Mixed Nuts: So Much To Be Thankful For

So February bid goodbye and as it left I wish that it brings along with it the heart aches and pains I had on top of which is the death of my beloved cat.

But this does not mean that I despise February.  I still feel so blessed in spite of the heart aches because there’s so much to be thankful for that happened to me on this month. So let’s forget about the heart aches.  Instead I want to share to you all the blessings that I am very thankful for.

The promised gift from my anniversary post.
Slowly (but surely I hope) I am able to send out the gifts that I mentioned in my anniversary post.  Some of you might be seeing by now that some blogger friends are posting about the thank you cards they received from me.  They are token of appreciation to these blogger friends who never fail to support my blog and for simply being my friends in the blogosphere.  I did not post a list on who are these people because as I always say, I love making simple surprise to people.

There are still some token that I haven’t sent out yet.  It is because I want to send them with uniqueness and sincerity.  My token may not be expensive in value but it carries with it pure sincerity.


Blogger’s Meet and their awesome presents

Spontaneous and unplanned!
That is so me again.  Just how much I love to make small surprises for people, I love to surprise myself as well. I got the chance to meet some bloggers unexpectedly and unplanned.

The meet up photos and details will be posted on another post but I am dying to thank these sweet people for their awesome gifts.  You really “hit me in my best spot” (wink*).

The father and son tandem, Juicy Jay of About Jay's Journey who just arrived from KSA and Arvin of Chateau de Archieviner who just arrived from New Caledonia gave me this bag of goodies.  The goodies were so meticulously packed/stuffed in a paper bag by Jay while the son Arvin is busy being in love (lol).


The bag contains a lot of awesome stuff including a cute bottle opener and chocolates from Jay and chocolates and tea-towel from Arvin but the ones that made me jump are these – tadaaah!

Ten Riyals and Framed Coin Collection! from Juicy Jay and  Mille Francs (New Caledonia Currency) from Arvin
Juicy jay.jpg large - Copy

As for the reason why these items made me jump, you may want to check it here.

Another unplanned meet is with a bunch of awesome bloggers during PBO's 1st Bazaar for a Cause.  I said that I will not discuss the meet up here because I will do that in a separate post but I can’t help but thank all the bloggers present during the bazaar. THANK YOU all for the very warm reception you gave to me – that was unforgettable!  Thanks as well for this cute button pin/badge.

PBO Button Pin (I bought the mug in support to the bazaar)

button pin

It was hard to contain myself again not to jump out of  joy when Senyor Iskwater of Kwentong Iskwater Mula sa Iskwater (love the title of this blog :) and Super Mario of UNPLOG handed me another addition to my collection!  Yey! THANK YOU Senyor and Mar!

Australian Dollar and Riyal (Qatar Currency) from Mar and Singapore Dollar from Senyor

Mar n Senyor

The second card from a fine lady in Norway

IMG_20130225_064334Finally I received the card from a fine lady of  Norway Joy of Joy's Notepad.  It is so sweet of you Joy to send me another card because the first one got lost in the mail.  THANK YOU for this wonderful card with the sweetest message and an advance greetings for my birthday.  And yes I am really looking forward to meet you in person.

The Noob Sketch 

GracieIn the middle of February while I’m still gloomy for the lost of my cat and was sick at the same time, another fine lady from Norway - Gracie of Gracie’s Network tweeted me this noob sketch of a cat.  Tears automatically poured out of my eyes.  But at least this time there’s a mixture of joy.  It is very comforting to know that you have a friend around who cares and ready to cheer you up during gloomy times even she’s miles away. 

THANK YOU Gracie… looking forward to meet you in person and extend our friendship beyond the blogosphere.

Special mention about me…

THANKS for the special mention by the beautiful persona of Zai of Zai Moonchild and congratulations El Presidente for the very successful bazaar! THANKS as well to my fave blogger boy MEcoy for the special mention – really appreciate it!

My apologies for the late acknowledgment

These didn't happen in February but I am guilty not acknowledging these two sweet bloggers who made special mention about me.  Good thing that I did some back readings on their blogs and I was really surprised finding their posts about me.
THANK YOU Anthony of Free to Play for the Super Miss Popular Award (SMP) and my apologies that I was not able to acknowledge it earlier and that I may not be able to make a post about the SMP tag because I already made the same here.  But I do appreciate the tag a lot!  And extra THANKS for this special post as well. 

THANK YOU Lalah Of Captured Realities for tagging me in your holiday post that I also found when I did back readings in your blog.  My apologies as well for not thanking you earlier.

So February is gone and another month came in without a warning!  Good thing is that this new month is one of my most favorite month.  I actually call it as “The Merry Month of March!”.  Why? Keep visiting here and you’ll know.  Meanwhile let’s enjoy and make this new month a happy one! Cheers to y’all!


  1. Yung una kitang nakita yumakap agad ako sayo at humawak sa braso mo kasi na feel ko na ang gaan mong kasama. Hehe

    Ang dami mong blessings nung nakaraang bwuan. Dahil yan sa maraming nagmamahal sayo. Isingit ba talaga ang love life ko? lol

    Welcome and nice meeting u Ms. B. Hanggang sa muling pagkikita. God bless u more.

    PS. Thanks sa milo sando, 2php bill, card at sa makapagdamdaming sulat. Hihi.

    1. kala ko sasabihin mo kala mo ang gaan ko yun pala ang bigat lol!

      ang dami ngang blessings and I'm so happy part ka nun :) at talagang kelangan isingit ang lovelife mo kasi nagti-twinkle ang mata mo nun na may halong pagka-tulala ha ha ha

      THANK YOU din King A and hanggang sa muling pagkikita. bagay sayo yung Milo singlet :) God bless...

  2. Parang nagising ako dahil dito hehe, maraming salamat din, you deserve all these gifts and kindness from us, coz we care a lot MamaLut, take care! Balik na ako sa kama ha, goodnight.

    1. p[inaka-marami ang galing sayo Gracie and my heartfelt thanks. Tingnan mo naman gumising ka pa para sumoporta hu hu hu naiiyak na ko...

  3. Yiie!!! :)) Sayang talaga at hindi ko nameet ang celebrity blogger ms. B! -_-

    1. hoy Pao! nasan ka ba at di ko tuloy nakurot ang pisngi mo :)))

  4. Wow and wow. That really show how kind and popular you are. And thanks God na nakarating ang card to you:)
    Hope meeting you soon:)

    1. THANK YOU Joy and yes thank God nakarating! Looking forward to meet you soon :)

  5. im one of the lucky bloggers to have met you too... ung kape pa na utang ko sayo, sana ma-set na... hehehe

    1. I'm the luckier one na makilala ang isang "malalim" na katauhan mo Senyor! Anong sched mo sa work for the March week 11 and week 18 please?

  6. Hope I'll meet more people in blogging and make friends too. Goodluck dear and more power!

    Btw, you might want to join my giveaway. http://theworkinghands-onmom.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-wh-o-mom-and-shoe-emporium-giveaway.html

    Thanks so much! =)

    1. hey! there's a bunch of awesome bloggers that you can meet. they are PBO'ers :)

      THANKS! thanks as well for the giveaway invite. I'll drop by your blog soon to cheCK OUT ;)

  7. wow! Ang daming blessings! Sige, ilagay ko na sa wishlist ko na ma-meet ko ang celebrity blogger na sa Ms. B - fc lang? hehehe

    1. wish din kitang ma-meet Sion! bakit di ako maka-comment sa blog mo :(

  8. dahil generous ka balut pinagpapala ka din
    dame dame ahh
    dame addition sa collection mo!
    dapat on of this day makapag bigay din ako sayo! haha

    fav. blogger boy talaga?
    salamat balut salamat din uli dn sa gift mo!
    kianakamusta ka ni po kungpa

    sayang di ako nakapunta sa bazaar edi sana nakita din kita!
    anyways dame pa next time

    1. aaaw! don't think about giving back to me MEcoy. I'm just happy giving you the pandas :) Kisses to KungPa - mukang alagang alaga mo ah :)

      Yep fave blogger boy obvious naman di ba ? ha ha hope to meet you soon MEcoy!

  9. wow naman!

    sana magkita din tayo.....

    mukhang na enjoy mo ang love month... keep smilling Ms. Balut

    1. Kelan uwi mo Jon? kitakits tayo :)

      salamat sa mga bloggers na-cover yung sadness na nangyari... I'm so blessed :)

  10. Aw, na-mention ako sa post na ito :D at ako nga po ang sobrag thankful pa rin sa inyo. And Ms. B u deserve din lahat ng ito dahil sobrang generous din niyo po :))

    1. Syempre fave write yata kita :) THANK YOU Anthony! Magsulat ka lang maligaya na ko - sarap basahin ng mga posts mo :)

  11. wow, daming EB at daming gifts, congrats ms celebrity blogger! :)

    1. Oist magpakita ka din nga! ha ha ha

      Napi-pressure ako dun sa "celeb" LOL!

  12. Congrats sa blogsary mo, madam! ang galing...dami mo namang natanggap na goodies...:) hang daming pera...:) Simple things and a hint of thoughtfulness really makes us happy...:)


    1. THANKS dear! ang babait kasi ng mga friends natin sa blogosphere... and yes so happy me :))

      THANKS for passing by :)


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