14/365: My Top Ten Favorite Movies of All Time (A Re-post From My Former Blog)

Since I am talking about movies and books lately I consider today as the most fitting time to re-post one imported article from my former blog that I de-activated - "TheLuckyBlog.Info".

Check this out and you might find one of your favorite here.
Have you watched a certain movie over and over again until you lost count how many times you watched it?   Do you have a copy of that movie that you are watching over and over?

I am a movie lover and I watched variety of movies. I have more than a hundred favorite movies in mind but I have this top ten movies that I never get tired of watching.  I used to have this habit of collecting the original copies of my favorite movies.

I have the list of these movies in my manual journal and you will find that some of them have check marks.  The check mark means that I already acquired the original CD of that movie.  My best friend has her own list of favorites also.  Whoever between us finds a copy of a movie from our lists, we buy it in behalf of each other.  These original CDs used to be expensive and it was not financially-easy to sustain our habits.  What we used to do was to wait for these movies to be "on sale", then we buy the original copies.  If the movie is not so popular, I checked on video shops and buy the shop's extra copy.

'My purpose for collecting these movies is for me to watch them them anytime that I want to.  Well nowadays there are several easy ways to find the movie of your choice.  But before torrents and downloads became popular, I buy them and almost complete my list . “Almost” because I can not find the original copies of the other movies which are not very popular or not too commercialized.

pulled-out from my dust-covered collections,
some of the original CDs of my most favorite movies of all time

Here’s sharing the Top 10 list of my most favorite movies of all time according to my own ranking.  You may  noticed that it’s a kinda weird combination but that's what makes it an interesting list.
  1. Speed (1994)
    Starring: Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock
  2. Saving Private Ryan (1998)
    Starring: Tom Hanks, Matt Damon
  3. Meet Joe Black (1998)
    Starring: Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Claire Forlani
  4. Pirates of Silicone Valley (1999)
    Starring: Noah Wyle, Anthony Michael Hall
  5. In the Time of the Butterflies (2001)
    Starring: Salma Hayek, Edward James Olmos
  6. 13 Days (2000)
    Starring: Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood, Steven Culp
  7. Rules of Engagement (2000)
    Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones
  8. The Big Hit (1998)
    Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Philips
  9. Nick of Time (1995)
    Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken
  10. Patch Adams (1998)
    Starring: Robin William, Monica Potter
Later along the blogging way, I hope I could share my own point of (re)view to each of the movies from my list.  Who knows, you might find my reasons and (re)views interesting.

What about you? Do you have your own top ten favorite movies of all time?


  1. I have seen a lot, but i forgot all the titles. Hi i hi

    1. ok lang Joy basta pag nakita mo yung movie playing you can still remember na napanood mo na yun ha ha ha

  2. (in no particular order) Rashomon, Perfume, The Illusionist, Hugo, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Chunking Express, SHutter Island, 127 Hours, The King's Speech, Notting Hill

    1. Fave ko rin yung Lemony Snicket's A series of Unfortunate Events. I love the kid's skilss ha ha.

      hmn... somebody got romantic with Notting Hill ;) may sarili ka bang "Anna Scott" Olivr?

  3. can we consider those movies that i keep on watching because of my daughter? haha! when you mentioned movie, what comes into mind are Princess (=Tangled), Bird (=Rio), Nemo (=Finding Nemo), Elmos (=Ice Age 1-4) and Frog (=Princess and the Frog)... these movies with some others seem like in a loop in our dvd player for how many months already... i can't even think of any of my favorites anymore... haha!

    1. ha ha can totally relate with you sis :) my daughter has her own list of fave and the movies you mentioned are all in there :)

      I actually memorized the dialog of Fiona and the frog lol

  4. saving private ryan and speed lang alam ko hehemaganda nga ung mga un ako sa dm ng napanuod ko di ko na mairate

    1. I lost count how many times I've watched these 2 movies MEcoy and I still hold my breath with speed and cry with private ryan :)

  5. I need to watch more movies to start I think. I'm fairly fond of anything with Robert Downey Jr. and Joseph Gordan-Levitt though.

    1. I think you should so you wouldn't "worry to much" :) ha ha

      I've been to your site and I got hooked reading your candid thoughts.

      I love robert downey jr movies, charlie chaplin is the best for me, but am not much of a fan of Levitt.

      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you'll come back :)

  6. Para akong si Mommy Joy, madalas makalimot ng title, haha.. Sa list mo, parang Speed lang ang napanuod ko na siyempre hindi ko na maalala ang nangyari.. maipa-download nga yan kay bff Zaicy, ang aking official torrent downloader, hehe..

    1. Speed? I think I memorized the scenes and I can make a re-make from my memory lol

      six of these movies are based on true story and they were not very commercialized.

      at syempre, si Zaicy pa rin ;)

  7. meet joe black at saving private ryan lang napapanood ko. masubukan nga yung iba..

    1. Saving Private Ryan is one among the six movies that is based on true story.

      Yep try mo din yung iba :) Salamat sa pagadalaw dito at sa wakas nalaman ko na sino si "denggoy" :) - followed u back in GFC :)

  8. Meet Joe Black lang ata familiar sa akin...

    wala me po top ten eh, hihihi

    madami na din movies na napanood pero ewan kung anung mga title...

  9. I don't make a list of my top ten favorite movies yet but here a list of some of my favorite movies that I don't get tired of watching: Top Gun, A walk in the clouds, A walk to remember, My best friend’s wedding, Pretty woman, Serendipity, Taken, Brave heart, Borne movies, James Bond movies, and Toy story movies :)

    1. Ganda ng list mo sis may hint ng pagka-romantic :)

      Halos lahat ng mention mo favorite at napanood ko na din. hala magkakasundo tayo sa movie time yey!

  10. aKO iLOVE :

    at madmi pang iba

    1. Naku heto na ang uber romantic na si kulapitot! ha ha at puro ma-drama ha! ehem!

  11. I dont make a list but all I know i watched many movies na...hahahaha..para kc lahat fave ko..maybe I should try this to have a list of my fave movie! thank you for sharing your list!

    1. ha ha may top 10 pa kasi ako eh no? ha ha

      try mo din para masaya ;) share mo din yung list mo ha ;)

  12. I'm not sure if I saw all that movie, as far as I remember I have seen number # 2 and 7,hehhehe

    1. Baka hindi mo type yung iba sis. Yung #2 & #7 parehong war at barilan - naku alam ko na ang type mong movies ha ha

  13. honestly? i haven't watch any of those ;-( poor me.

    just me,m

  14. OMG! wala pa akong napapanood sa mga nasa top 10 list mo...but Fast Five is my current favorite while A walk to remember is my all time favorite :)

    1. baka hindi mo rin sila type sis. yung mga type kong movies parang hindi pang-babae eh lol.

      hala may isa pang romantic dito "A Walk to Remember" (hikbi)

  15. oh my! I have no clue about those movies...:( I only got to know Meet Joe Black (1998)....but atleast I have one...:)


    1. at least you know one ;) and it's a real great movie :)

      thanks for passing by. hope you'll come back often ;)

  16. madalas nakakalimutan ko ang title ng napapanood ko... pero sa ngayon ung KINGKONG ang pinaka like ko sa lahat hehehe

    Pero kapag pinoy movies naaalala ko hahaha^^

  17. wala yatang makaka-limot sa KingKong ang laki kasi nya at panay pa ang "growl" nya ha ha.

    Thanks for passing by and for the GFC follow ;)

  18. Ang loser ko dahil wala pa akong napapanood sa top 10 movie list mo T.T Mukhang maganda at kilala ko ang mga artist. Dahil pinoromte mo papanoorin. Thanks pala sa pag babasa ng blog ko :)

  19. I have lots of favorite movies. Mostly comedy and adventure.


  20. 1 and 10 ang fave ko rin pero mas fave ko ang 10. Iba-ibang genre nga... May local version ba 'to?

  21. The 90's had such great movies no?

    Is it okay to assume that you like Sandra Bullock? She's my fave :)

  22. I've never watched any of these movies....

  23. wala sa mga fav movies ko napasama ahh hahaha, im more on scifi and fantasy movies kasi hahah saving private ryan lang alam ko dyan pero di ko pa napanuod

  24. You're No. 2 - Saving Private Ryan and No. 3 - Meet Joe Black are the only two films that fall under my favorite list. Apart from Tom Hanks is my fave actor - the movie is just superbly brilliant.

    If I may run down my list of favorite movies, here they are:

    1. Saving Private Ryan
    2. Meet Joe Black
    3. The Thin Red Lines
    4. The Notebook
    5. Casablanca
    6. Titanic
    7. Jurassic Park
    8. The Last Of The Mohicans
    9. LOTR
    10. Harry Potter

  25. Trip ko yung 1 kasi i like Sandra Bullock at gusto kong maging katulad ni Keanu Reeves, hahaha! Trip ko yung 2 kasi bihira lang magkaroon ng impact ang mga war movies sakin, and Saving Private Ryan is one of the few that left an incredible impression on me. When I saw it parang gusto ko noon sumama sa military. THANK GOD NAGBAGO ANG ISIP KO, dahil napanood ko yung no. 6- 13 Days. Na tripan ko maging political aide ng kahit sinong politician, at dun din nagsimula ang desire ko pumasok sa pulitika.

    Trip ko din ang Meet Joe Black. Very romantic. I like Anthony Hopkins too. Nabading din ako sa katawan ni Brad Pitt. Hahaha! But the story is really romantic. Superb acting sa part ni Brad Pitt, the way he discovers the thrills and beauty of being in-love, and the tenacity of Hopkin's character in holding on to life and his fatherly love for his daughter. Nice film.

    My list is the following (random):

    1. Moulin Rouge (eto talaga ang number 1 sa puso ko. I LOOOVE NICOLE KIDMAN!)
    2. The Hours (Nicole pa rin)
    3. The Peacemaker (Nicole pa rin)
    4. Vendetta Trilogy -Korean movies by Park Chan Wook
    5. LOTR Trilogy
    6. Harry Potter Saga
    7. The Iron Lady
    8. Dogville (Nicole Kidman for the nth time..)
    9. Silence of the Lambs
    10. STAR WARS SAGA!!!!!!!!

    Most of the time I watch historical movies.... you know, the nerdy boring stuff that always excite me and kill others to death out of boredom.

  26. Di ako usually nagtatanda kung ano mga pinapanood ko pero sige as far as I can remember nalang:

    Sound of Music - Dito ako natuto sa kantang DoReMi, kaya nung grade 3 ako dina bago sa akin nung itinuro yung kanta sa Music subject namin, saulo ko na e hehe.
    Ghost - eto bata pa ako nun, shit laki ng impact saken nun. dalang dala sa istorya pagdating sa lovemaking, oi pikit ang mata! sigaw ng mga elders haha ayun hanggang pagtulog iniisip ko pa din yung character ni Demi Moore at ang sayang na diko nakitang lovescene LOL
    At First Sight - Lovestory na naman, very challenging yung role ni Val Kilmer dito as a blind man. Basta nakakakilig. Di halatang mahilig ako sa Romance hehe.
    Titanic - True to life story, touching talaga naiyak ako sobra.
    Tristan and Isolde - First time kung nakatuntong ng Gateway sa Cubao, daming first time kasi first sine bonding namin with cousins. mala teatro ang tema nito e, i love watching theatre plays. Masarap panoorin yung movie, siempre nakakainlove.

    Tsaka many to mention, Speed isa din yan sa fave ko kasi fave ko si Sandra Bullock. Basta feel good movies, comedy, action, crime, sci-fi lalo na horror kahit ano pwede kong panoorin at pwede kong maging favorite basta swak sa panlasa ko..


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