank you for this great comment. It reminds me of the longest comment from "Unplog" blog.

      HAPPY EASTER Michael! You have one good name. I'd love to think that your parents got it from the 7 Archangels :))) uh oh... But if they do named you from MJ, then I say...

      ♫"Beat It!♫ ;)

    2. Yeah, that's actually true. Religion is and will always be a sensitive topic... Though if you will notice, across all faith, the definition of what is good or bad is the same. Respect of course is but the rightful thing to do when it comes to these sensitive issues.

      Let me just say how I have high regard for people who have faith. Let's all walk this earth, look around and enjoy the beauty in all the creation that we see -- who but only sane people will admit that there is definitely a bigger being responsible for all these wonderful things. And that, my friend, is faith. God may come in many names, but there is definitely a God. Faith is such a beautiful thing. If love validates our existence, faith solidifies it.

      Have a great day! ☺

      My name? I think it was from MJ, LOL!


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