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Sunday Quote and Photograph: Bazaar for A Cause

"We are created for community, formed for a family, fashioned for fellowship, and none of us can fulfill God’s purposes by ourselves. It is because our ultimate life's purpose is to be of person to others." ~ PBO ~ Please support PBO’s 1st Bazaar for a cause!

Sunday Thoughts and Photograph: I Lit A Candle for You Today

I lit a candle for you today, And as I do I whisper my love for you and pray. This photograph is taken from a local restaurant during a simple quite dinner with the family during Valentine’s Day three days after a beloved family member traveled up to cat heaven. The candle in this photograph is actually a table decoration for the Valentines’ Day occasion.  I do light a candle at home… everyday.

Goodbye Timothy Mingz… I will Miss You So Much Buddy

Your most loved pet will always be ever willing to take the bad things coming your way… he might took the fall for the bad things that is currently coming for you or your love ones.  Remember he’s doing it for the eight time and he gave the last one still. He’s in cat heaven now, just thank him and let him go… The most comforting word I received from a dear friend after my buddy… my cat Timothy Mingz died on a Monday morning.  The word coming from a pet expert made the moment a bit less painful. The last photo of Mingz taken just eight days before he died.  Stubborn until his last photo alive - relaxing on a deli tray where he’s not supposed to sit.  The black mark on his nose is an oven mark he got somewhere which I refused to wipe clean because the family is making fun of it.  He is wearing his newest cat bell that “he got from Santa Claus last Christmas” thus the color of the tiny red and green bell. Some of you might say that I’m over reacting for the death of a cat but I

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Kung Hei Fat Choy! Greetings from a person born under the Year of the Snake! Yep that’s  me! I really don’t have much to say.  I just wanted to greet you all a Happy New Year and to let you know that Google has something for all of us and it’s really cute! Remember the mobile phone game “Snake”? Go to today and click that “play” button – awesome! After you're done playing the Snake game you might want to read some things about people born under the Chinese Zodiac sign Snake.  Here are some: PERSONALITY: STRENGTH :  Wise, Proud, Determined, Ambitious, Talented in many directions, Almost always successful, Courageous, Passionate, Intelligent, Quick-witted, Charming, Possess great morality WEAKNESS : Jealous and suspicious, Too cautious about what they discuss with others, Rely on themselves and have doubts about others judgment, Headstrong CAREER: Author, Psychiatrist, Philosopher, Professor, Finance, Politics, Theology FAMOUS PEOPLE BORN UNDER THE YEA

Before January 2013 Ends Part 2: New Caledonia, Norway and New York

Triple N! What a coincidence that these sweet bloggers happen to be based in a country that starts with letter “N”!  They are the ones who I mentioned from my previous post Before January Ends Part 1: Foreign Currency Collection . New Caledonia It all started when King Archieviner of  Chateau De Archieviner posted that he is  sending post cards to fellow bloggers.   I am one among the lucky ones who received such honor from the King (wink*).   Bonjour! The two pieces post cards from King Archieviner. Nice handwriting eh! Front view of the two post cards. One is a regular size post card and the other one is panoramic.  They are both awesome but I so love the panoramic one because I LOVE FLOWERS! (Clifford the Big Red Dog is mine. I made him sit on the envelope to cover my address lol) I apologize King A if I did not mention that I already received the post card.  I actually received this during the holidays but there’s a special reason why I did not post about th