4/365: What I Wanted For Christmas 2013 That You Can Give Me on My Birthday This 2014 (LOL)

Back in Christmas of 2012 I remember being tagged for the same meme as "All I Want for Christmas" and I ended up buying the things on my wish list aside from the  BabyRuth bar that my hubby surprisingly placed on my home desk after seeing a glimpse of my draft post back that time.  He said he saw me googling the photos of BabyRuth bars (D_mn! why he didn’t chance upon while I’m googling the Garmin watch? LOL)

So after that I told myself that I will not join such meme again because no Santa showed up to grant my wishes even I provided the whole year as my time frame to receive them (lol).

But last year (which was just 3 days ago) around four days before Christmas (hmp!) my favorite (insane) blogger who usually don’t do this meme suddenly joined the fun and tagged me on his “All I Want for Christmas” post.  And because this blogger is really one of my favorite plus that I am worried that I will be excluded from his "SOLEMN BLESSINGS”  I am now complying to the tag of no other than (tadah!) Tripster Guy!

I may need to break some rules here though.

First,  I will not be tagging anybody because Christmas Day is over.

Second, I replaced the Christmas photo with this!

Hurray 2

Third, instead of the Christmas wish I made it my BIRTHDAY wish (evil grin).  And following the footstep of  Tripster Guy I will be a little extravagant  with my wish list this time. 

Here’s my list!

1. A huge ladies bag something similar to my Charles and Keith bag that already retired hu hu hu.


2. A replacement and hopefully of the same design of my Geox boots that is also nearing retirement hu hu hu.

Geox - Copy

3. Garmin running watch (again?). No pink color please.


4. Any one among my fave women’s original scent:
    Dior’s Poison or Dune / D&G (Red) by Dolce & Gabbana / Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein.


5. (As usual)  BabyRuth BARS.  Not the bite size please.


6. And of course WORLD PEACE!
If you will contribute to this I will consider it as equivalent to you granting all my wishes.  So you don't need to worry about granting my wishes numbers 1 to 5! Just be part of WORLD PEACE and I'm happy!

world peace

There! You all have 70 days to grant my wishes. Hurray!


  1. Kung papipiliin ako sa lahat, siempre world peace kasi libre hehe. Pero kahit libre lang yan, yan ang pinakamahirap kamtan lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Yung mga bagay napag iipunan at nabibili naman e.

    Sige, bookmark ko muna to ha hehe. Get well soon at good luck sana this time marami na magfullfil ng wishes mo.

  2. Waaa... World Peace :) Yay! Hahaha.

  3. Peace na lang gift ko sa iyo at magiging silent commentator without asking any new oosts dahil wagi na! So expensive, branded! Lol!

  4. best of luck sa wishlist mo balut! mejo mabigat sa bulsa
    yan kaya sa peace na din ako tuld ni sir jonathan hahaha

  5. I'm a guy who are fond of making wishes come true pero parang di ko ata kakayanin ang mga wishes mo hahahaha...at like everyone else - WORLD PEACE is the most accessible. LoLs! hahaha.

  6. Hahahaha. Count down for your bday :))))). Advance haberdey!!!

  7. Joining the club for peace:)

  8. Pinaka d'best dun eh is WORLD PEACE! Haberdey Coach!!!

  9. Oh my. Pareho tayo ng number 6. Uber late na pero sa akin na ung baby ruth ha. Hehehe

  10. Bigyan mo ako ng world peace! Don't torment me!!! hahahaha! Kumusta na Ms. Balut? Can't keep up with you posts. Mas matindi ang entries mo kaysa sa mga comments ko. hahaha!

    And just for the record, I am not insane. I just happened to be different, and then get troubled thoughts when you're around my social media accounts. For some reason natatakot ako kung anong i-comment o isulat mo. Parang patayin sa sindak si Tripster. hahaha!

    That's such a sweet surprise naman from your husband. So next time, alam mo na ang gagawin. BAGS AGAD ANG UNAHIN!!! Hehehe! By the way, Santa said he's not gonna show up ever. He's broke, after investing in Lehman Brothers. Then had a really bad divorce when he saw Mrs. Claus bangin the walls with one of the elves. They had a terrible lawsuit battle over rudolph and Santa lost miserably. He's now somewhere in the streets of Alaska.

    I wish i could send you something from the list kaso mas mahal yata ang delivery. So i'm opting for world peace. Promise pipilitin kong hindi mag wage ng war o pumatay ng tanga this year. hahaha!


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