Sunday Thoughts and Photograph: I Lit A Candle for You Today

I lit a candle for you today,

And as I do I whisper my love for you and pray.


This photograph is taken from a local restaurant during a simple quite dinner with the family during Valentine’s Day three days after a beloved family member traveled up to cat heaven.

The candle in this photograph is actually a table decoration for the Valentines’ Day occasion.  I do light a candle at home… everyday.


  1. That's a way more symbolic reason for lighting candles.

    We only light candles in my home when we're cooking stuff.

  2. i know it's one of your saddest Vday bacause of your cat...

  3. Sorry for your cat. I know I will feel the same pag nawala na rin ang cat namin.
    ANyway, I seldom light a candle. Just for some special occassions. Coz my husband told me that inhaling much of the gas can develop cancer. Nabasa daw nya.But, I think is is very cozy!

  4. wow valentine date kasama family nu
    para sakin ang sweet nyan:)

    anyways im sure Timothy is in much better place now

  5. Condolence... I never had a pet so I can't say I know how you feel, I just hope you feel better now.

  6. ay ika-third blogger kana po na namatayan ng cat ngayon.(nabasa ko sa mga comment) bakit kaya. siguro coincidence lang. i repeat ayoko mangyari to sa dog ko. nakaka miss din kaya yung mawala ang isang pet.

  7. Condolences po ulit sa iyong pet na nawala. I know na nasa heaven na siya, with God. :) My mom always light a candle at home, sa altar.

    And Ms. B, maraming maraming salamat sa Heat shirt na ibinigay mo sa akin! :)))) God bless po

  8. hi, thanks so much for your visit. have a lovely day ;) btw, this post reminded me to light a candle for my Lola.

  9. matalinhaga talaga ang kandila. parang mayroon kung ano rito na nangungusap kong sisindihan, hihipan at masinsinan mong pagmamasdan.

  10. I'm sure Timothy Mingz blew you a kitty kiss from kitty heaven :)

  11. I am kinda reluctant to have that unless brown out kasi super careless ako heheh baka mag ka sunog... gusto ko sana yung ganyan ganyan tapos may aromatic oil parang relaxing lang sya...
    Napadaan lang... at dadaan pa uli hehehehe.. wag mo po ako tisudin ha :)


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