25/365 When In Iloilo: Places To Hang Out - Plazuela De Iloilo

I first mentioned about Plazuela De Iloilo on my roaming around the city post but I did not elaborate because there are a lot of things to say about this place. 

Plazuela De Iloilo at night


It is just a stone throw away from Smallville Complex and just like Smallville, Plazuella became the favorite hangout place of people who loves nightlife, hanging out, dining or just having simple coffee time/break.


I’m not sure how people differentiate these two places.  But if my two cents opinion matters I say that I would go to these two places on a night out depending on my mood or what kind of night out I am into or who I am with.

If I would like to have real party and a wilder crowd I’d go to Smallville Complex.  But if I just want to meet friends over coffee or food,  I would choose Plazuella.


This is very advisable also if you need to do some shopping before meeting up with someone because it is just adjacent to SM City Iloilo.


Not that there’s no place to party here.  Actually there’s a lot of bars in Plazuela  just like in Smallville.




no slippers

Apart from the bars, Plazuela De Iloilo has a park located in the middle of the complex that is known for hosting big parties and events – just like the activity center of huge malls here in Manila.

It is located along the Benigno Aquino Avenue with a lot area of  12,533 sq mts.  The structure is inspired with Spanish-Italian architectural design.  It has long arcaded hallway that allows the people to walk with ease.  It is said to be designed as “flood free “ because it is elevated 2.05 meters from the street level.
(Credits sources from the web.)

So what’s your choice? Smallvile or Plazuela?


  1. The name itself suggest that it was built with a Spanish design influence. Padis is so ancient for me haha.

    I'd rather be in a coffee shop sipping a hot coffee with a book beside my cup - typical book worm habit haha

  2. sana sa bandang huli ng series mo na when in Iloilo ay summary ng lahat ng ganap with timeline... very timing 'to due to the dinagyang...

  3. kaliwat kanan pala matatambayan ee,
    sarap mag chilax kung may bandang mellow songs ung tugtugan


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