23/365: When In Iloilo: The Church of St. Anthony de Padua Parish of Barotac Nuevo

Our trip to Barotac Nuevo to visit the Church of St. Anthony de Padua Church happened on a weekday.  I remember it was a Monday which is the day after we had our road trip to Molo.

Alighting from the jeepney I had a full view of the church across the street.   I was so excited to have a closer shot of the church’ façade but found that it was located in front of a football field which at that time was damped with rain water that when you step on it your foot will be covered with mud.

I have no choice but to take a far shot from the concrete border from the road where I alighted from the jeep.

The Barotac Church, also called as the St. Anthony of Padua Church, was constructed in the 16th Century by Spanish Missionaries. It is a Neo-classical church that has Roman arches. Its facade has ionic pilasters, square columns above and Doric pilasters below (Source: Various)


Taking photos of this church during our trip is quite challenging because apart from that the whole vicinity is damp, the church is also surrounded with safety fences because it is undergoing massive renovation.
Originally the church is fronting a plaza with a band stand but they were taken out and converted into a football field.  Iloilo is known to be the roster home of the country’s famous football players (I so agree - I know someone who is dear to me). 

Just few days back before our trip, the Philippine National team AZKALS played on this field versus a foreign team. 

The proposed structure of the church which is undergoing massive renovation


The church façade is decorated with the images of Jesus and Mary side by side and at the top is St. Anthony de Padua which is just a later addition.  I was not able to take a closer shot of St. Anthony’s image because it is located at the upper part of the church front structure.


The church has two belfries but they are both not built as high as the other belfries that were built during that time.   The belfry at the right side of the church is now topped with a bell house made of steel on a modern design.


The rear part of the church is now designed with a dome that is similar to some famous basilica in Rome.
The image at the side of the church is the huge image of St. Anthony de Padua.  I’m not really sure what this image is made up of.  I don’t want to touch anything on the structure because there are safety warning signs around the church due to the on-going renovations.


It’s good to know that restoration and renovation is already being done on this church.  Most part of the church are showing major damages.



I also was not able to take a good shot of the inner part of the church and the altar because most parts are covered due to ongoing renovations.


The Church of Barotac Nuevo together with its convent are declared as a National Historic Landmark. Its restoration and renovation is backed by public and private donations.


I wish that I will have the chance to go back to this church again when the restoration is completed.  I will surely share that experience with all of you if given the opportunity again.


  1. Always something magical about an older church :) It looks massive. Hopefully you get to visit it again after the renovation :)

  2. I'm just completely envious of you coz I would love to visit them all and pray my rosary. I hope I can do that in the near future. And seeing this hundred year old or more churches bring me back to that date in history where the Spanish colonizers are roaming and dominating these places.

  3. sana sa pag-rennovate, wag mawala ung historical heritage na makaluma vibe ng church... pero go sa pagpapatibay... para mapuntahan din pag may time... grabe ang bilis mong mag-update... malapit na matapos ang 1st month ng 365 challenge mo! hehehe

  4. namiss ko tuloy ung old na itsura ng church namen dito it has been
    decades ba under contractions sya ee


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