7/365: Totally Random: Hybrid Bus

I don’t like Metro Manila buses.  No offense but I have valid reasons that I’m sure most people taking the public transport regularly will agree with me on this.

I don’t like the way they are being driven, of being too crowded and overloaded, their smell of expired air freshener and their unwashed curtains.  I don’t like when their drivers are inconsiderate with their female passengers by stepping on gears and breaks that caused us to be knocked or rolled down while riding and alighting from these buses.  They are also being the favorite targets of unscrupulous people like hold-uppers and pick-pockets. 

I could stand eternally waiting for public transports like jeepneys, taxi, tricycles or even “habal-habal”  but the Metro Manila buses will always be my LAST choice for a  a ride. This does not include the buses for provincial trips though – I love them.

That is why I was amaze when I saw this beautiful bus stopped in front of me looking so clean  fresh, and not too crowded.  I can see the whole inner part of the bus from the avenue where I was standing from through its clear and wide windows.


It was a very inviting scene for someone on the road waiting for public transport. I automatically hopped in the bus feeling both excited and curios.  And when I was inside the bus the more I got impressed! 

Here are some of the photos I took while inside the bus.  I’m feeling awkward while taking these photos because some of the passengers are looking at me but I can’t help myself ha ha.

Near the driver’s seat

view from my seat

Some facts and features of  the Hybrid Bus:
  • Electricity-diesel powered making it environment-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Emit-less compared to a typical diesel engine bus
  • It has six closed-circuit television cameras, high-powered air conditioners
  • It has a GPS system that tracks the location of each bus, coral-colored people with disability, elderly and pregnant seats, luggage and shopping bag racks
  • It has low floors for easy entry and exit
  • It has a 27-seating capacity but can accommodate as much as 50 people
  • Initial route (M1) is navigating through Buendia and Kalayaan, the major avenues of South Superhighway, Roces, Ayala, Makati Avenue, Pao de Roxas, Edsase
  • Fare is in the flat rate of PhP20.00
Finally I’m seeing another pleasing public transport in our city roads that’s why I’m too happy to share it with you through this random post.  If you want to know more information about these hybrid buses you can check them on this link.

By the way let me close this post by greeting one blogger friend Arline of The Pink Line.  This lady is currently inactive with blogging but not with the outreach programs of Pinoy Bloggers Outreach (PBO) .

Bless your good heart dear and Happy Birthday to you!



  1. sabi ko na nga ba at blog material ang experience mo sa hybrid bus eh... sana dumating ang point na lahat ng bus sa edsa ay ganito na.

    magkikita kami later ni arline. will send your regards. hindi sya active sa blog eh.

  2. aaaw.. thank you Ms. Balut.. namimiss ko na magblog.. sana magkatime na ako at higit sa lahat sipagin na hehehe...

    naisip siguro nung ibang passengers ngaun ka lang nakasakay ng bus hehehe.. ok yang may cctv sa loob para kitang kita ang mga mandurukot dapat lahat ng bus may ganyan rather lahat dapat ng bus katulad ng Hybrid.

    PS. Dati nakikita ko yung name ko sa top commentors mo hehehe...

  3. I don't like also Manila Buses! Annoying driver and condutor! :)

  4. ok to. but sadly, I had one of my worst riding experiences on this hybrid bus last year.

  5. Oh neat, I think my city is starting to incorporate these too.

  6. Buti naman may ganyan bus dyan:)

  7. I share the same sentiments with MM buses. As in I don't want to ride them. If only I have other choices not to ride the 'aircon bus" I'd love to, but sadly it's the transport that is most convenient when I'm staying in Carmona, Cavite during vacation ( half of my vacation stay).

    What piss me off is that driver and conductor alike would still allow passengers even if seats aren't available already. And the center aisle is blocked already and anyone who would want to alight can hardly pass.

    I hope one day, maranasan ko din sumakay diyan sa HYBRID buses na yan.

  8. Nice. Ganyan busses dito, at least dina nakakatakot sumakay pagsecured ka nagko-commute dyan sa Manila.

  9. well never experience riding those, mas mahal kasi hahaha
    anyway hirap ako sumakay sa shift ko hehe


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