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When in Cebu: After the Grand Parade. Malls and Pier One

The parade will not be over soon but lucky us that we were able to watch each tribe performed their Sinulog dance.  The smart cabby is worth thanking by the way for dropping us in that particular place. 

What we need now is for a place to relax and freshen up.  The traffic is still at its best  (or worst) all around Cebu and there could be one place to go. The mall!


Here are the list of Malls in Cebu and they are all open during the Sinulog Sunday.
  • Cebu Mall in Ayala Business Park : Gaisano Department Stores, Rustans Supermarkets
  • Reclamation area:  SM City, ParkMall, Makro 
  • Banilad Area: Gaisano Country Mall, Banilad Town Center
  • Lahug Area: JY Square Mall
  • Fuente Mango Avenue Area: Mango Square Mall, Robinson’s Mall and Department Store, Raintree Mall (I saw all these mall because this is the area where we watched the grand parade but we opted for SM)
  • Downtown Area: Elizabeth Mall
  • Mactan Island:  Marina Mall, Gaisano Mactan

We saw most of the malls around Mango Avenue because that is the area where we watched the grand parade where each tribe performed.  We opted for SM because it is not too crowded compared to the area where the parade is passing by.  It gives us the chance to shop for souvenirs, watched photo exhibits and shop some more (lol).

We tried to scout for a restaurant inside the mall that is not too crowded to have our refreshment but even coffee shops are jam packed with crowd.  We settled at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf but we still spent some waiting time but I think it still shorter compared to the waiting time in other restaurants.


My companion went to a salon for a massage and facial “blah blah”. I’m not a fan of vanity so I opted to go to an internet shop and uploaded some of our Sinulog photos in Facebook.  Comments from my friends instantly pop-out -

(Nasan ka na ba?  Di ba nasa Iloilo ka?)
Where are you? I thought you’re in Iloilo?

(Parang yung picture mo nung isang araw nasa Mall of Asia ka? Bakit nandyan ka na sa Cebu?)
I saw your picture the other day you were in Mall of Asia, how did it happen that you’re in Cebu now?

After SM, we went back to our settling place but we passed by the ParkMall to have some more shopping (lol).  We had our dinner at Pier One located at the ParkMall also.


Pier One in ParkMall Cebu was the best choice for our dinner.  We ordered Filipino and Cebuano foods.  I can’t remember the names but I do remember that their “sinigang” didn’t stand a chance with us.  A two-piece band serenated us while we are enjoying our dinner.

And if you think that we settle for the night because of this tiresome day, well not really Winking smile.


  1. Hmm.. so panong nasa Iloilo ka, nakarating ng MOA at napadpad ng Cebu.. teleport madam? hahaha..

    Bet ko din dumayo ng mga festival festival, parang haggard nga lang talaga yun sobrang dami ng tao at super traffic..

    1. I have Harry Potter's broom hi hi hi.

      Ok lang minsan haggard Juana enjoy naman. Ang consequence lang nyan eh sudden weight gain waaah :(

  2. From MOA, Ilo-ilo to Cebu. LOl

    Natry nyo ba yung CNT letchon? Tsaka yung ice cream cake na iniinit. Basta sarap yun. I love cebu.

    Happy Sinulog Fest MS. B. :)

    1. In HP broom stick King A hi hi hi

      Ano ba yung CNT lechon King A? Basta kumain kami ng lechon. Di pa namin na try yung ice cream cake na umiinit kasi nga walang time to check kasi limited time. Go lang kami ng go kung saan dalhin ng paa lol. But exiting din naman :)

  3. Best in Talent ka talaga sa paglipad kung saan-saang lugar.

    Hindi kmi magtataka kung bukas makalawa ay nasa Baguio ka na.

    Keep surprising us with your getaways... Best in gala lang?

    1. Aha ha ha kulang na lang buhok ni Dora sabi nga lol.

      Ay tapos ko na yung baguio before di ko pa lang na-share. Parang hopeless lang this year :( kaya lang... malay mo nga magkasalubong tayo jan lol :P

  4. lucky sobrang lucky mo hahahaha wow yo uare there for sinulog ..

    -- ilove the paluto concept

    1. I am luckier because you are here Kulapitot! ;)

      Oo enjoy naman ang paluto kaya lang nakaka-taba naman ang adventure na eto. Nung mga later days hindi na kasya ang mga outfits ko lol.

  5. Replies
    1. HP broomstick lang girl hi hi hi. May bago ka namang painting ha ang bilis mo plan ko pa namang i-download lahat :)

  6. ahaha aba jumper ka na naun
    anyways enjoy enojy ka lang dayn ahh
    like a boss!

  7. wow! ikaw na talaga Ms. Balut! gusto ko rin gawin from a place to another pero in just a day hehe..sana maexperience ko rin ang sinulog :)

    1. ay naku kering keri mo yan Arline. Mas madali yan kesa makipag rafting sa CDO. Wala nga lang "Mahal ang Bacon" hi hi hi

  8. Tadaaa! At last I'm on break to take a sneak peek..err..nooo. Actually re-read your post. I've read it 4x already...lols!

    Anyhow! (ano daw?) haha...hmmmm..I guess the cab driver deserves more than just thanks hahaha.. I insist "a kiss" hahaha...kidding. Anyway, highway kasama na si Gokongwei (may ganun) hahaha..teka lang di ako to..dapat dumudugong English ang tinitipa ko...Jay transform!

    Moving forward, I was in awe at the sight of the floats (though I just see one here) hahaha! Ssssh..I just goggled others in the net. The sight of it really represents our colorful past. It kind of transported me back to the Spanish colonization circa 1600s.

    Now, I got an idea, in case I get into trouble managing to arrange my local flights when traveling within the beautiful tourist spots in our country, at least I can call you up to fix me one..hahaha. You now have the official tag as "Miss Quick Fix" for successfully doing all these things- let alone these are unplanned. You got the ability huh? hehehe or maybe still coupled with luck.

    No matter how many times I read all about the various malls, I can't just relate lacking the experience to be in even for one. Commerce-wise, Cebu really boast of both the old and historic past and its modern and fascinating present - what a fusion of culture and infrastructure advancement.

    Speaking of Mango Avenue - no wonder why mangoes abound Cebu. They have the fresh and world class ripe mango, the dried one - boasting export overseas and the mango jellies as well. (Pero nasaan ang pasalubong ko?)

    The 'Paluto sa Pier One" reminds me of my frequent visit in "DAMPA" in Paranaque and in "Pantalan" located at the back of Manila Hotel - these places offers you fresh choices of fishes and seafoods after which you'll just tend to the restaurant's chef for cooking. I will definitely visit these places in Feb. Another addition to my super-hectic itinerary.

    Obviously, some of your friends are lagged behind - they're not updated with you hahaha.

    Wow, you had a good run for the day- maximizing all your energies by visiting all the places that interest you. And you're night isn't done yet? Wow...can't wait for the next stop of this post hahahahaha!

    Now, I'm done - hahahaha!

    1. (replying to this post with an ice bag in the forehead to control "mercury rising". Blood transfusion also on going...#ReadingJaysEnglishViaTheLongestCommentAlways. LMAO)

      - I was in (double) awe that apart from doing this comment, you are also goggling info! a real LMAO but salute!

      - reservation = anytime Jay/my pleasure*

      - "fusion of culture and infrastructure advancement" - ano daw? nose bleed starts from here LMAO!

      - ano daw ulet ang next paragraph? ha ha ha

      - agree dito! sabi nga ni King A - yey! Dampa tayo sa Feb ;)

      - true story: my bff and I has this habit of texting our flights details to one another w/out any explanation. as in walang explanation just the flight details. alam na namin kung para san yun.
      the purpose: in case of a plane crash there's an immediate someone who knows that we fly that day on that plane. lalo na sakin when I'm flying with my whole family.
      To make story short, I received a message from my BFF that goes "did u text me a wrong flight details? isn't this plane bound for Iloilo? why you're in Cebu? I was: LOL! :P

      - Yeah not really done ha ha ha

      Seriously, THANK YOU very much for taking such time appreciating my post which is obvious by just simply looking at this longEST (lol) comment. Sincerely appreciate it my friend...ang galing mo na nga magsulat, ang galing mo pa mag-comment ;)


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