11/365: On Fruitcake and Post-Holiday Practical Gifts Thoughts

Admit it or not you have forwarded/passed at least one Fruitcake that you received during the holidays to somebody else.  I did and please don’t judge me ha ha.  And yes! I also enjoy the joke “How many fruitcakes are there in the world”

Well I think it’s better that you passed it over than it stays in the fridge for indefinite time because nobody in your house will eat it.  As for me, don’t worry I only passed my fruitcake gift to visitors who come to my house without prior notification. Ha ha I’m mean!

I know that “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes to gift-giving.  But let me be frank – no fruitcake for me please.  You see, you can buy a good quality towel on the same amount you will spend for fruit cake.  So you’d rather buy me a towel.

Why towel?  Towel is a practical gift. It’s a necessity that everyone buys for himself like clothes.  It is a safe gift as well because you don’t need to worry about the style or whatever. It can be stocked and it never gets out of fashion.

Yey! We received several towels this holiday!

I also agree that when you can’t think of a holiday gift for a person you can never go wrong with food.  There are lots of sweets and goodies available that is beautifully packed as “good to go holiday gifts”.  You may choose goodies that are being sold of which part of the sale proceeds will be donated to charity.  That’s a double act of kindness. 


We annually received an abundance and variety of these goodies during holidays.  They are all so yummy and sweet as the people who gave them - my hubby’s (soccer) players.


Since this is holiday you might as well bring some real “cheers”!


Red wine is very fitting.  It’s good for the health and most family members will enjoy during “noche buena” and New Year’s Eve.  I don’t mind receiving  several bottles of these during the holidays.  I can stocked it anyway and consume on other future occasions.

Let me share some other gifts that we received last holiday that I liked most.

This battery operated lamp/light designed in the  old classic lamp. It can be both use as an adornment and  flash/emergency light.


Tea – simply because I’m a tea lover.  It can be stocked too and with long expiration date.  Maybe this long expiration date is also one of the reason why the fruit cake became a popular holiday gift.  But still – no fruit cake for me please.  I don’t want to pass one again. LOL. 


Yes it’s the thought that counts.  It does not have to be expensive but make sure that you just don’t grab anything because you are running out of time.  For me I’d rather give you a belated gift or nothing rather than give you a gift that you will just toss somewhere because you don’t like it or don’t know what to do with it.

What is the gift that you received that you like most last holiday? And why do you like it?

If a fruit cake contains alcohol it could remain edible for many years.   Wrapping the cake in alcohol-soaked linen before storing is one method of lengthening its shelf life.
A fruit cake baked in 1878 is kept as an heirloom by a family (Morgan L. Ford) in Tecumseh, Michigan.  In 2003 it was sampled by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. 
(Source: Wikipedia)


  1. And now you're the queen of fruit cake! :) And no, I never did pass any fruit cake, ever. hahaha!

    I actually thought you'll be teaching us how to make a fruitcake though. Good morning miss B! :)

    1. Talaga kinakain mo ang fruit cake? LOL

      Naah if ever I will bake fruit cake would be the least on my list or will not bake it at all lol.

      Good morning Pao good to see you here! sensya na sa "capcha" ha ha

  2. Never liked fruitcake... hehe.. best gift? Hmm.. cant really tell, im grateful for whatever came my way... or maybe, there is, the coloring books from my kids :-)

    1. Hayan may isa na akong kadamay ha ha.

      Ako rin naman grateful din sa mga nag gi gift yun nga lang pag fruit cake hindi ko sya kakainin LOL.

      Thanks for dropping by Kat :)

  3. Buti na lang di ako bumisita, baka sa akin pa mapunta ang fruitcake. Lol!

  4. There's a fruit cake for ebribadi... ders a fruitcake for ebrijuan :D bigla ko tuloy naalala ung kanta ng E-heads hihihi

    I'm not really a fan of fruitcake eh... parang lasang gamot kase sya ahaha :D

    Ang cute nung battery operated lamp!

  5. Me, I love fruit cakes:)
    About gifs, nice ideas:)

  6. Hmmnnn ako i like fruitcake pero tagal ko na hindi nakakakain. Gusto ung lamp. May ganyan lola ko...

  7. napaisip ako sa fruitcake.... mas like ko ung binibigay sa akin.... never pa kasi ako nakatanggap ng ganyan hehehe...

    Ganda ng lamp na yan.... bagay sa bukid namin habang naglalakad ako sa palayan hehehe

  8. Nakakatuwa kasi pareho tayong di gusto ang fruitcake! LoLs. I don't know, I just don't like that cake. Pero, di naman din ako mahilig sa other cakes maliban sa ube cake - wherein ang kinakaain ko lang din naman na part ay ang ube coating haha.

    Ang daming regalo ah. You know what, last week I was planning to post an entry quite similar to this na ang topic ay 'gifts'. Kami kasi ng wife ko last week lang namili/nakabili ng mga ire-regalo namin sa mga inaanak namin dito. At ang nakakatuwa pa halos lahat puro jacket na makapal ang binili namin kasi nga winter season dito haha!

  9. I like fruitcakes and other cakes, also tea. I have an assortment of them. I just find it odd when people give you a gift with a price tag or food/chocolates with a marked up three days before expiration, wag na lang sana.

  10. Lagi kaming may fruitcake kada Pasko at Bagong Taon, naiinis ako nung bata ako kasi kumakatwiran ako sa mga magulang namin ng bakit nila kami pinapakain ng pagkain na may alak... hay, ni hindi ko alam kung sino sa family members namin ang nakakaubos ng isang slice nun, well kaya siguro pinipilit kami na kumain nun para lang mabawasan haha.

  11. well i think i received just two gift last holiday season, im very thankful though,
    anyway, i think ung my charity purpose na gift ee mas magandang matanggap at ibigay


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