2/365: The Things that I Miss When the Christmas Season is Over. (A Repost from My Former Blog)

My second entry for my 365 Day Blogging challenge is a repost from one of my blogs that I already deactivated.  At first I was hesitant to include this on my 365 Day Blogging challenge but this is the most perfect time to re-post this or else I will need to wait another year.  Anyway this is Christmas holiday related so here it is!


A lot of things have been said how good it is to spend the Christmas season in the Philippines and just like every Filipino I totally agree to all of them .

The Feast of Epiphany was celebrated last Sunday, January 6, this also officially marked that the Philippine Christmas season is over.  In spite of the long season of celebration, I still can’t help but wish that it is still Christmas.  Oh how I enjoyed these things during Christmas and now I am missing them…

Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass)

I am one among the Roman Catholics who annually observed this devotion.  Not only that I am completing the nine-day novena, but I also experimented doing it in my own way.  The mass starts as early as 4:00 AM which means that you need to be awake earlier than that.  This is really challenging especially for  working people who needs to take away sleeping/rest time.

The Food outside the church after each Simbang Gabi
Going out of the fully packed church, you will be welcomed by the delicious smell of Bibingka, Puto Bumbong, Suman, Tsaa (Tea) and a lot more Filipino Christmas food.  Modern food stores are now selling these foods all year round but nothing compares in smelling them right under your nose while they are being cooked and prepared in front of you. and then consumed them while they are still hot!  Oh so yummy!


December Breeze
The Philippines is a tropical country and it’s hot most of the time. The cold December breeze is such a breather for everybody.  At least once a year we can experience a cold temperature less the rain and storms.

Hearing Christmas carols at dawn time
I just love to hear these undying songs especially at dawn time when everything is still quiet and peaceful

Buying and wrapping gifts and receiving thoughtful gifts
Though this part can sometimes drain your Christmas bonus, the feeling is fulfilling though that you are able to express your thoughtfulness even once a year (“Minsan lang sa isang taon” ).


The festive mood and decorations everywhere.
There are people everywhere mostly a whole family.  In spite of the traffic and holiday rush, there’s a unique look of joy in everybody’s faces.


And most of all… isn’t it that most people are extra forgiving, charitable and thoughtful during Christmas?  What about you? What do you miss most about Christmas?


  1. well ang namimiss ko ee kung panu ko enjoyin yung pasko nung bata pa ko haha
    kasi iba na ngayon..
    .. wala nang pamasko sa mga ninong haha

  2. Nakakamiss talaga ang Pasko pag tapos na. Kun pwede lang November lang uli. Nice list!

  3. Sarap ng puto bumbong at bibingka! Nakakamiss nga naman ang mga events tuwing pasko. Ang ayaw ko lang eh yong traffic dahil sa Christmas Shopping rush!

  4. oo nga, nakamiss talaga ang pasko! di bale, mabilis lang nman ang panahon. ^◡^


  5. nong bata pa kami madalas kami sa simbang gabi, dahil yong lola ko panay ang gising sa amin, iba ang simbang gabi sa amin din kasi nagpapakain bawat pamilya sa simbahan yan ang tradisyon na kinalakihan ko, nong tumanda na kami ang mga sungay namin kanya kanya ng lumalabas kaya nakakamiss din talaga. yang bibingka oh sarap niyan! walang puto bongbong dito sa amin. haampp!!

  6. Namiss ko mag-giftwrap, yun favorite part ko pag mag-Christmas e! Ang lamig ngayon di ba? Parang December beeze pa din.. Brrr! :D

  7. Not being in class and being able to sleep in.

  8. Miss the x-mas season, too. How cold is that December breeze, actually? Over here it's snowing and I'm freezing. A x-mas tree would make so much of a difference.

  9. The dawn mass, 2-3 times lang ako nakakapagsimba, never ko pa nakomplete ang nine-day novena.

    The food outside the church, wala sa probinsya namin nun. I celebrated x'mas time once in Manila w cousins but di kami nagsimba ng madaling araw kaya yan ang diko pa naeexperience. I wanna eat and experience it sana.

    December breeze, ito talaga na-feel ko to nung bakasyon ko Nov-Dec 2011. Knowing na ilang years na rin akong naninirahan sa bansang Norge na sobrang lamig animo'y nasa loob ka ng freezer. Pero nung December sa Pinas, aba gininaw ako promise kaya lang pasaway sinundan ng bagyo nun.

    Hearing Christmas carols at the dawn? Okay lang basta di ako ang lalabas to give goods or money to them, feel ko lang makinig para kang hinaharana.

    Buying and wrapping gifts, well nakakapagod, nakakabutas ng bulsa pero masarap magbigay e kaya go na rin!

    Fave ko to, festive moods and decorations everywhere. Ito ang wala sa Europa. Christmas is more fun in the Philippines, I can say!

    1. In fairness ha ang habers ng comment ko dito haha at nice yun lang lol, clap clap!

  10. chirstmas will always in my heart ... nakakamiss talaga siguro yan lang yung month na parang ansaya lang ... sana pasko na lang lagi

  11. I agree with you. Except buying and wrapping gifts I don't miss that one.hehehe, I usually break the bank during christmas,laki kasi ng family ko at kailang para walang tatampo, but I am happy with it, kaya simula naman ang pag- iipon ko for this coming Christmas.

  12. May picture din sila sa MOA, dami rin pumunta MOA nun Christmas and New Year gaya rin sa Luneta ^_^

  13. I do miss the much embraced break from work but the most I miss is the togetherness in the family. Why only during Christmas? Sigh!

  14. well this year di ako nakapagsimbang gabi even once, anyway,
    nakakamis naman talaga yang mga yan, dama ko pa din un glamig pag uwi ko pero
    the rest of the day dang init!


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