Our Summer Fun at Club Manila East in Taytay Rizal, Philippines. Part 2

Part two of two from this post.

The Kiddie Pool with water falls and fountains.
Very safe for kids, the water measures just below the knee. I enjoyed just staying under the mushroom-shaped fountain feeling the water wash over my face while watching the little one having fun with the water falls and play with other kids.


The Adult Pool with a giant 3-looped slide
This is one thing I always look forward in water parks – SLIDE! I love trying on giant slides.  I tried a lot of water slides and I could say that there is nothing extra ordinary in this one.  My all time favorite is from another water park which is called “Magellan’s Drop”.


The Zip Line
We didn’t tried the zip line.  We came here to swim so we’re totally not interested in the zip line.  There weren’t many people trying the zip line when we were there. As you can see in the picture, the line is passing over the boating area.


The Shaded Pool
A relief when the other pool’s water is turning into “lukewarm” temperature.  The water is cool.  You  can just stay in this pool and do lazy swims, do some laps like a pro or practice swimming. 


The Lap Pool and Bean Pool?
I’m really not sure which is which (lol).  But they are both great places for quiet swimming and just sitting by the pool.


The website says this is seven hectares so there’s a lot more to see.  I’m really not sure if I photographed every corner.  There are villas where you can stay overnight, activity centers, cute spaces and a lot more.  I am particularly amazed at the coconut tree-designed shower.

villas etc

So this completes my post for Club Manila East, one among the water parks I featured from this list.  Again, this is not a paid post (lol).  I  am posting this so people will have another reference to compare with the water park’s website.

I’m not an expert in giving ratings so I will not do that as well.  But I will give my personal commendation that CME looks well maintained and really neat and tidy particularly on their shower rooms and toilets.  I can also share some things that you should take note of when going to CME. 
  • Bringing of food and drinks is not allowed. There are several fast food and restaurants that cater inside.
  • Proper swimming attire is strictly observed.  No cotton.
  • Ba careful in taking photos at the left or right side of the beach wave pool because the waves sometimes are really big and may catch you – happened to me and my camera got wet Sad smile 
Do you think we enjoyed our time at CME? Well check-out these photos. It seems we are “Let’s volt in!” for another visit.

Fam Pic CME (1)

And yes we stayed until sun down and this is how the Beach Wave looks like at sun down.

So who’s going? I’m ok to be a tour guide as long you will treat my whole family Smile with tongue out.


  1. Indeed a nice place! Is this resort open for public or you need to be a member first? Thank you

    1. Hi Sam it's open for public, you just need to pay the entrance fee. Except for the overnight accommodation, cabana rentals, surfing and zip line, almost all the amenities I featured here are covered by the entrance fee.

      I posted their contact details from this post http://balutmanila.blogspot.com/2012/04/waterparks-within-and-nearby-metro.html

      You're welcome. THANKS for the visit and for the GFC follow. See you around sis :)

  2. Cool! The halo halo picture makes me feel that I want to eat it now! :D

    1. ha ha Marco with the current Manila heat I'm eating that halo-halo almost everyday. not that size though - it's way taller and bigger than me lol.

      THANKS for the visit :)

  3. Cool naman for summer! Ang sarap magbabad sa pool...

  4. Hi Mc Richard,
    hay wagas talaga ang feeling magbabad sa pool sobrang init dito ngayon satin. kamusta naman jan sa lugar mo?

    galing ako sa site mo. THANKS for the visit :)

  5. pwede maging panglima sa let's volt in? kulang pa eh..hehe!

    1. taralets TPW let's volt in! libre mo kami ha :P

      THANKS for the visit

  6. hello po . pwede po bang magtanong kung meron po bang dresscode sa CME ? salamat po good day :)

    1. ha ha ha hindi mo tinapos basahin ang article ko, I mentioned it at the bottom part. but sure here's the reply:

      "Proper swimming attire is strictly observed. No cotton."

      sinusundo ng life guard and hindi naka-proper swimming attire. pinapaalis sa pool. shirts, cottons and maong shorts are not allowed.

      THANKS for passing by, hope you would come by again :) Good day too!

    2. Even knitted cover ups aren't allowed? How about sleveless shirts?

  7. How I wish I could visit that place too lol. I love pool.

  8. Hi Irish,
    yes I hope too you could visit CME - you will gonna love their pool. I saw from your site that you have visited some good looking resorts too.

    THANKS for the visit and see you around!


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