Vicita Iglesia 2012 Part One - 14 New Churches Added To My Chronicle

Under a tight time frame but powered by the best navigator in tow, a GPS, the coolest and best ride, and “an imaginary Mission Impossible” theme playing in my head, I completed my Vicita Iglesia for this year, starting from a “church in the woods” and ended in the historical Barasoain Church.

No offense to my catholic readers if I address this as an “adventure”. Again, this is my way of sharing the experience and the beauty of these churches to non-Catholics. The faith is something personal that will always remain intact in my heart.

1st Station: Our Lady of the Victory Chapel
Malabon, Metro Manila, Philippines

I call it the “Church in the Woods”. A view that I usually see in the movies. It came to us as a big big surprise finding this church in the woods. A detailed post is coming for this one.


2nd Station: National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima
Marulas, Valenzuela City, Philippines

It looks familiar to me but I can’t find the old memory in my head. It seems that I’ve been into this church a long time ago when I’m much much younger. Let me dig my memory’s archive and the history of this church and a detailed post is on the way.

2012-04-06 07.44.43

3rd Station: Parish of the Holy Family
Karuhatan, Valenzuela City

Don’t judge the book by it’s cover so don’t judge a church by its façade. This church looks like just a simple building under renovation. It doesn’t even look like a church when I’m viewing its angle from my camera while I was taking this photo. But when I get inside the church, I was flabbergasted and absentmindedly sit on its bench that made me more agape when my hand touched the bench I’m sitting on. A more detailed post is definitely coming for this one. I am very excited to share it to all of you!

2012-04-06 08.09.42

4th Station: Parish of The Holy Cross
Gen. T. De Leon, Valenzuela City, Philippines

A simple yet modernly built church. The consecration marker of this church is dated December 7, 1992. It’s sort of built exactly as it needed by its parishioners, wide and spacious with entrances on all sides. I need to cross the street where it is located before I am able to take a full shot.


5th Station: Our lady of the Holy Rosary Parish
G. Marcelo St., Maysan, Valenzuela City

A majestic site. Obviously another modernly built church established on October 7, 1978. This is one perfect example of a church being the heart of the town. You can never get lost looking for this church. It is built several feet above the grounds and the cross can be seen from afar. I say you need a good pair of legs to reach the main entrance of this church. A more detailed post coming for this one.


6th Station: San Isidro Labrador Parish
Malinta, Valenzuela City, Philippines

Modernly built church almost the same as the church in the 4th station, low edifice but wide. There’s quite a number of churches I visited that are named after San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. Our country being an agricultural one is probably the reason. Unluckily, I don’t have the photo of the church marker so I don’t have the data on when this is built. I can’t find it in the internet either. Anybody please leave a comment if you have the details.

2012-04-06 09.10.09

7th Station: Parish of The Risen Lord
T. Santiago St. Veinte Reales. Valenzuela City, Philippines

Gasp! This reminds me of roman empires and gladiator movie scenes. Again, you can never be lost if you are looking for this church. It is so majestically built and very colorful! A detailed post is coming. I’m excited with the details.


To describe fourteen churches even briefly is too long so I decided to break this post into two parts. You will find the next seven churches and the culmination of my adventure in the next post. See you there!


  1. Ang ganda ng mga churches at lahat nito di ko pa napuntahan dyan sa Pinas.

    1. oo nga sis sobrang gaganda nila! The other seven churches is coming on the next post.

      Pag nag vacation ka dito try to go to these churches. I think a day tour will do kasi lahat sila is in the Valenzuela/Bulacan areas.

  2. wala pa akong napupuntahan ni isa man lang sa mga yan,, abangan ko susunod baka sakaling meron.

    1. hayan red minadali ko yung part 2 para ma-check mo na kung may napuntahan ka jan. mas mga luma pa lalo eh. pag wala ka pa ring napuntahab dyan, simulan mo ng isa-isahin :)

      salamat sa dalaw :)

  3. I've never been to these churches too, hang-layo kase. Twice pa nga lang ako nakarating ng Valenzuela eh, yun isa eh pabinyag at yun isa eh work-related, hay, kalayo..hehe. Pero ang gaganda ng churches ha, parang nang-iimbita. :)

    1. hala punta na sistah at pagka-gaganda talaga nila. amaze na amaze ako sa kanila. kung pwede nga lang umupo ng tig-iisang oras to feel their magnificence, but nagmamadali kasi.

      THANKS sa dalaw :)


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