59/365: Mac and Me: Happy Birthday Mac!

28th of February

It’s my BFF’s birthday and I’m cramming to get this greetings done and posted.  Well it’s almost midnight and just few more tick on the clock it’s no longer her birthday (LOL).

I’m supposed to write this earlier when I arrived home from work just before going to the celebrant’s dinner celebration.  However I was welcomed at home by the “stroke-triggering“ news that I don’t have an internet!  My DSL is down again and when I called the (cold)hot line of my “wonderful” (grrr) service provider ,  it made me wait till eternity while listening to their nauseating “voice/music prompt hold” before a human picked up the phone only to tell me that they can not provide me (yet) a concrete information why my internet is down. (What’s new?)  They robotically provided me a reference number and asked for my updated call back number which I’m sure is just a waste of time because they will NEVER EVER call you back to tell you what’s going on! I have a ton of experience and histories for this.

So my ISP did it again!  What a perfect timing!  Just when I needed it most! 

Anyways, so I scrapped my plan of writing an elaborated-brain-wracking birthday greetings that I’m supposed to post here and promote on my social media accounts (LOL).  Blame it on my ISP Mac!  

Anyways I think my idea were all drained-out by the non-stop burping caused by the buffet meal that we had tonight.

Also, I don’t think one blog post would be enough for all the words that I wanted to say and for all the wishes that I  wished Mac for.  We have been friends like forever that I know that she knows what’s on my mind. I’ll just make my greetings simple.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CHEERS to good friendship!

Mac n Me

And oh by the way here’s some trivia.  While at the buffet dinner tonight me and another common friend with Mac realized that we have been dining together for the last four years straight during Mac’s  birthday. I have yet to check for the year that is older than four years ago.

2011 at T.G.I Fridays
I was brokenhearted because of my job and the three of us took comfort from this huge Sundae apart from the other (so much) food that we ordered.


2012 at Hap Chan Restaurant
After our adventure at
Logos Hope (The Floating Bookstore)


2013 at 101 Buffet.
A sad moment when I needed to break to you the news that your childhood friend from the province just died.


This year 2014 at Tramway Bayview Buffet
Now that Mac is PARTLY NOT THE Mac that I described in the  first photo (Mac and Me) since she took over “Dora The Explorer’s” role (LOL)


No wonder it is not only our friendship have grown but also our WAISTLINE!


  1. Dedma na sa waistline! Ang importante, mahalaga! Hehehe... Nostalgic ang Mac and Me ha. Good to have a friend for keeps, noh?

  2. Belated Happy Birthday sa BFF mo. True friends stay through thick and thin. And one thing I learned in friendship - you don't have to agree on everything or be similar in most of your interests. As long as you enjoy each other's company and find respect as the center of it then friendship will be fine and for a lifetime.


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