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Sunday Inspiration and Photograph : John 3:16

“For God so loved the world

That He gave His only begotten Son.

So that whoever believes in him should not perish,

But everlasting life”

I took this photo some few years back using a mobile phone, during a live staging of the “Passion of Christ” (Senakulo) in my provincial home town.  This is during the “Pieta” scene, when the dead Christ is brought down from the cross and the Virgin Mother is holding Him at the foot of the cross.  I have more photos of this Senakulo including the Pieta scene.  I hope I could share the story here some time.

The characters portraying on this live "Senakulo" are from youth organizations in my home town and they are doing the staging for free.


  1. Happy Easter gurl! Nice capture there. Di pa ko nakapanood ng Senakulo at Salubong, ala kase ganyan sa province (I mean sa barrio) namin, pasyon lang ang nakagisnan ko, o baka dahil lagi kong ala sa 'min kaya di ko alam...hehe, hirap ng palaboy. ;)

  2. Happy Easter dear! Musta Holy Week break mo?
    Naku marami nyan sa pinagmulan kong bayan. Mga pinetensya at kung ano-ano kumpleto dun. Meron din pasyon.

    Siguro nga kasi palaboy ka lol. Pero ok lang, nakaka-enjoy naman maglaboy :P

  3. Hey THANKS! yeah "Heart of the Bible"

    will check your site now and connect to whatever :)))

  4. misses the Passion of Christ dyan sa Pinas..8 years never witnessed it, hopefully I can go home next year during Lent season.

    1. 8 years! Ang tagal na nga kapatid :(
      Lent and Christmas season is the best time sa Pinas :) It's more fun in the Philippines talaga :) Tara na uwi na!

  5. Happy Easter sis :) thanks for dropping by , just follow you back to GFC #43 follower.

    1. Happy Easter sis!
      Thanks for following back!

  6. sistah! Dahil dito namiss ko tuloy yung panahong nasa bicol pa kami ng family ko. Meron kaming salubong na tinatawag. Yung mga bata na nakasuot ng white tapos may pakpak, angels to be exact, ibinababa from a high tower ba yun tapos panunuorin namin sila. Before that, may pasyon kami na mga bata. Kanya kanya kaming parada sa buong town since maliit lang naman. Lahat ng streets may sariling group at may sariling krus na ipinaparada. Yan ang mga namiss kong experience sa Bicol kapag ganitong mahal na araw. Happy Easter!

    1. Tingin ko lang teary eyed (or numangalngal ka lol) habang sinusulat mo etong comment mo... pati ako naluluha sa pag down memory lane mo eh :(
      Korek ka dyan sister nakaka-miss talaga lalo na kung naging parte ka ng mga ganung experience, kung pwede lang balikan. Hayan magkaka-iyakan na tayo nyan :(

      Happy Easter na nga!

  7. Replies
    1. hi Trek!
      Thanks for trekking by my blog. Happy Easter!


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