8/365: Baby It’s Cold Outside… And Yet I’m Dreaming of A Colder Place Like Baguio City

This is the time of the year that I am loving the Philippine weather. A lot colder than usual.   I feel that people and things are fresh-looking during this kind of weather.  The roads are not too dusty and people look a little less stress compared to during sunny days. As we say it in Filipino “bawas init ng ulo”.

Not that I don’t like summer in the Philippines.  It’s just that sunny days are more often felt in the Philippines than colder days.  I mean colder without the rain (and the floods).
When I checked on the temperature today it says 28 °C for Manila and 18 °C for Baguio City
The funny thing about me when I feel this kind of weather while in the city is that I have this urge to go to  Baguio (or Tagaytay).  I want to feel a colder weather than what I am feeling right now.   That may sound funny but yes I always feel this way every time I am feeling a colder Manila weather.

I have mentioned in some of  my posts that my favorite destination for a getaway is  Baguio and Tagaytay City.  I have been to these places for several times but they are all during the summer.  The purpose of those trips is of course is to escape the Manila heat.

So maybe to have a different experience I would like to try a colder Baguio.  Also, not that I am happy about the effect of the frosting of vegetables in Baguio and Benguet, but I want to experience seeing them by myself.

Photo taken during one of our Baguio trips after one of our early morning jog/run around Burnham Park.  This is one activity that we truly enjoy while in Baguio.  Regardless of wherever our accommodation is we always run from our place going to Burnham Park.

But oh don’t get me wrong.  Not because I am enjoying the cold weather that means that I like the climate in the countries with winter season.  Not really especially at this time that they are experiencing a deadly chill.

What kind of weather do you enjoy anyway?


  1. I love cold weather... as long as walang ulan.. rain makes me sad...

  2. I would love to sponsor a ticket for you and come here in our place in Al Ahsa, KSA where weather temperature reaches an average of 10 degrees to 4 degrees on a daily basis, especially now that we are on a winter season. Even reaching zero to other parts. The parts of Abha, and Tabuk are the coldest and occasionally produces hailstorm. Right now, Wed.night @10pm, the current temperature is 8 degrees. And it's freakin' cold. I'm sitting in my table with a thick jacket on plus thick socks too. With like ear protection as well. I hate cold weather, I still love the tropical us. Though, because of climate change, our two seasons might hit their extremes - extreme cold and extreme hot - sooner than we thought.

  3. Hi hi. kaya uuwi ako, magpapainit Balut:)

  4. Naeenjoy ako sa spring dito, simula ng pagsibol ng mga halaman at bulaklak, simbolo ng pag asa at pagbangon. Yun ang feeling ko. Tsaka ang temp tama lang din, di gaano malamig, di rin gaano mainit. So far this year, di gaano nagsnow kaya walang gaanong complains sa winter. Sa atin namang sa Pinas, January to March ang swak na buwan na may temperatura moderate lang din ang init at may dampi ng malamig na simoy ng hangin lalo sa gabi at madaling araw.

    You look great together, lovers in Baguio aw hehe!

  5. The Italians are crazy for summer. They want the "pelle nera", the dark skin that we have. Naki ride na rin ako sa trend dito. believe it or not, I bathe myself with tanning oil. Not cream or lotion. Oil talaga, at yung extra strong din. Feeling ko parang nagiging chicharon ang buo kong katawan while under the sun. Wala lang. nakaka-adik nga minsan magpa-araw sa beach, hahaha! Kasi naman bumabalik yung dating kulay agad pagdating na ng cold season.

    While spring is really the ideal season, nakaka allergy naman dahil sa mga pollen sa hangin.

    My favorite season is the fall. I just love it when it's cold outside, with gentle showers of rain, while I'm in a cafè drinking warm chocolate and reading a book or writing a new entry in my journal. That's dolce far niente- the sweetnes of doing nothing.

    Lately I heard na lumalamig na ng sobra sa Baguio. Thank you global warming and the climate's going crazy. Pero iba talaga kapag malamig ang panahon, gaganahan kang kumilos... at kumain!

  6. I prefer colder weather, you could snug up in bed with a loved one, under a cozy blanket :)

    Anyways, I haven't been to Baguio when it has extremely low temperatures..I want to try that soon :) Mag baon na lang ako ng deodorant kasi baka di ako makaligo sa sobrang lamig hehe :)

    Happy New Year Balut! :)

    1. eepal ako talaga hahaha wag kang magaalala sis dahil hindi rin maabot yang amoy sa kilikili sa tangkad mong yan! hahahaha i miss you sissy!!! mwaah!

  7. ilabas na ang winter collection outfit :D

  8. naku kahpon dang lameg talaga, sarap nga mag byahe ee,
    pero tuday mejo mainit samen, maaraw pa kaya mejo kairita ung byahe ko pauwi hehe

  9. isa lang masasabi ko ngayon welcome babies of november 2014! hahahahahahaha

    i love the weather now here sa mindanao! feeling ko talaga nasa ibang bansa ako! hahahaha


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