34/365: Philippine Festivities in The Month of March

3rd of February

March-MadnessMy previous entries for this series were posted during the first week of each month.  However I think it is better to post this series a month ahead so if you will be interested in joining or witnessing any of the festivals you still have an ample time to “save the date” and make necessary travel arrangements.

So I am posting this consecutively with the the month of February.  The festivities for the month of April will be posted in the first week of March and so on.

KAAMULAN TRIBAL FESTIVALMarch 1- March 6 | Malaybalay City, Bukidnon
A spectacular yearly gathering of the seven (7) hilltribes featuring their traditional songs, dances, sports, crafts and rituals, clad in their traditional vibrant costumes and heirloom jewelry

RODEO MASBATEÑO (LOCAL COWBOYS)March 1- April 2 | Masbate City
Hold on to your horses, caballeros, its rodeo time in Masbate once again! Feel the excitement as our local cowboys pit their brains against bovine brawn in western style rodeo events like bull riding and sterr wrestling, apart from our local games like the good old carabao race. So put on them boots and saddle up – its gonna be a rope-slingin’, dust-kickin’, cowpunchibn’ affair.

ARAW NG ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL (IGACOS)March 1- March 7 | Island Garden City of Samal
Festival to showcase the natural bounty of the Island Garden City of Samal, includes water sports competition, horse fight, sand castle contest, cultural shows, etc.

PAYVANUVANUAN FESTIVALMarch 1 31 | Sitio Jura, Racujaide, Mahatao
The festival marks the start of the fishing season in Batanes where the fisherfolks perform a ritual to pray for good fishing season and safety.

SUGBAHANMarch 2- March 14 | Davao City
A culinary festival that features Davao''s grilled specialties such as tuna.

March 3 | New Washington, Aklan
Katipuneros respectively wounded their wrists and used their blood to sign a document that formally expressed their grievances symbolizing their revolt against the Spanish authorities, which happened at Sitio Kuntang, Ochando, New Washington. From then on it is remembered as one of the historical places in the country.

COUNCIL OF BALABAGO REENACTMENTMarch 4- March 5 | Culasi, Antique
It is a reenactment of the gathering of the Malayan Datus headed by Sumakwel after their settlement in Malandog for thanksgiving and renewal. The site of the reenactment overlooks the island of Mararison and the Majestic Mt. Madia-as home of Bulalakaw, their acclaimed God.

March 6 - 10 | Pagsanjan, Laguna
Pagsanjan, the tourist capital of Laguna will hold its “Bangkero Festival” on March 10 until March 14 with the theme: “Mamamayan Makilahok! Bayan Ko, Tutulungan Ko!”

ARYA! ABRA FESTIVAL (Bamboo rafting)March 07 - 11 | Bangued, Abra
Abra's biggest festival highlights of which are "Karerakit" bamboo rafting along Calaba River and Tinguan Festival of the tribal natives of Abra.

March 7 | Tagum City
Coincides with the city of Tagum’s founding anniversary. It aptly describes a celebration in the city where Tagumeños met Tagumeños from all walks of life in one occasion and setting since the city of Tagum is a crossroad business center in the northern part of Southern Mindanao.

March 9 15 | Guimbal, Iloilo
A celebration of the birth of a new history and culture of the people of Guimbal as a tribute and reverence to the triumphant struggle of its ancestors for meaningful existence.The magic of the Gimba (drum) and the Bantayan (watchtower) are the major features of the festival. The festival also features dance drama, drum, float & street dancing competition, cultural shows, beauty pageant, paraw & boat racing, fluvial parade, musical concerts and many other presentations.

STRAWBERRY FESTIVALMarch 14- March 20 | La Trinidad, Benguet
The municipality of La Trinindad in Benguet, known as the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines, will feature the baking of the largest strawberry cake including a trade fair on strawberry products and cutflowers.

PINTADOS DE PASI FESTIVALMarch 13 | Passi City, Iloilo
A festival depicting the history of Passi through “pintados” as a colorful celebration of how Passi got its name, as influenced by the Spanish regime. It also coincides with their Foundation Day commemorating the conversion of Passi as a component city. The festival’s main features include the parade and competition of Tribes, Carosa Parada, Pinta Carabao, Search for Bb. Pintados de Pasi, Laro ng Lahi, Binayle sa Kalye, Drum & Lyre Competition, Food Festival

HOMONHON LANDINGMarch 16 | Homonhon, Eastern Samar
Commemoration of the discovery of the Philippines by Ferdinand Magellan.

March 16 23 | Iguig, Cagayan
Traditional presentation of the passion and death of Christ on an 11 hectare rolling terrain of the larger than life size 14 Stations of the Cross.

LUGAHAIT FESTIVALMarch 16 | Lugait, Misamis Oriental
A local festival celebrating the rich history and the founding of the municipality of Lugait through native street dancing, showcase of agricultural products, and other colorful cultural performances

SOLI-SOLI FESTIVALMarch 18 | San Francisco, Camotes Island, Cebu
Named after the Soli-Soli plant which abounds around Lake Danao, its freestyle street dancing competition uses soli-soli plant as its dominants material.

BANANA FESTIVALMarch 18- March 19 | Baco, Mindoro Oriental
A celebration of its abundance of banana. It features banana cook fest and a banana (saba) inspired street dancing competition and beauty pageant. this coincides with the town fiestain honor of St. Joseph.

MAYON CONQUESTMarch 18- March 20 | Albay
A mountain expedition to the country’s most popular volcano, MT. MAYON to be participated in by mountain-climbing enthusiast aimed to develop mountain climbing as a safe, enjoyable and environment-friendly activity.

SULYOG FESTIVALMarch 19 | Bongabong, Mindoro Oriental
A religious festival in honor of St. Joseph celebrated by way of a Sulyog (Suli and Niyog) Festival done through dances, flats and cultural shows.

March 19- March 22 | Tabaco City, Albay
Held in conjunction with the celebration of the City’s 1st Foundation Anniversary. The festival derived its name from a local word “tabak”, meaning bolo, where the name of the City (Tabaco) was taken from. It’s highlight is a street presentation where participants showcase the legend of the City. Numerous other activities are lined up to drum beat the affair.

An annual celebration & thanksgiving in honor of their patron, St. Joseph, showcasing the best of Sagay - - the arts, culture, products, and its people. Sinigayan concocted from the spherical shell “sigay” which abounds many islets and shores of the city.

A unique mixture of solemn religious rites and local celebration in Bantayan Island where friends of the residents and tourists experience the scenic rites and cool off the summer heat in beautiful white sandy beaches.

PANAADMarch 20 21 | Camiguin
A yearly trek of devotees coming from the neighboring municipalities, cities and provinces in Visayas and Mindanao to Camiguin's walkway considered the Region's famous Holy Week site

March 21- March 26 | Cainta, Rizal
Passion plays called cenaculo are held in various places all over the Philippines during Holy Week. However in Cainta, Rizal, people take to the streets to witness passion plays participated in by the town folks.

March 21- March 26 | Sn Pablo City, Laguna
An impressive array of centuries old religious images owned by Don Escudero. These images are borne by their silver carrozas as an expression of faith of the citizens of San Pablo.

MORIONES FESTIVALMarch 21- March 27 | Marinduque
A festival of the moriones, colorfuly garbed and masked soldiers and centurions; culminates in the reenactment of the beheading of Longinus. The entire towns of Boac, Mogpog and Gasan are virtually converted into huge stages as the story of Longinus unfolds.

TURUMBAMarch 21- March 26 | Pakil, Laguna
The largest religious activity consisting of 7 fiestas or lupi to commemorate the seven sorrows of Our Lady of Turumba, starting before the Holy Week every nine days thereafter and ends in the month of June and in celebrated with dancing procession.

March 21 | Jordan, Guimaras
Lenten Presentation on the hillside of Jordan with locals as actors. This ala-Oberrammergau Passion Play has been attracting locals and tourists whose visit usually culminates in the trek to "Balaan Bukid".

ALIMANGO FESTIVALMarch 22 | Lala, Lanao del Norte
A festival to celebrate "Araw ng Lala" featuring displays of different sizes of alimango (crab). Also features native costumes, dances and cotests depicting and promoting local culture and tradition and fluvial parade passing through unspoiled mangroves.

March 22 | Carigara, Leyte
Carabao and horse fights.

March 22 | Cavite
A celebration commemorating the birth of the First President of the Philippine Republic.

March 23 | Kalibo, Aklan
Celebration dedicated to the 19 martyrs of Aklan who consecrated their lives in the cause of freedom against the colonizers.

March 23 | Minglanilla, Cebu
Showcases the "SUGAT" in which the town is known for many years since. This year, the celebration will be more grand followed by a day long games and entertainment the highlights the endowment of Minglanilla in history, trade and arts.

March 27- March 31 | Negros Occidental
Kisi Kisi Dance Parade is a dance parade which stands for the way fishes flip-flops and twitches as they are hauled during the bountiful harvest. It starts at 1:00 in the afternoon where participating groups wear costumes and headdresses adorned with multi-colored shells & fish nets while props include bamboo poles and baskets used for fishing. Before the dance parade a re-enactment of the Sinulod is being shown wherein the town’s patron Sr. Sto. Niño saved the village from the moro raids.

March 27 | San Pedro, Laguna
Grand parade of various and colorful floats participated in by both government and private sectors while the tribal groups aggressively partakes on street dancing with numerous tribal participants lined-up alternately with floats.

March 27- April 3 | Daan Bantayan, Cebu
Is celebrated every Easter Sunday and ends with a streetdancing on the seventh day after Easter. Haladaya means "Halad kang Datu Daya", the leader of the first Malayan settlers in Daan Bantayan.

March 28- March 29 | Candon City, Ilocos Sur
Annual festival to promote major industry of the city "Tobacco."

March 28- April 3 | Dipolog City
An annual activity at the mountain ranges of Dipolog City’s Linabo Peak and the Sungkilaw Falls area. This is participated in by mountaineers and nature trekkers, which is to be held every summer season in Dipolog City.

There you go the festivities for the merry month of March!  However don’t forget the most important event in the month of March ok?

Source: Website of the Department of  Tourism


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  3. Pintados De Pasi and Moriones buys me off - while the rest I barely knew it. Good thing you keep us oriented with the different ones.

    I hope I can attend one of 'em in the future. :)

  4. parang gusto ko tong bangkero fest. since ito ang pinakamalapit sa kinatatayuan ko ngayon.

  5. di ko alaam ung bday ni gen. emilio aguinaldo ahh,
    sa kawit ba yan?

  6. If I could take a month off, I will surely be blogging them all. But I needed money, he,he,he.

  7. andami kong di alam na festival whew! sana tumanda man lang ako na may nawitness na festival hahaha as in kahit sto nino sa amin at ang sinulog sa cebu ay di pa ako nakadalo :(

    mukhang interesting yung kisi kisi dance parade hehe, naiisip ko na makulay at kakatuwang panoorin ang mga taong nagkikisi kising sumasayaw na anyong mga isda hehe


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