Waterparks Within and Nearby Metro Manila, Philippines

The heat is on and by the feel of it and according to the country's weather bureau announcement, this freaking heat won't be over soon.  I'm sure a lot of us are looking for ways and places to cool down so I am posting this article that I'm sure will be useful in dealing this "major major" summer heat!

For city dwellers, you might be thinking about that summer get-away in far-away beaches and islands but the problem is, you don’t have the time (or the budget) to travel that far so I am suggesting these perfect summer getaway – water parks!

I have plenty of these water parks on my list because hubby’s schedule sometimes gets in the way on our summer plan, he’s into soccer by the way.  So every time that we got the opportunity to steal him from his hectic summer schedule we think of these summer destinations within or just around the city:

Club Manila East 
Km. 24 Manila East Road, Taytay, 1920 Rizal, Philippines
Telephone Numbers: (632) 660-2801 / 284-4740 to 41 / 284-4736
Fax Numbers: (632) 286-6139 / 284-4752
Website: http://www.clubmanilaeast.com
(they also have branches in Real Quezon, Philippines and Boracay, Philippines

Amana Waterpark

Santisima St., Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan, Philippines
Telephone Numbers:
(632) 299-6612 / 299-6703
(644) 661-2383 / 661-2384
Mobile Phones:
Sun: (63)922-8708428 / (63)923-7135874
Globe: (63) 917–8866220
Smart: (63) 908-8736353
Smart : 0908-8736353
Facebook Account: http://www.facebook.com/amanawaterpark
Website:  http://www.amanawaterpark.ph/

Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center

Digital image
Sitio Cabading Brgy. San Jose Antipolo, City, Philippines
Telephone Numbers:
(632) 4017535 / 7035048 / 8068387 / 7035020
Mobile Numbers:
(63) 920 9544030 / 908 6299254 / 908 3112512
Hotel/Resort Reservations bosobosohighlands@gmail.com
Banquet & Conference paradisehotel.bbhrcc@gmail.com
Camp & Events events.bosobosohighlands@gmail.com
Website: http://bosobosohighlands.com/

Eight Waves Waterpark

8 waves
D.R.T. Highway, Ulingao, San Rafael, Bulacan 3008, PH
Telephone Numbers:
Manila: (+632) 299-8234
Bulacan: (+63) (44) 766-5268 / 766-5936
Fax Number:
Manila: (+632) 742-0063
Bulacan: (+63) (44) 766-5272
Email: info@8waveswaterpark.com.ph / eight_waveswaterpark@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.8waveswaterpark.com.ph

Ciudad Christia Resorts (9 Waves)
9 waves
Carrieland Country Homes II, Ampid San Mateo, 1850, Rizal, Philippines
Telephone Numbers:
(+632) 2971111
Mobile Numbers:
(+632) 997-9999, 997-5946, 997-6009,
Fax Numbers:
(63 2) 997-5945
Email: sales.9waves@gmail.com / inquiries.9waves@gmail.com / pergolahall@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.9wavesphilippines.com

The water parks in this list are places that we actually visited.  I have another list of water parks which I categorized as "located just outside Manila".  I will make a separate post for this category. And just like what I promised about the churches, I will also make make an individual post about each of these water parks. So hang around!


  1. wow, at least may idea na ko kung san ko dalhin mga apo ko pag uwi ko dyan sa pinas kasi mahirap mag out of town lagi. at least nasa manila area na lang:) thanks for sharing. I am your follower na rin:)

    1. Hi Joy!
      naku antay mo yung actual adventure namin para meron kang basis kung san ang the best :)

      You're welcome, it's my pleasure to share the info :) THANKS for the visit and for "following"

  2. Uy, so helpful nitong entry mo Balut ah buti include mo websites, infos at addresses nila. Ma-visit nga mga websites na to at ma-bookmark nga. Thumbs up!

    1. Uy I'm glad you liked it Gracie. Tulad nga ng sabi ko kay Joy, antay mo yung actual adventure namin dyan sa mga water parks na yan :)


    2. na-pressure hayan na ang first post lol
      sensya lang at back to training may takbo this sunday :)

  3. I want to swim! :D

    Great list of water parks nearby the metro! Thanks!

    1. Hi Marco THANKS as well.
      I hope the list would be helpful to you. I'm just done "exploring" your site :)

  4. Love it Balut....mababawasan ako ng stress s paghahanap ng pupuntahan this summer =)

    1. hi Faith, glad to know this could be of help.
      THANKS for the visit, don't forget to come back and check my series of posts about these water parks :)

  5. Hi sis been there to Ciudad Christia lapit lang kc kami dyan tawid lang ng tulay sa San Mateo he he! I love that resort esp ung fake waves he he! Aabangan ko talaga ang post mo for summer vacay for sure BIGTIME ang photos mo dropping by with love :)

    1. Wow Leah malapit lang pala kayo dyan :) oo nga kakaaliw yung fake waves nyan. kaya lang alam mo noon litong lito ako between 8Waves and 9Waves ha ha. buti na lang they name this one as "Ciudad Christia"

      Heto na naghahanap na ng mga photos ha ha. THANKS for the visit sister :)

  6. Sa Amana pa lang ako nakapunta sa mga nabanggit mo. Would like to go to eight waves too!

    1. Hello Anney, suggest ko try mo lahat ha ha. Actually lahat sila may fake waves. Sige maglalagay ako ng mga comments sa kanilang mga fake waves :)

      THANKS for passing by :)

  7. Thanks for following my blog! Just follwed too! have a great weekend! Pag may extrang datung ta try ko talaga lahat yang nabanggit mo na di ko pa napupuntahan. hihi!

    1. You're welcome Anney and THANKS!
      OO try mo lahat. hayan check mo ang post ko sa CME ng may idea ka na :) Next post ko Amana after Part 2 ng CME :)

  8. Ala pa 'ko napupuntahan kahit isa dito sa mga water parks na post mo. takot sa tubig? pusa lang?? hahaha!

    1. kapatid na TPW wag mo namang pahalatang takot ka sa tubig ha ha ha. tara ng mag-tampisaw :P

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  10. wala pa kong napupuntahan dyan sa mga yan ahh
    ingit much naman


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