10/365: A Book is Added to My Wish List–The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

This is a shameless request to anybody who owns a book and done reading “The Perks of  Being A Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky – please pass the book to me okay?  Consider it as one of my wish from this list

Perks Book Cover

Not that I can’t afford to buy the book (defensive me – LOL), but I appreciate books that is owned and read by somebody rather than new ones especially if it will be passed to me with  dedication. Besides since last year I promised that I won't buy anymore books for myself  as long as I haven’t finish yet my reading queue.  In fact I am also giving away my book collection and there’s just very few left.  They are left behind because I just want to re-read them first  (one of which is part of the reason why I am liking this story right now).

For a movie and book lover like me I did not know what I’m missing till I chanced upon a part of this movie on HBO from somewhere.  I watched the movie in full back home and I fell in love with it.  It is now included in my “ Top List of Favorite Movie”.  As for the reason why, I will be definitely sharing them to you as I go along with this blog.  But for now I need to read the book first.

So throw that book over here please? Thanks!
“"And all the books you've read have been read by other people.  And all the songs you've loved have been heard by other people.  And that girl that's pretty to you is pretty to other people. And you know that if you looked at these facts when you were happy, you would feel great because you are describing 'unity'"  
~Stephen Chbosky~ The Perks of Being A Wallflower


  1. oh my... it's your 10th post na... kinakabahan ako sa challenge mo na ito... remind mo sana ako sa fb pag may new post ka na... hehehe

    I love the movie too kasi it reminded me of my high school tapos nandun pa si percy jackson na uber crush ko. ang daming magandang lines grabe. ay hindi pwedeng brand new na lang??? wala akong plan to read this eh... hehehe

    1. Mas kinakabahan ako Senyor. Ako ang taong hindi kabahin but this time inaatake ako ng kaba hu hu hu

      I love a lot of things about the movie eh especially those lines that are real lessons in life.

      Aba'y alangan namang tanggihan ko ang brand new lalo na pag may dedication LOL. But syempre mas ok kung babasahin mo muna :)

  2. Na curiuos tuloy ako kung anong book and movie yan:) Ma google nga:)
    Nice weekend Balut:)

    1. It's not on "our genre" Joy lol. That's why when I first heard about it I'm not interested. But when I saw the movie I found that there's a lot of life lesson that we can pick up from here.

      Have a great weekend too!

    2. OO nga. Naka relate din ako sa film. Napanood ko sa you tube kagabi.

  3. Totally clueless about the movie and the book! Quite strange right? Being a book lover myself. Maybe because, lately I haven't checked any bookstore around for some few notable reads. I might visit the bookstore soon and find out if it's available there and will read it myself. Based on your brief description of what's in the movie, it catches my interest. You know naman how I love inspirational stories or movies - that things that push us to do greater good to others or to love without the need to be loved or expecting the same in return.

    Hope your wish will come true soon. May deadline ba eto? LoLs! hahahahaha

    1. Maybe because of the same reason that I said to Joy. It's not within "our genre" lol. But I know you're still within the range because I'm a lot older than you are. But when it comes to books and movies I don't believe in genre anyway. This is one reason why I fell in love with the movie.

      As I've said, I maybe talking about this movie in the coming blog posts. In fact I have one already lined up on my Sunday post. But I do want to read the book first because based on experience most movie adaptation do not give justice to the book version.

      Anyway according to Wiki the book is first published in 1999 but the movie was first released in 2012. I heard about the movie way back then but I did not pay attention. Luckily I chanced upon a part of it in HBO then I watched the full movie and fell in love with it.

      I'm sure you gonna love this too considering your wide range of interests. As for the deadline - none of course ha ha. I'll appreciate it more if I have someone to discuss the book version with ;)

      THANKS very much for the constant visit here Jay. It's one big push for me on not to give up this blogging challenge!

    2. I always love visiting your blog. Even during my hiatus period. I've read them, though I didn't comment just not to be mistaken by other bloggers that I do have some favorites or play favorites, so I refrain from commenting. Your entry is just a must read because you write an ordinary post extra special. There's always a brief realization after reading them. That's the reason why I enjoy reading your blog.

      I'm up for something but leave it to me. LoLs! hahahaha

      Please prove yo

    3. Aaaw! I'm almost speechless here. THANK YOU again... really speechless but totally excited about the "up for something" ha ha

  4. Ahihi.. Ive watched this several times too... What caught was emma watson's hair... Hahaha.. The book? Hmmm... Lets see :)

  5. well lam mo naman balut di ko talaga hilig nag pag babasa hahaha

  6. If you have it and after you read it, pass a book to me too! Lol

  7. sabi nga ni senyor 10th post mo pa lang ito mommy balut at may mga about 355 post pa. hahaha nakakachallenge nga naman ito! ur back and back for good na talaga oh! hahahaha how i missed to rant around! hahaha

    ang tumatak sa isip ko at ginawa ko until now is yong sabi na "ENJOY IT BECAUSE IT'S HAPPENING!" parang two times ko ata pinanood tong movie nato eh hahahaha minsan din naman ata sa buhay naging wallflower ako! bwahahahhahaha oo naging wallflower pa ako sa lagay at ingay kong ito! hahahaha

  8. I'm watching the movie right now, soon finished... Mixed emotions... But definitely a thumbs up!


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