35/365: Dedicating Back A Shoot and Ponder Post (And I Thought It Would Be Easy)

4th of February

I think I had mentioned several times how I feel when a fellow blogger tagged me in a post.  Be it an award, a holiday-related tagging or just any simple mention of my name on their blogs – it makes me feel very special.  Just to think that your name crossed their mind while writing – it’s simply awesome!

That’s why I always make sure to properly acknowledge my fellow bloggers when they mention me on their blog posts.  My actions may be delayed some times but it is just because  I always try to find a perfect time (and post) to sincerely express my appreciation. 

So the more I feel special when a fellow blogger made a post titled FINDING SUBJECTS: Shoot and Ponder and one of the photos/subjects is dedicated for my name.  I feel so very special that it took me some time to acknowledge this dedication because I wanted to thank the author, my blogger friend Jonathan of Metaphorically Speaking by dedicating also a “Shoot and Ponder”  post.  And I thought it would be easy ha ha.

It took me sometime because I can’t find an ideal subject to dedicate to Jonathan. It also took me several times to shoot a subject but when I tried to connect or dedicate it to Jonathan it doesn’t seem to fit… several frustrating attempts! 

Until yesterday while I was writing and got hungry and looking for something to eat. I picked an apple from our fruit tray but the apple doesn’t seem to fit as to what my taste bud is looking for that particular moment. It was the second day that the sun decided to shine at its fullest and the unusual cold (lower than 25 degrees) Manila weather is suddenly gone.   I suddenly had a craving for tropical fruits so hubby and I decided to have a quick trip to the fruit market and pick some local fruits.

I was back home enjoying the water melon that we just bought while contemplating if I will also have a taste of the other local fruits on the tray when a thought suddenly struck me. This is it! I grabbed my camera and took some random shots of the fruits at the table.

Yes this is Jonathan!   This variety of local fruits!  A single fruit will not fit his personality.  It must be a variety!


Just like Jonathan – these fruits are homegrown but when it comes to taste and quality they are world class.  Jonathan is locally breed and educated but his qualities is at par with a world class personality.  He writes well – read his blog and you will know what I mean.  He spreads his knowledge, talents, fruitful experiences that he got from his  well travelled life  - by being a teacher to other nationalities.  He is also a competitive person and has proven that racism can’t bring him down.  He looks so simple but behind the simplicity is a persona full of extra-ordinary talents.  He looks and speaks so humble and yet his achievements are countless.

Thanks again Jonathan for the dedication.  It is an honor to be in your thoughts while you pen your beautiful metaphors.  I feel so humbled every time you appreciate my writings while in fact you are one among the best writer that I know.   And as I’ve said on your birthday, I am one blessed person to be of friend to you.

The flower is very distinctive as it resembles hands reaching up. They are like dainty fingers extended as if dancing through the sound of the wind. When we can support others with whatever we can be it time, words of encouragement or a simple hello; we might be giving others a needed boost at that time. We have our sunsets and sunrises and when someone peeks through that window to say "How do you do?", it gives us an appreciation of our existence and the friendships we made with others. (dedicated to Ms. Balut)
By: Jonathan / Metaphorically Speaking


  1. oh yes... I super agree! Jonathan is world class. Isa sa mga may sustansyang blogger na nakilala ko. Mapa-blog o personal. Masarap kausap! Kaka-nose bleed pa mag-english!

  2. hanga much ako dyan kay sir jonathan, sa maga nakakanose bleeds na post!
    too bad i never got a chance to meet him in person pero looking forward sa mga chances :)

  3. He's a guy who is imbued with the beauty of words. If there's such a thing as words calisthenics, then it fits his personality. In every post he makes, there is this certain depth in it, in the way he express his thoughts. May it be a simple or complex things, his written expression is always full of wisdom - sometimes unfathomable by our limited linguistic knowledge. He's such a brilliant writer and story teller rolled into one.

  4. Honestly cried when I read this and then the three comments from Christian, MeCoy and Jay. There are many people that I like but you are one of those that I love as a person and as a blogger. A mix of sincerity, wisdom and all around persona: something I wish I could have, like coffee, three in one. I give thanks by writing about people like you and to be appreciated for such an effort is simply grand. No more melancholy, just pristine memories of being appreciated.

  5. I am so glad to have met him :) hihi. No more words, just pure respect and admiration for the man.

  6. Awesome! And this post is so touching, kahit di para sa akin hehe feeling ko ansarap na may mga taong nagsusulat ng magagandang bagay tungkol sa iyo, nagpapalaganap ng masasayang alaala at pinagtitibay ang pagkakaibigang nasimulan. Isa lang ang di ko keri, ang makipagsabayan sa inyong mga blogerong englisero hehe. Kidding aside, dahil sayo natrace ko ang blog ni sir jonathan. hanga ako sa galing nya sa pagsusulat tsaka feeling ko napaka-humble nyang tao


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