22/365:When In Iloilo: Road Trip To Barotac Nuevo

Today’s destination is Barotac Nuevo!
Barotac Nuevo is a second class municipality in the province of Iloilo City.   The name came from the Spanish word “Baro” which means mud, as well as the last syllables of “tac” and “lutac”.  “Nuevo” means new to distinguished it from another town called Barotac Viejo. This town can be reached  in an hour trip coming from the city proper. (Source: Wikipedia) 
This is one real road trip! We commute via the public transport Iloilo jeepney yey!



According to local folklore Barotac Nuevo was famous for its well-bred horses  and whose main industry and capital is in agriculture.  Thus explains the view of hectares and hectares of agricultural fields during the entire trip.


The town's agricultural output includes rice, sugar cane, and spinach.  Marine products such as milk fish and tilapia are harvested from local fisheries.  There are usually three annual rice garvests, depending on the season. (Source: Wikipedia)

Going to Barotac Nuevo will give you the exact meaning of “provincial trip”.  Unlike the other districts in Iloilo City that most are showing a touch of “urbanity”, Barotac Nuevo still has the total feel of the laid back air in every corner of the town.

It was raining for days in Iloilo during that time and most areas were damp when I’m taking my random shots.   The town fiesta has just been over when we visited this town.  The popular “bargain” and "banderitas" (flaglets) are still visible during our trip.

This is one thing I love most in provincial fiesta!  The “bargain”!

A house that is under construction with a very modern design but the environment is an air of a simple provincial laid back life.

This was a quick trip and we did not even had lunch here.  We are not sure what is the schedule of the public transport so we wanted to be back home in the city without hassle.   What completed this trip is this “fresh buko galore” that I mentioned in my "must eat foods" post. 

It was just around the corner.  So delicious and refreshing!
Fresh Buko

But of course the main purpose of this trip is in the next post.  The church visit!


  1. so what happened to the well bred horses?

  2. I got caught up by the buko haha. Suddenly miss sipping one back in our province. And the bargain - golly wow, ang sarap mamili dahil tiyak mura yan. Mura nga ba? haha.

    Hope there are still existing horses that are purely breed and exactly the same with horses of old times. Ang alam ko kasi malalaki ang mga breed ng horses nung kapanahunan. Those type that can travel as far as another province.

  3. kala ko may makikita kong horses sa post na to haha well baka sa next meron na
    anyways ganda nung design ng house ganyuns din ung trip ko ee


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