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Rizal Day 2012 and One Christmastime at Rizal Park (Luneta Park)

Today December 30, 2012, the Philippines is celebrating the 116th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal.  Flags and tarpaulins has been visible in the major areas in Metro Manila since the beginning of December.  There are also other significant activities but the highlight of course is happening today at the Rizal Monument at Rizal Park Manila (Luneta Park).  You may refer to this link for the activity details.

Coming from our morning run today while seeing the Rizal Day tarpaulins in the avenue where we passed by, I suddenly remember one Christmastime with my good old friends.  It was two years back then when we were planning our Christmas get together and we can’t decide the venue. I am the usual host for such celebration but I beg off to host that particular year because I was working from home then.  I want to give give myself a breather.  Also, we have been friends for decades and we’re celebrating annually that we are almost running out of ideas. We want something different that time.  Something that will take away our holiday stress.  Something that the adult can relax and the kids will enjoy at the same time.  Somebody suggested “Luneta!” and we unanimously agreed.  We haven't tried that one.

Here’s sharing to you our fun during our Christmas celebration done in Luneta. You might experience a photo overload here.

We went to the park early because we want to catch the light and fountain show scheduled at 8AM. We know that the show is better seen at night but our priority is for the kids to enjoy the park in the morning.  So   we explored the park first then watch the lights and fountain show.


Then we look for a place to settle. We choose a place near a tree because it was drizzling from time to time.

The good thing about being in a public park like Luneta is that almost everything you need can be bought or rented.  There’s also a variety of food from the roving vendors and they are not very expensive.  We brought our own things and food but we also buy some foods that fancy us.

Eating Time. We brought variety of simple foods. The kids are definitely enjoying the picnic.
Simply irresistible! PhP 20.00 each - not bad. So cruncy and so yummy with bagoong

There are also a lot of things that you can enjoy at the park by merely observing.

I've been seeing this group since the early times that I'm at Luneta and it's just amazing to know that after long years, this group still exist.
This vendor earned a lot from us. LOL
We made a day full activities that kids, teens, adults and even the dog enjoyed.
blowing bubble times - awesome
Carabao riding.
Luneta Park gave them the chance to enjoy things that they can not find in the mall or in their play room.
tree climbing
Badminton Time!
Competition time. kids vs. kids, adults vs. adults, families vs. families
Dry fountain is a great place to play :)
Ice Cream time!
This kid is not among us. Her parents are unmindful that she joined us the whole time that we were there lol.
The main event. "Exchange Gift sa Luneta"
Kids are enjoying the ice cream and exchange gift to the max.
The little baby at the edge of the mat is another instant guest.  His parents found an instant baby sitter among us  lol.
Exchange gift is now getting serious

We had sooo much fun! 

For most people, Luneta might not be the best place to celebrate special occasions.  But for us, this became one among our most unforgettable bonding time.  As the saying goes , "it is not about the place or the material things that makes a moment worthwhile and special, but the people who you are with." 

Our friendship is bonded with time filled with bad and good times shared together that we actually consider ourselves as family.  We always make sure that our moments together will be special and we did it at Luneta Park one Christmastime. 

We have a lot more photos that will speak about this enjoyable day, you might want to view it here.

Today, Luneta has more to offer to the public especially this season.  There is an on-going carnival and some free shows and a lot more stuff to enjoy.  I just hope that people will be responsible enough not to ruin its improving beauty and reputation.  Remember that it carries the name of our National Hero.  Let’s take care of it and be proud of it.

“All men are born equal, naked, without bonds.  God did not create man to be a slave; nor did he endow him with intelligence to have him hoodwinked, or adorn with reason to have him deceived by others.”
 (Letter to the Young Women of Malolos)  ~ Dr. Jose Rizal~


  1. Parang wala paring pinagbago ang itsura ng Luneta magmula ng umalis ako. Maganda parin at malinis.

    Kodus to Rizal :)

  2. isang beses lang ako nkpunta dyan sa luneta ... ansaya ng buong family nakakainggit ....

  3. badtrip lang ngayon araw kasi talo ang team pero babawi yan! :) anganda talaga diyan sa luneta magpicnick pag malilim na :D happy new year ms. b! :)

  4. Saya naman! Cute nung dog! Akin na lang suot nya baka kasya sakin! hehe! Ang sexy e! Advance Happy New Year!

  5. Ang saya sa luneta. Lalo na pag mejo gabi na ang ganda ng dancing fountain. At mas masaya kse may mga batang kasama :-)

  6. Nung sa Recto pa ako nagtatrabaho, lagi kami sa Luneta para magpicnic. nakakamis lang....

    Happy New Year Balut.

  7. ang saya ng bonding ^^

    happy new year

  8. Kakaibang pagdiriwang ng Pasko pero bet ko to hehe saya naman! Hong sexy ni dyesebel, este yung aso na naka-dress :D

  9. sarap talaga pag may bonding ang pamilya, parang nakakagaan ng loob nga yan, nakaka gain ng support at energy. 2 years ago i visited that place, its still the same, katuwa nga dahil nong nagpunta kami ang impression ko talaga ay parang nasa ibang bansa lang ako lels!! happy new year!

  10. wow naman... nostalgic ang Luneta sa reminds me of my childhood with the family... just like what you guys had...

    saya noh? haaaayyyyy...

  11. Saya ng bonding! Kahit tuloy yung kiddo na hindi sa inyo, naki bond na :) I love Luneta - there's something charming about the place. Perfect venue ng inyong bonding moments :)

    Happy New Year to you Balut and all your love ones! :)

  12. nadadaanan ko lang yan pero di pa ko nakakapasyal dyn hahaha
    kudos nga plasa para kay rizal

    anyways, thank you for making my 2012 even more wonderful!
    I enjoyed your blog this year looking forward for more this coming year
    Happy New Year

  13. I am so happy that you shared this precious moments at sa Luneta ginapap. Para na rin akong nakasama sa get together nyo. Naka touch talaga at nakamiss ng homecountry:)
    At ang cute ng mga bata at baby na naligaw. hi hi
    Happy New Year to one of my favorite bloggers. Bless you much!

  14. Happy Happy New Year ^^ hangsaya naman.... nakakatuwa naman.... ang cute ng mga bata... pati ung aso hehehe

    ang sarap ng mangga....

    Happy New Year sana mas makulay ang 2013 mo ^_^

  15. Looks like it was a fun time to be had by everyone. :)

  16. The best Christmas celebration is spent with family! At dun sa mga batang naki-family sa inyo ng konting oras, hehe.. Mukhang enjoy naman ang mga bata, ang saya ng exchange gift nyo. Ilalagay ko ng sa bucket list ko ang Luneta, di pa ko nakapunta dyan, haha! Happy New Year!

  17. hi there! visiting your awesome page for the first time...namiss ko ang Luneta...matagal tagal na atang di ako nakakapunta jan...ang gaganda ng mga ngiti nyo kitang kitang masayang masaya kayo...tama ka, hindi ang lugar ang importante kundi ang makasama ang mga mahal natin sa buhay...I will follow you in a short while...pengeng "balut" hehe...ano pangalan nung aso....ganda nya :)at kumain pa ng icecream ha hehe, and the kid am sure enjoyed the time with you...God bless...


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