42/365: I Still Miss You Buddy…

11th of February

Can’t believe that it has been a year ago since that very sad day.
I remember it was a Monday. I was at home absent from work because I was sick. And you were sick too. Every time I was sick you were sick too. Except that day you became too sick and went to cat heaven.

I still miss you buddy.

I miss your stubborn face and attitude.

I miss how you get irritated every time I touch your cropped (funny) tail.

I miss how you snob your cat food and beg for fish left over instead.

I miss how you annoy me every time you mess my work place.

I miss how much the family laugh every time you alertly turn your head like a dog when I call your name.

I miss how you respond to me in cat talk every time I talk to you like a human.

I miss how you stay at the foot of my swivel chair during the nights that I’m up  writing.  And when you feel cold you will climb and cuddle in my lap  and lay still there while I work.  How you seemed mindful that I don’t want to be disturbed.

I miss how you stay behind me like my personal guard when I do the laundry even you’re scared of the water coming out of the faucet.

I miss how you “meow” for help when you come back after you stow away and can’t come down from your escape hole from the roof.

I miss how you rub your fur on my legs when you want to have my attention and when you follow my every movement.

I miss how you quickly get up from your lazy leisure every time I come home from work.

I miss the mornings I feel your fur on my foot under my blanket.  I still wonder how were you able to sneak
to our room while the man of the house habitually whisked you out before we sleep.

It has been a year ago since I last play and cuddle you. I still miss you buddy…

My stubborn cat Timothy Mingz watching cat show while sitting on the family laptop.



  1. Lovely cat. Lovely picture. You really miss TM that much. Can't you get a new one?

  2. I understand why you still miss your (late) cat. Yours is so adorable. I hope you can find an equally adorable replacement for your loved cat.

  3. awww... nakiramay ako sa pagkawala at pagpunta niya sa cat heaven... kaka-miz nga. Naalala ko tuloy nung nawala ung dog namin when I was a kid... sigh...

  4. I could remember kung gano ka kalungkot nun, and until now nararamdaman ko pa din ung sadness mo hays


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