Our Summer Fun at Club Manila East in Taytay Rizal, Philippines. Part 1

First off, this is not a paid post. LOL. This is the first series of  posts on our fun and adventure in the list of water parks from this post

We’ve been to Club Manila East (CME) in Taytay Rizal three times.  Yes THREE!  Consecutively in 2010 and 2011, and a first visit which I still can’t recall the exact year because I can’t locate the photo files yet. The three visits probably explains why CME is on top of my list.  Anyway, as I go along sharing some photos and stories, you can judge if it’s really worth coming back to CME.

What I noticed with CME is that every time we come back, they always have new amenities.  I’m supposed to share our own adventure using their website as a guide, but I noticed that the website is not too updated.  There are amenities that are already operational during our last visit, but I didn’t see some of them mentioned in the website.  Anyway, the best way to feature this water park is by sharing our photos and our story, so here we go!

The entrance signage is nothing extra ordinary. The planet-shape signage shown here is just beside the ticketing window where people wait. It’s bed is a pond-like aquarium cum wishing well.  It has aquarium fishes and people are throwing coins at the pond.
Once inside you will find more useful signage and directions to help you find your way to each of the amenities.  The souvenir shop is in the left side just after the entrance and is almost adjacent to an open food area. CME 1

The Beach Wave!
This very inviting wide pool will make you feel you’re in a real beach. It is surrounded with real palm trees and they provide beach benches wherein you can lounge around. There are also open showers just right in front of the pool.  The panoramic photo shot below is taken by hubby upon our early arrival.  The place is still peaceful.  Once they started to release the artificial waves, this area becomes the most crowded and noisiest part of CME.  This is our kids most favorite place here in CME.

The hunk (lol) with the little girl in the first photo is hubby and our little one.  The second photo is me having great fun with the wave.  The third photo are just one fourth of the total number of people in the wave pool enjoying the artificial waves, and in the fourth photo is the little one again making cute poses with the waves.  The photos are taken on different visit dates.

There are different cabanas and cottages that you can rent and there are also free ones. They provide keys to the cabanas so you can lock your valuables while swimming.  We always choose the mushroom-looking umbrella cottage just in front of the beach wave.  Aside that it’s free, it is directly overlooking the kids favorite beach wave.  It enables us to monitor the little one from our umbrella cottage and our things when we’re in the water.  It’s a waste to rent a cabana because we always stayed in pools and we don’t bring valuables when we go swimming.
 CME Cottages

The Ocean Wave.
Another panoramic shot taken by hubby.  It is much wider than the Beach Wave and the waves are bigger and the water is deeper.  On the left side is a diving spot. This is also where the surfing activities is being done. We do not allow the kids to stay alone here but we do let them stay in the “shore” with us.

Boating and Kayaking Area – another kids favorite. You just need to be patient falling in line to have your turn in the kayaks. I am not sure the exact minutes you are allowed to use the kayak, but I reckon it is just for some very few minutes.
CME KAyak 2

The Buzzy River.
The whole family’s favorite.  This is the most relaxing area wherein you can just float away.  You will pass under creatively designed bridges with sprinkling waters beneath the bridges unto the river.  The river’s smooth current is also artificial.
buzzy river

Ooops sorry! I need to break this post into two parts because there are a lot more photos and stories to share with.  Hang around as I complete our CME fun and adventure Part Two.  Meanwhile, you may want to share your (violent) reactions for now.


  1. Ganda! Ang laki ng Ocean wave! I love that it has boating and kayaking!

    1. Anney, there's a lot more on second part abangan mo. And yes you sure gonna love the kayak :)

      THANKS for reading!

  2. Naks, super enjoy sa summer! Pero ako I'm starting to hate summer. Weeeee, sobrang initttt! at bawal pa mag-AC dito sa unit namin, para kong nasa pugon. Haysss!!!!! :(

    Where's the sunday quotes and photographs? Kakapanibago, hehe...

    1. at sistah taraletz wag na magpaka-pusa lol.
      parang ilang days ko ng naririnig yang bawal mag AC na yan ah, "haysss" nga :(

      at hayan, na-pressure sa tanong mo biglang nag-post ng "Sunday Quote and Photograph" na kasama mga barkada kong super lol. lakas mo kaya sakin. May takbo kasi kaya 4AM pa lang nasa takbuhan na then rest pa :)

  3. Sarap naman summer nyo, very relaxing at fun fun fun for the whole family talaga. Hong sexy ni mommy balut at hong hunky ni papa p hehehe! fish tayo.

    1. oo Gracie pagkakataon magbabad sa tubig ng hindi giniginaw at mag-enjoy sa waves kahit artificial lang. "siksik at hulk" ba? lol.


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