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Sunday Quote and Photograph: Bazaar for A Cause

"We are created for community,

formed for a family,

fashioned for fellowship,

and none of us can fulfill God’s purposes by ourselves.

It is because our ultimate life's purpose is to be of person to others."

~ PBO ~

PBO 1st Bazaar Tarp

Please support PBO’s 1st Bazaar for a cause!


  1. on going na yung event sana maging successful

  2. sana naging successful ang bazaar, di ako nakapag-donate kase di ko alam kung pwede yun mga pocketbooks ko, next time na lang. :)


  3. nice meeting you madam!!! tnx for coming din...

  4. Nandun ka pala sa bazaare sab ni mar. :)

  5. Balita ko successful yung event. Congrats!

  6. Marami talagang magandang nagagawa ang blogging, if bloggers are responsible enough. Maganda itong mga gawaing ganito. Hindi lang naaaliw ang blogger sa pagsusulat sa blog, nakakakilala pa siya ng kapwa blogger, at nakatutulong pa sa mga nangangailangan.

    By the way, sent you an email last year pa, right after ka mag-comment sa blog ko. Hope you got my email. Nothing important naman in it, pasasalamat lang ;-)

  7. thanks sa pag blog and pag support sa PBO Bazaar at sa PBO itself Ms Balut! Super nice to meet you! :)

  8. Congratulations sa success ng PBO. Balita ko, nakipag EB ka daw? Celebrity ang peg mo Ms B, di mo na kami nahintay nila Talinggaw para sa grand EB ha, hehe dyuk! Kwento ka naman dito sa blog mo about dun, no space for being emo ha, cheer up na po!

  9. thank you for dropping by at the bazaar :D


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