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1/365: Prelude to the 365 Day Blogging Challenge

While my fellow bloggers are enjoying (and some are still contemplating) with their “2013 Year End Post”, I’m contemplating on pursuing a long-time-pending-blogging-challenge – the “365 Day Blogging Challenge”!

365 Day Challenge B

Quite a challenge huh!

Some calls it “Prompt Writing” a prompt or a habit to get you writing each and everyday of the year.  Some calls it “One Post A Day’ .  But for whatever it is called this is simply a damn good challenge for bloggers.

This has been my goal since I started blogging for myself but I’m always in doubt that I can do this so I kept on delaying.   But that’s what challenge are for right?  It will not be called a challenge unless you know you can do it easily.

So why am I taking it this time? Here are some reasons:

1. This is the perfect time to start this – New Year!

2. As I have said, I have always wanted to do this.  I was doing this when I was younger on a private journal.  There was no pressure back then so I can quit anytime.  Doing this online  - I’m sure there are lots of eyes who will be watching me succeed or fail.

3. Writing is my first and real love so I don’t want it to be taken over by the other things that I’m doing in life or may I say to be eaten out by some other things that I’m doing.

4. I am VERY disappointed with my last year’s posting on this blog.  I am guilty of not giving this space my time that it deserves.  I’m worried as to what happened to other bloggers who drifted out of blogging and then finding it difficult (and awkward) to come back to blogging because they drifted out for so long.

5. Part of this disappointment is that when Google released the latest ranking and this blog failed to get its former PR2.  Remember that I bravely took the risk of losing my PR2 when I changed this blog into a dotcom because I knew I can get it back easily as long as I maintain this site the way I did when I started this.  However due to less time spent to this blog for the last six months of 2013 I failed to get back the same PR that I have prior to the dotcom upgrade.  I swear I’ll get it back this time if not higher!

6. I don’t want to stress out myself  in writing long(er) posts.  Most online readers have short-attention-span anyway.  They tend to skip-read when your post is really long.  The daily post will help me create something short and yet interesting.  Of course there will still be long and meaty posts from time to time.

7. I know I developed a handful of loyal readers who felt disappointed every time they visit my blog and landed on the same post (sigh*) from their last visit.  Some of them even wrote to me and said that “I hope I could write more often”.  I hope I can grant your wishes this time.  Let me also express my sincerest thanks for your support.

Now the question is... “Can I do this?”.

This is extra difficult for me because I am maintaining more than one blog one of which is also a dotcom. Well I have all of you to nag me if I’m missing some days or becoming too far behind right?  So you all will be my support to achieve this challenge!

Stay with me till we reach the 365th post okay?


  1. First of all, I'd like to say na sobra ka mang trip sa new year's resolution ko! hehehe! HINDI MO BA ALAM SA ILALIM NG LAYERS OF FAT AND CHOLESTEROL NA ITO AY MAY PUSONG CLOGGED NG TABA NA NASASAKTAN KAPAG PINAGTATAWANAN AKO SA TUWING SINASABI KO NA "SESEXY DIN AKO"?! Sniff.... sniff.... BWAHAHA! Whatever. hahaha!

    Seriously? Grabe, nakakatuyong utak yan. Minsan sinubukan ko na magpost every day just for one week. Nako, i felt drained out. Pero ayoko naman mambasag ng trip at hindi ako gumaganti (hehehehe!) pero sige te, i-push mo yan!!!!

    Hindi ko naman napansin na kakaunti ang mga entries mo, dahil na rin sa hindi din ako madalas makapag blog hopping but it's really nice na makatambay ulit dito.

    Number 5- no idea what you're talking about. Please speak english or tagalog or any intelligible language.

    Number 6- totoo yan. Habaan mo naman ang comments at siguradong nanamnamin yan!

    And finally, YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Come on! Go go go!

  2. I dare you to really take this challenge. Expect me to cooment to each of your post. Naku mukhang mahirap pero doable. Hindi ko kaya 'yan! Hehehe. Happy New Year ulit.

  3. Bago ang lahat, ang saya ko kasi naibalik sa dati ang blog nagawa ko pang i merge ang new and old blog ko.... at wala na ang virus....

    thanks talaga....

    ---- wow... sana magawa mo yan... ako di ko kakayanin ang everyday posting.... aabangan ko yan....

    Happy New Year... alam ko mas enjoy ang 2014 mo....

    Godbless.... ^^

  4. Push yan Ms. B, eyes on the goal lang lagi :D Happy New Year!

  5. I am all smiles and you know why. When I say I look up at certain bloggers for their skill and way of writing, I do mean it that's why the encouragements were always there, in each comment. I will religiously try to comment each post as well as a challenge on my part. All the best!

  6. wow , geh geh ! kaya mo yan balut! and expect me to be in very post haha!
    so i'll be expecting a lot of you every weekends huh

  7. Gooooooooooooo! goodluck sa challenge ate B!!!

  8. Huwaw 365 Day Blogging Challenge. Good luck sayo Ms. B. Kailangan naman maka 365 comments naman kami. lol Happy New Year :P


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