40/365: Sunday Humor and Photograph: Laughter is the Best Medicine

9th February

I rushed my son to the nearest hospital because of an allergy attack. After treatment from the emergency room I need to secure the doctor’s signature who’s clinic is located at the 6th floor. The hospital happened to be under renovation and the elevator is not working so I need to take the stairs.

Look what I found posted near the foot of the stairs !



Whoever thought of this signage is a genius and I really restrained myself asking the hospital personnel who is the owner of this genius idea!   I feel like giving him some beating specially around the leg.  It would be a lot of fun watching him visit his Physical Therapist at the 5th floor with the same condition as the one on this signage! Ha ha ha!


  1. Aba, gusto ko to humu-humor blogger hahahaha. thumbs up sa mapanuring mga pagsusuri sa paligid hehe ano daw?

  2. adik much. hindi nila naisip? habang ung nasa pic eh may saklay? laff trip!

  3. Haha, I get you, it would be a struggle for an injured person to climbed up the P.T. Department if elevator isn't working hahaha. They could have assigned the P.T. Dept. somewhere in the ground floor instead hahaha.

  4. Someone is either evil or has a very cruel sense of humour.

  5. Very observant! I bet there was no mistake because I know from experience that some people are insensitive to others. Imagine climbing the stairs and being told off, no appointment, no session. Then those wooden crutches have a better purpose.

  6. haha adik much ung nagisip nyan! ahaha at parang nanadya pa ung poster haha
    anyway buti naman oks na si kiddo mo


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