Behind the Beckham Bend Experience

Married to a “futbolista” I am somewhat assuming (but not expecting) that we will have complimentary tickets to the David Beckham and the LA Galaxy Team vs. The Philippine Azkals.  The “assuming (not expecting”) is simply because it’s a DAVID BECKHAM game so I kind of doubt that there would be a lot of complimentary tickets.
100_7201In “”my world” I am sort of known as a BIG BECKHAM fan.  “Known” is bragging about it in all my social media profiles, mentioning about it in some of my blog posts where I usually call him as “my oh so dear David” and I think he’s the only celebrity who’s face is in my shirt which I am frequently being photographed wearing. However, no matter how a big fan I am, buying a David Beckham ticket is out of the plan simply because the ticket cost is out of the budget.  It’s the Christmas season hey! I haven’t completed my gift list for obvious reason so how can I consider this ticket prices? Sad smile
Bleachers: PhP 2,000, PhP 5,000
Grandstand: PhP 9,500 , PhP 10,500, PhP 12,500, PhP 15,500
But anyway amidst my doubt, my husband automatically got a complimentary ticket Winking smile.  So wearing my favorite Beckham shirt off we go to the Rizal Football Stadium and here’s sharing my (maybe) once in a lifetime experience watching David Beckham played live in a Philippine football field .
The event caused horrendous traffic along Taft Avenue and Roxas Boulevard and all the roads in the vicinity.  I’m just not sure if this is the same traffic that caused the Distinguished Gentleman from Sarangani and pound for pound boxing king Manny Pacquiao to arrive late.  Anyway, even if he’s late he still got Beckham’s jersey and a crowd winner as usual.  I think the crowd’s cheer on his arrival is as equally loud when David Beckham and his team marched to the field.
There was just one major entrance which is in Vito Cruz.  I’m not sure if this is the reason why the line is so long.  The double stretch reaching DLSU in Taft Avenue.  But I was also thinking maybe because of the last minute sale of tickets. The news said the tickets did not sell well.  They cut the price to 35% and gave away most of the tickets as complimentary in the last minute before the game. I told you people it’s the holiday so budget, budget, budget.  Better give away those tickets or it would be really unpleasant seeing unoccupied seats in a Beckham game. 
The event gave another chance for the “enterpreneuring Pinoys” who took advantage of the event selling merchandize of all sorts like shirts, key chains, etc.
Professional camera is strictly not allowed.  Good thing that I’m a “professional digicam user”.  However, I missed taking photos of the game highlights because I am watching, shouting and cheering most of the time.  I’m just really not sure to whom I cheered most.  Now I know that I’m better watching soccer than covering it.  I’m a certified football fan by heart.

David Beckham exhibited his famous BEND in the 20th minute. I was standing in awe witnessing him scored. It was PRECISE and PERFECT.  A sharp and direct to the corner goal.  I doubt that even if its my favorite Azkals’ and one of Fulham’s best goalie Neil Etheridge is the keeper could make a “save’ from that excellent goal from David Beckham.  There’s really no one else that can BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM!
That score from David Beckham proves that he’s being diplomatic since the beginning of the game.  He could have scored lots of the same kind of goal but… football lovers knew better.  He’s just being diplomatic for not scoring more than one goal. Thanks David!  However, the LA Galaxy’s other best players and the reserved players as well are not as diplomatic when they “play around” with Philippines finest footballers and scored five more goals.

Phil Younghusband satisfied the Philippine fans and Azkals fanatics (and himself I’m sure) scoring the lone goal for the Philippine team.  Well, scoring against the great Beckham team does not often happen to an Asian futbolista so that one is really considered a great score.  The Philippine Azkals played their best but it is very obvious that they are still too far way behind a team as great as the LA Galaxy.

I considered myself lucky having seated in the bleachers than those who are seated in the more expensive seats.  The bleacher where I was sitting is directly across the left corner where David Beckham repeatedly do his corner kicks exhibiting his famous bendsSmile with tongue out.
100_7298 - Crop Copy100_7291Crop100_7293100_7294
100_7329All in all the event was successful.  Another best thing was there was free apple after the match.  So fresh, cold and crunchy apple!  Thanks to the organizers, that was really sweet of you having to think of this free apple. 

More traffic after the game but not a problem for me, I can run 10K why not walk the 3K distance back home. 

Here’s some more of  Dream Cup photos courtesy of a friend and a co-futbolista-wife.


  1. Isa lang masasabi ko.. ang swerte mo!!! lagi ka nakakakuhaa ng complimentary tickets aba! Dapat magtatabi ako sayo para mahawaan ako ng swerte!

  2. Ikaw na talaga Balut! Lahat nagagawan ng paraan, walang imposible.


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