6/365: Back To Reality While Looking Back at My Holiday That Was.

Why is it that as much as you wanted to linger in the holiday spirit it’s the more you feel that you have just been off loaded from a roller coaster drive?   I mean you are enjoying the spin and yet before you knew it the enjoyable spin suddenly stops and then time is over.

This is how I always feel during the Christmas season particularly in the month of December. I feel that things happen so fast and the moment that I am finally enjoying then reality is back - just like a strong thud!

Pardon me for ranting about this today.  As you know today is the first Monday of 2014 and most people will be either going back to work, school or to whatever usual regular thing they do.

The same thing for myself.  I am now bracing myself to be back to reality.  I just really wish that whatever the coming days will bring will serve as inspiration and not a distraction to my on-going "365 Day Blogging Challenge".

So before I let myself be engulfed by reality, let me check if  I had been kind enough to  myself during the Christmas season.  The reason why I’m having this check right now is because I tend to forget about myself during the holidays. I shopped for gifts to be given away, be a mom, sometimes work even during holidays.

There was even a time that I did not attend any holiday-related party because I am so caught up with responsibilities.

What about this recent holiday?  Hmn…

Image000011. I was able to set up our holiday home décor during the first week of December.  I used to set up in mid-November in time for my son’s birthday.  Anyway at least our home was not décor-less during the holidays.

2. One of the best part of my December is that I joined the most important running event of the year – the 37th Milo Marathon National Finals.  I joined the media fun run and for some twist of  fate and luck I brought home a most cherish possession a runner could have.   A trophy from the most prestigious running event in the country. Image00015

And oh, I also received two awards from work. 

3. Sometimes I missed parties and get-together invites because they are scheduled at the same time.  Specially during the last weekend before December 25 – they are clogged on that date.

This time I was able to at least attend three holiday parties one of which is a swimming party from one of my hubby’s association.  Brrr… night swimming on a cold December breeze!  It was fun anyway!

4.  I also had the chance to spend time with good old friends.

5. The disappointing part of my December is my not being able to complete the 9 Midnight Masses (Simbang Gabi). I missed the last two nights due to commitments which are also holiday related.  This is the first uncompleted Simbang Gabi after a series of years that I am able to complete the 9 masses.

6. When in the city, we usually stay at home during Christmas Day because we are expecting visitors.  We are the perennial hosts (LOL).  It was actually during the last week of December (just before New Year) that I find time to enjoy the holiday with my family and shop some things for myself.  I joined my kids during their shopping spree using their “aguinaldo” (Christmas cash presents) and we roam around the city hopping from one mall to another.  Those are days of quality time spent with my awesome three!

Christmas Tree 2013

7. December 31st was one great New Year’s eve.  We welcomed 2014 with the usual bang and fireworks and lots of food!
happy new year

I could say that my last month of 2013 was busy (as usual) but fun and enjoyable!  How did you spend your holidays?

By the way let me close this post by greeting one funny blogger friend - Lallah of Telelalahbells who is celebrating her birthday today January 6.

Happy Birthday girl! Hope that you will come back to blogging soon!



  1. Fun filled December, mine was nothing much, just work and travels. Anyway, you made a promise, stick with it, he,he. 359 more.

  2. When I'm looking at the remaining number of posts it looks scary ha ha ha. Thanks for dropping by in spite your hectic homecoming sched.

    I sent you a PM in FB = let me know! :)

  3. What I get from this post is that you were able to exercise this cliche "More for others, less for yourself". And that's a great thing knowing you were able to serve your family, or friends or anyone less thinking of yourself. Though at times, we have to splurge into something ourselves or be served din.

    But overall, you've had a blast. You've done so much and at the end of the day, you're HAPPY. That's the most important thing.

  4. Wow! Daming memorable events. Congratulation with the awards!
    I hope too to blog a day, but. ....
    Good luck with yours!

  5. i feel so special ate baluttt... wooottt i miss blogging also and guess what now im back!!! im so touched and appreciate this post! thank you thank you.

    its another year for us to celebrate the goodness of life, hope that one day, we will celebrate that together!! i miss u much2x

  6. wow! okay nga ang December nyo.... daming magagandang nangyari.... bawi na lang next year sa simbang gabi....

    Ako naman, dahil walang Christmas dito simple lang ang Pasko.

    Sana mas happy ang 2014 mo.... enjoy always.... hugs ^^

  7. Buti pa nga kayo may decor kahit papaano. IN our case, the bishop of our church declared that it is a "pagan tradition". Since the family has a "prominent" status in our Protestant community, we had to comply. Pero sa December 2014, pak dat sheet! Uuwi ako at sa bahay sa Pinas magkakaroon ng overkill extravaganza sa decorations!

    2. Hindi ka rin talaga napapagod no? I remember Sen. Pia Cayetano saying that one of her ways to deal with stress is running and joining marathons kahit pagod. Grabe talaga kayo. Malakas din ang trip mo at ni senator. Wouldn't it be nice to join a race and compete with Senator Cayetano? I hope may makita akong post na ganyan dito.

    3. I wish I could miss a lot of parties. nakakapagod din. Believe me, napipilitan lang talaga ako. hahaha! Anyway remember this Ms. Balut. You are a super mom with super skills. But you're not God. You're not omnipresent. You're not omniscient. And your not omnipotent. Even superhumans like you have limitations. Don't kill yourself by partying hard.

    The thing is you can be at hundreds of parties but no fun at all. The important thing is be at few parties that will be the best events of your lifetime.

    4. I think that's the best part of the holidays. Being with family and also with dear friends. I've always looked forward sa reunion namin tatlong mag bestfriends. Kaso ako na lang pumupunta sa kanila. Yung isa hindi makaalis kasi may lovelife. Yung isa hindi makaalis kasi ang damig trip. Ako, eto. Laging gutom. hahaha!

    5. Well, 7 is good. For the month of December I only went to church once kasi nagtatrabaho pa rin ako ng weekend. Kelangan ko na talaga bawasan ang mga kasalanan ko!

    6. I'm really happy for you that you're all complete during the holidays. Christmas is really a family affair. And yes, it's awesome to host a party. You get to be the highlight in everybody's agenda. At syempre, visitors will never fail to bring something for the host! hehehe! This year though I got sick, and since walang doctor na puedeng mag release ng medical certificate para sa akin, I went to work, tapos nagpunta family ko sa Germany. Hay nako. Can you please adopt me? Hindi naman ako mahirap buhayin. Malakas lang ako kumain.

  8. Huwaw congrats sa award Ms. B. Nakita ko yung milo naalala ko tuloy yung sandong ibinigay mo sakin. Hehe.Mukhang daming celebration ah. Happy New Year Ms. B :)

  9. ano ung 2 awards you got sa office? ang siksik ng holiday season mo.

  10. Belated happy new year/

    Belated happy birthday telalah. ( binati kita sa fb) :p

    Ang cool naman nung sa milo marathon . may trophy talaga ^__^

    so how was the 365 days blogging challenge so far?

    hehe.. kaya yan :D

  11. Daming ganap. Congrats! Me, i had one of the best holidays kasi i spent it w my BFF.

  12. congrats balut sa mga awards mo! and I'm happy to know na
    naging maganda naman pala ung last month ng taon sayo
    well i'm sure the rest is maganda din naman


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