Vicita Iglesia 2013: Seven Churches this Time

I hope that I am not too late for my annual and traditional post about Vicita Iglesia.

Every year I wish to visit fourteen new churches. It’s sort of hitting two birds in one stone. First is to fulfill my Roman Catholic faith. Second is to satisfy the blogger in me.  However this year I visited seven churches only.  I had a flu (running nose)  at that time and I don’t want to aggravate my condition. 

Also this year,two among these churches are not first time visits for me.  Read and tag along to find what are these churches and join me as I meditate for Good Friday while being a blogger.

First church is…

THE REDEMPTORIST CHURCH in Baclaran Pasay City.  The home or Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

I have countless visits to this church because I am a devotee of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help. If it wasn’t in conflict with my work I am attending the novena mass at this church almost every Wednesday.

Our (un)plan is to visit churches in the Cavite area this time.  However, I can not find my Vicita Iglesia guide/prayer book so I opt to start from the Baclaran church that has vendors selling religious  items all over the place. Funny though because after buying it I realized I have a prayer book that is a regular content of my purse and it has in it the prayer guide.

1st and 2nd Station
or The Church of Parañaque  - Quirino Avenue, La Huerta, Parañaque City.

I am seeing this church when I passed by in this area but I never had a chance to visit it or attend a mass from this church so we decided to have our third and fourth station here.
3rd and 4th Station
2013-03-29 08.19.11

also known as the house of the famous Las Piñas Bamboo Organ

This is my second time to visit this church.  The first time is during one of my birthday getaway which I spent through a road trip to Tagaytay and Laguna.  I haven’t observe Vicita Iglesia here so I decided to meditate here the 5th and 6th station.

We were informed by the residents that there will be real crucifixion here later at around 3Pm thus explains the beautifully designed stage at the side of the church.

5th and 6th Station

2013-03-29 08.38.58

Standing true to its image why this place became popular, the station of the cross is signified by crosses made from bamboo – genuine eh?


Off we go and head to Cavite area.   First stop is in Bacoor Cavite.


7th and 8th Station

After Bacoor we headed to Kawit town and look what I found - The Aguinaldo Shrine!  I featured the Home of Aguinaldo in one of my posts but this is the first time I viewed this magnificent shrine coming from the back road - beautiful isn’t it?



9th and 10th Station
2013-03-29 09.32.25

Off we go again and continue the road trip without any particular church in mind to visit next.  We always do our Vicita Iglesia this way.  We will choose a certain area but we don’t have an exact plan or list of churches to visit.   The church searching is sort of an added sacrifice and the exploration is another adventure for the blogger.

-  Rosario Cavite

11th and 12th Station

We learned that the next town is Noveleta (correct me if I’m wrong) but we can’t find the church in the town of Noveleta so off we go to another town which is Tanza where we found the home of the saint who is popularly known as the miraculous “T ata Uste” or San Agustin (St. Augustine).   More about this church and the miraculous saint when I make a separate post for this.


13th and 14th Station

There’s a lot more town and churches in the area of Cavite City but again I can’t expose myself to much heat so as not aggravate my body condition.

As usual during Good Friday there was no traffic in Metro Manila.  We left home at past 7Am and were back home before lunch time.  It was safe for my body condition during that day to be back home and rest early.  But my body and spirit is sort of looking for the feeling of being inside the church at least until the late afternoon of Good Friday.

Again, I am planning to make a separate post for each church in the coming days.  Oh boy they are becoming too many in my files!

If you wish to take a peek on my post about Vicita Iglesia and churches here are some links for you!

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  1. The only Church I've visited (not during the vicita Iglesia though) were The Redemptorist Church in Baclaran and The Saint Joseph Parish Church in Las Pinas.. these are some of the churches I went to while I stayed in Manila, dyan ako nagpi-pray at umiiyak noon na sana ay magrant na yung visa ko at makaalis nako. Meron ka ba o nabisita mo na ang Manaoag Church sa Pangasinan?

  2. The Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is the best home to pray and do petitions tingnan mo Gracie pinakinggan ka nya :)

    Manaoag Church is one of my frustrations together with the Miag-ao Church in Iloilo. There were several attempts to visit these two churches but for some reason I don't know why hindi ako matuloy...

  3. ang gaganda naman ng mga simbahans pinuntahan mo... sana tinakbo mo na lang din ang pagpunta... hehehehe

    I have not tried doing this at sana magka-chance ako next year...

    1. ha ha sana nga. but I was not feeling well Senyor eh :(

      dali try mo na. it's fulfilling and exciting :)

  4. Some of the churches here badly needs restoration. I'm sorry if i can't comment anything nice here but the state of these churches is really alarming.

    Anyway, Catholic traditions are quite colourful in some ways. I'm saying this because I'm a protestant. Visiting churches is not only fun, but I guess it's spiritually fulfilling for Catholics. Some sort of a pilgrimage.

    I have in mind of doing a sort of 'pilgrimage' by travelling throughout the route of the Way of St. James. Puede kaya ako dun kahit hindi ako Catholic? Ano sama ka?

    1. True Mr. Tripster. Apologies not needed. I always take your intellectual comments as constructive criticism :)

      But sometimes I always like the original built (including the ruins) of the church because for me its what made them unique. Katulad na lang nung 8th pic - I really don't like the red/maroon pain of the baluster - nagmuka syang ordinary. I saw the original baluster from the old photos of this church ang ganda talaga.

      I am born and raise catholic though I don't consider myself as a devout one. But I live on the faith and traditions that my parents thought me and yes it is fulfilling. But hindi sarado ang isip ko sa ibang religion. As I always say "as long as you believe, that for me is a religion.".

      Aaaw the Way of St. James -Pwedeng pwede! ;) EXCITING! Taraaa!

  5. haha we have seven churches here i think, well kame bale 10 churches ung napuntahan namen hmm baclaran and SAN MIGUEL DE ARKANGHEL PARISH ata un napuntahan namen saka my isa pang maliit na church dyan along the way eeh
    hmm umaga pala kayo ng vivisita iglesiah kame tradition namen ee gabe, at ung churches here sa cavite ee dapat walkathon kaya sasakit ng paa namen after pero ayun fulfilling naman sa end

    1. Bakit di mo pinuntahan yung iba sa Cavite MEcoy? Di ba taga-dyan ka?

      at gabi talaga? di ko pa nagawa yun?

  6. ang dami mo ng napuntahan na simbahan...keep it up..

    1. oo nga arvin ang dami ko na nang back logs sa post about churches.

      thanks sa encouragement at sa pagdaan :)

  7. sayang naman nagsabi ka.. ang lapit ko lang st.joseph hahahah... para makasama naman ako sa photowalk mo minsan....
    namiss ko tuloy ang st.andrew.....

    1. aaaw sayang nga! lam mo naman ako mahilig sa spontaneous :)

      yaan mo next time abangan ko yung mga photo walk sched mo at ako ang sasabay sayo ;)

      THANKS for dropping by :)

  8. good for you to keep your traditions...relate na relate ako sa post na to kasi nag visita iglesia din kasi kami last lenten season...:)


    1. wow great to know! Will go head to your site and check out your VI ;)

      THANKS for passing by :)

  9. Wow, some of these look ancient.

    1. Yep DWei! Dunno why I have this kind of interest to visit old churches...


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