When in Cebu: During the Climactic Weekend of Sinulog

Let’s skip first the two night party where we had a blast and get on with the climactic Sunday’s grand parade. 

Since I already shared the excitement and photos of my Sinulog experience, what I will be sharing to you right now is what you should expect, could and could not do during the climactic weekend or the grand parade day.   My previous post is a bit summarized because I was a “blogger on the run” during those days.  I am actually amazed how I managed to post entries during those times.  So here are some important things that you should take note of if you are in Cebu during the climactic weekend of the Sinulog Festival.

You can’t go to the places that you wish to go.  The farthest place that you will reach is to where the grand parade is passing through.  The parade usually starts from Cebu Sports Complex and will pass through major streets and avenues.   We took a cab and told the driver to bring us anywhere near the parade and he gladly said yes.  He drove  for five minutes, took a curb and drop us off in a corner which I surmise is that we can walk in fifteen to twenty minutes from the place where we hail him (LOL smart cabby).   We were dropped off near Mango avenue and we walk our way to the center of the parade.


Be ready to walk.
You need to walk under the blazing January sun. The good thing is that you will be able to explore the streets by foot.

What to wear and what to bring.
Wear comfortable street clothes and shoes. Bring camera and video – you will miss one half of your life if you don’t have one.



Everything that you will see in a provincial feast day only that this one is bigger and grander.  There are people everywhere. If you’re not a mixed people person and not ready to be deglamorized, don’t try going out from where you are BUT hey you will miss one half of your life!

Spectacularly designed floats with muses and the most graceful Sinulog dancers.


Banderitas (Flaglets),    Buri hats, masks.


You will be an out cast if you don’t wear face paint and tattoo .

Tourist and Professional Photographers.
Some tourist are there just to enjoy the experience, some are really documenting the event. I was amazed how some photographers follow the swaying Sinulog dancers and catch every move and even take some close up photos.  There’s an annual Sinulog photography contest and the winners are being displayed in galleries.


Sinulog muses and celebrities! (Whoops!)

We are not allowed to get inside the parade rope, but you can not stop these two (feeling) celebrities.


(“Ang kulet ko ayaw paawat sa loob ng parade ha ha ha!”)  I’m persistent that my photo be taken inside the security rope.  After these photos I was escorted out LOL!


The real Sinulog muses and celebrities. 

What you can eat and drink.
Cebu is known for its famous lechon and danggit but while you’re in the street during the parade, you will forget about them and the food around you are all tempting.  Fast food restaurants are the best solutions if you are hungry.  But if you are experimental in trying Cebu’s street food, they are everywhere.  Sipping soft drinks in a plastic (only in the Philippines) is one of my most hated thing to do but I did not have a choice when I was real thirsty ha ha.  No drinks in can was available and we need to catch up and take photos of each performing tribe.


You will not be able to explore the places that you would want to visit during the grand parade. You will be trapped somewhere with the parade somehow.  The parade is really LOOOONG and they have particular places where each tribe is performing the Sinulog Dance.  We wanted to go to the Basilica de Sto. Niṅo de Cebu but no taxi wanted to drive us there until the parade is over (and it will not be over soon).  We look for nearby church where we can celebrate the Sunday mass and we are lucky that the National Shrine of St. Joseph is nearby.  Finding places by chance added to the delight of this unplanned trip.


You may want to read some facts about Cebu’s Sinulog  here.


  1. Salamat sa free tour! Hanga ako sa nga cebuano:) have a nice week end balut:)

  2. Ang kulet mo lang sa sa loob ng parade rope hahaha

    Ang saya naman ng experience na yan!

    1. Ang kapal ng muka ko dyan Super M ha ha ha! Oo super saya nga nyan unforgettable talaga :)

  3. You're welcome Joy :) Oo nga masyado silang dedicated and peaceful din :)

  4. I love the big face of Santo Nino. Pano kaya ginawa yun? Ka elibs talaga ang mga Cebuano. Di ko pa naexperience ang Sinulog. I think this is a must see event in Philippines.

    Thanks for sharing Ms. B. Makulay at ang saya nito. Lakas maka good vibes :) whaaaaa... I want to experience this.

    1. Kaya nga nag-insist ako pa-picture dun King A kahit may security ha ha kasi ang ganda talaga ng big face of Sto. Nino na yan :) It's a giant paper mache! Ang galing no!

      Tandaan mo King A January eto kaya mag set ka na for next year :)

    2. Every January pala ang sinulog. Noted! haha. Pwede bang iuwi yung santo nino sa bahay. LOL

  5. This experience of yours made me envious for life -haha! I had three (3) attempts of trying to witness this annual event but none of it materialized. The latest of which was way back 2010. Quite sad but anyway, the good thing is Sinulog is an annual event- not close to diminishing.

    --Well, traffic is highly expected when you're attending event such as this. Prepare to walk hehe!
    --It's really grand isn't it? Your experience as supported by lots of photos convinced me that Sinulog is bay far, the grandest of all Philippine festivals.
    -- I can't help but have an "LOL mode imagining and seeing the two of you wrestled every blocking people or marshalls just to get inside the rope to have your inside photo scoop. It's fun.
    -- Definitely, you'll learn to become a "cowgirl" in event like this.
    -- You're right that you need to immerse momentarily into the culture to blend in with the euphoric celebration and be one among them. What an experience - priceless!
    -- Videos and cameras are "must haves" or else you'll lose half of your life hahaha

    All in all, the glitz and glamour of Sinulog and Cebu itself had satisfied your expectations. Nasaan ang pasalubong ko? LoL...hahaha

    1. And your comment made me re-checked my grammar LOL! Sabi ko naku eto na yung comment ni Jay na sinimulan nya sa hand writing - scared akong mag nose bleed ha ha ha

      Aha ha ha wrestled. Ang kapal ng muka ko dyan lol. Wish ko lang ma-experience nyo na yan para kwentuhan tayo. Ang saya siguro pag group of bloggers ang nandyan ano?

      Pasalubong? ah eh... :P

    2. Gusto ko yung huling comment ni Daddy. "Nasan ang paslubong ko?" LOL Ako din, pasalubong ko. haha :P

  6. I can't wait to read the next series and the adventure it'll tell. Post it now please! hahahaha..#atatmodelang

    1. Lam mo bang I made this post with a 38temp - I'm sick for two days na :(

      After makipag-kulitan sa inyo ni King A sa twitter takbo ako sa doctor tapos nabasa ko yung comment mo from my cell phone lalong tumaas yung fever ko ha ha ha.

      Yan I post another one ; But hindi pa rin tapos lol.

  7. wow... ang sayang adventure... gusto ko sanang humabol....

    1. Kuha ka na ng tiket ngayon Senyor for next January ha ha ha. Or else try to catch Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo city it is as grandest as this :)

  8. I guess for me, when you're in such feast no. 1 problem to expect is damn traffic pero isa lang ibig sabihin, you would have so much fun on it.Pag may trapik, maraming, at pag maraming tao, masaya ang event.

    I wanna go in there but some commitments did not allow me to. I wanna witness such grandness. Anyway, i like the tattoo. and thank you for those dos and dont

    1. Korek ka dyan Mitch! Mas ma-traffic, mas maraming tao, mas masaya. Sayang hindi ka nakapunta. You can start planning now for next January :)

      Henna lang yang tattoo but it looks fabulous right? You're welcome and I'm happy seeing you here :) Thanks as well for dropping by :)

  9. cute ng bdy paint want ko din matry yan!
    hmm at ang gaganda nung mga floats ahh!

    1. I know you gonna love the body paint MEcoy ha ha. Bagay sayo yan na pang model ang image.

      Taraletz be ready for next year ;)

  10. ang festive at ang saya :) ok na cguro mapagod, all worth the experience :) at si derek ramsay ba ang nasa float? :)

    1. Korek ka Zai worth naman ang pagod and everything kasi parang once in a lifetime experience. Mahirap din kasi pumunta sa mga grand festival booking pa lang medyo hassle na :( We just got lucky on this.

      At yes si derek ramsay sya. Ang gwapo nya sa personal.


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