Wrapping Up July While I’m Lost in August.

Eight days after August and I’m still lost with it.   But the good thing is that it started well and fine for me.  Before my August gets too exciting let me take a quick look back how I ended July.

Starting a new adventure as the month ended
As July came to an end I started on a new adventure.  This adventure is officially called “job” but I prefer to call it that way.  So you won’t see me online as much as I was for the last three months.  But of course blogging is still on top of my priorities.

Ending July with a Run.

I shared the story about the Media Launch that I attended for this year’s (37th) Milo Marathon. I was one among the 40,000 runners who joined the Manila Eliminations leg.  Just like with my other runs I usually bring along with me a camera all though out the run so I can document the event and my own run.  The difference this time is that a media badge is also hanging in my neck. And after finishing my 10K run I still yet to attend the press conference afterwards. Yay! the “BloggerRunner” in me!

This has always been an important event for me because it is a sort of a traditional run for my family and friends.  As I always say and I’m sure most Filipino runners will agree with me if I say that your running life would not be complete unless you joined a Milo Marathon.  My running struggles and progress plus the detailed story about this run is on my running blog.

Joining the 40,000+ runners at the 37th Milo Marathon as I race against myself for the 10K distance and attending the event's Press Con afterwards,

The King came Live in Manila but it was the Princess Birthday

I received one of the most exciting news in July when I learned that my basketball idol Lebron James is coming to Manila.  But sad to share I was not able to see him in person.  The reason actually is not because I was not able to acquire a ticket.  I can move mountains if I really wanted to watch James just the way I did when my football idol David Beckham came to Manila.  But the truth is that I intentionally did not acquire a ticket because I knew that I will not be able to watch him.  James meet and greet date coincides with my Princess birthday.  And this occasion is far more important to me. Anyway James promised to come back so I’ll just see him then the next time. 

Better late than never! Another July celebrant.

Another dear blogger friend celebrated her birthday on July and I want to greet a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Leah of Travel Quest!  Hope you had a good one dear.


I am celebrating two birthdays in a year. In March which is my birth month.  And in August which is the month when I sort of "came back" after I almost died on one July.

How’s August is treating you by the way?


  1. Lagare ka naman... Blogging and running at the same time... hmmmnnn...

    Belated happy bday sa princess!!!

  2. Belated happy bday sa yong princess and you did the right thing.
    Anyway, there are so much happenings that makes one busy. Take care!

  3. The lifestyle you lead is very healthy. I can see how you love running through your posts. How I wish I can be as active, not just active at the workplace. Belated happy birthday to your princess. And have a great August!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Coach. So this will be your second life, just live with it, take it to the fullest. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy so that you won't regret everything.


  5. double belated happy bday pala dapat ang sabihin ko sayo balut haha
    anyway, mukang di ka na papahirapan this month wala nang unfortunate events
    at belated din pala sa princess mo

  6. Belated happy birthday lil balut and Lea of travelquest! God bless on your career Balut!

  7. belated happy birtday...gusto ko rin makasali minsan sa milo marathon..

  8. new career!!! at least you still find time to blog :)

  9. Belated happy birthday to your princess. Ang saya ng july mo sis unlike mine super boring. Nasa bucketlist ko ang makasama sa isang marathon but i guess matatagalan pa yun. Haha

  10. August has been treating me fairly well! Mostly because I finally got a decent job.


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