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Sunday Poem and Photograph: Where Have All The Scarecrows Gone

I've traveled some hundred miles tagged along with friendship bond,
from congested city roads to haven of green lands.

I passed through mountain ranges, hills and streams,
and stretch of wild forests envisioned in greenery dreams.

I let my sight bathe in nature's breathtaking beauty, 
while searching for one familiar figure in a "hoodie". 

Through hectares and acres of green lands and rice fields, 
I'm searching for that figure that my kid's mind dreaded then later giggled.

My eyes searched and searched but failed to find one,
where have all the SCARECROWS gone?

©2012 By: Balut Manila

photo taken from a speeding SUV along Maharlika Highway in Nueva Vizcaya on a back-to-the-city road trip from Isabela


  1. San ang gala mam? Di pa ko nakarating sa Nueva vizcaya! Sa ecija pa lang :)

    1. Sa San Mateo Isabela McRICH. and layo grabe!
      salamat sa pagdaan

  2. nice nice sarap naman basahin nyan thumbs up

  3. Uso ba ang scarecrows dito sa Pinas dati? Never ako nakakita nun sa totoong buhay.. akala ko pang ibang bansa lang yun, hehe..

    Happy Sunday! ♥

    1. Sa probinsyang nilakihan ko Juana meron. At sa ibang probinsyang napuntahan ko noon meron din. Pero ngayon parang wala na akong nakikita eh. Puro promo flags na lang ng mga fertilizer companies :(

      Happy everyday to you! ♥♥♥

  4. Nice poem and photograph very talented ^__^ (taas kamay ko he he)

  5. Wow! Galing mo pala gumawa ng poem. Thumb ups ako. Really nice:)

  6. parang naririnig ko sa background ang: "i see trees of green..."

    ganyan. galing nito ma'am! :)

    1. ha ha! that's one of my most fave song Red!

      it's really a "wonderful world" out there! ;)

      THANKS red!

  7. Nice poem MamaLut ;) more, more, gawa kapa more! hehe, next time yung SUV naman ang picturan hehe ;p

    1. THANKS Gracie!

      eh wala akong makitang artistic sa innova ng kumare ko eh kaya walang pic lol.

  8. Wow sis! I didn't know that you're a great poet:) Nice one keep up the good work. I'll supported your poem too ;)

    1. THANK YOU sis! especially for the unfailing support kahit alam kong very busy ka :)


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