47/365: The First Time I Let Someone Interrupt My Valentine Night Out.

16th of February

We were about to step out for a very late night out on Valentine night when one of the local channels feed a live screening of the 2014 SOCHI WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES.  This doesn’t happen normally in Philippine television that a regular programming will be suddenly cut out off the air to feed a live coverage of the Winter Olympic games.  The reason of course is our very own MICHAEL CHRISTIAN MARTINEZ is competing.

Hubby and I automatically sat back on the couch and hooked ourselves on the TV screen.  It was like an unspoken agreement that our night out will be delayed.  My whole family is such a sports fan.  You’ll find us absorbed together in front of the television enjoying various sports program.

When Michael performed my whole family was cheering as if we were watching the game live in Sochi.  When the scores was flashed after the end of the first set of competitors we were on standing ovation.


Hail to this UNIQUELY talented Filipino. A figure skater from a tropical country where one’s normal familiarity in snow-like ice is by eating them!


Of course Michael did not win gold nor silver nor bronze. But does it matter? He’s an Olympian for God’s sake competing in a sports that most Filipinos know nothing about.  The amazement was so obvious on the judges and commentators reaction.  The first not only from the Philippines but more so from South East Asia.

I would still give him my standing ovation even if he landed last on this competition.  Do I still need to state the reason why?  Let us just give him his much deserved support.  Hey government particularly the sports commission - wake up!  If this boy won’t still have your support you all deserved to be thrown with snow by Elsa!
You might be wondering why our V-Day night out seemed a little late.  It was because we did not plan anything on that day.  We don’t want to be an add on to the romantic chaos that is going on.  Besides our own schedule is a mess by itself.  Both me and hubby have work all day and apart from that he also has an early evening meeting.  So what I did was to come home early from work to avoid the traffic while hubby skipped the day’s work.  So just about after lunch we’re both at home and we’re having this conversation:

Hubby: So where do you want to go?
Me: “Gusto ko lang kumain ng kwek-kwek tsaka pisbol”
        (I just want to eat street foods)

Hubby: Huh? Seriously?
Me: Yep. I always passed by this alley of street food carts but I’m not buying because you always told me not to.
Hubby: Ok let’s go if that’s what you want.  But promised me you won’t make this a habit ok? 
Me: Yey!  Ahm where’s my flower?
Hubby: Hmn.  I thought we’re buying it together? Because last year you scolded me for buying too expensive flowers?

So we spent the first part of our valentine here and this became one of my “happy place”


The other parts was me cooking pasta for dinner while hubby was at his meeting. He arrived home with my flowers.  We all enjoyed the pasta and the sweets at dinner.  Then we watched movies at home with the kids while enjoying my home made nachos, wine for me and hubby and soda for the kids.  When the kids retired for bed we finally decided to push through the tentative plan of going out (just the two of us) which as earlier told was interrupted by Michael Christian Martinez.

Simple joys, simple fun, lots of love, everyday is Valentine.


We were able to go out just before midnight and went home just before dawn.  As to what happened coming back from our night out… wink*


  1. Who wouldn't be proud? When Rose won Israel X-Factor I was so proud of her she was the topic of my conversation with the Israel family that I know.

    I enjoy reading this post about dating with hubby and it surely became naughty because of the wink. Lol!

  2. Basta mga Christian talented noh? i-post na ang recipe ng master pasta mo!

  3. Even without a medail, his representation for our country is more than enough of a medal. He's just a role model to the younger generation. His persistence and perseverance is amazing.

    Wow, bigla na naman akong napalunok ng laway ko hahaha. Bihira kasi kami makatikim ng mga street foods dito unless gumawa kami. We did once (kwek kwek) at talaga namang kahit sobrang dami ang niluto namin ay ubos pa rin with the presence of our community friends who like us are sabik din sa ganitong mga foods hehehe. Saraaap!


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