60/365: The 60-Day Milestone

1st of March

Hello March!  Here you are surprising me when I’m not even done with my February postings for my “365 Day Blogging Challenge”.  Your coming made me realized that… I'm definitely nuts!

Admittedly February was a struggling month. There were days and weeks that it was impossible for me to sit down and write, even visit my own blogs or to even moderate the comments.

I tried to prepare myself for days like this by making my own heads up on how the coming hopelessly busy days will affect my posting.  Drafting some future posts was also not effective because by the time that I go back to those drafts to finalize them, the “feel” and “interest” for the topic is gone.  This is really one hell of a challenge!

But if you think that I’m backing out from this challenge because of what I had experienced in the month of February – you are wrong.  Here I am behind by five posts for February and yet I’m still NOT backing out! Yes no! Definitely not!  In fact this became more interesting to me.

I may owe five posts from February by the time that this one is posted but that does not mean that I will be owing them till the end of this challenge.  I take this as a sports.  I may have missed scoring during the early quarters or half but I still have time to fill-in those gaps, scored more in the coming quarters and half.  If basketball has the “best of seven series” I have the “best of  12 months series”.  I took it as a 365 post I will end it at 365 by the end of the game which is on December 31, 2014 or sooner.  As what Senyor Iskwater said “Kitakits sa Finals!”.

Once again, THANK YOU for all your unfailing support especially to all my fellow bloggers.  I may be missing to visit your blogs lately but I will definitely be there soon.

Care to join me in shouting another HURRAY!?



  1. Awwww. This made my day. Kasi may mention ako. Alam ko naman na makakaya mo ang pagsubok na bunuin ang buong taon. Hmmnn... Excited nga ako sa mga nangyayari dito sa blog mo eh. Feeling ko, your blog is a constant reminder din for me kung gaano na ako katagal inactive sa blogging. Ang iniisip ko, 'Naku, baka natambakan mo na ako ng posts na makokomentohan..."! That's the spirit! Tuloy lang sa hamon! Yey!

  2. Just keep going even when some odds and distractions is bugging you up. Kayang kaya yan basta you set your goal and focus lang. There is no task unachievable for someone who is willing to make it happen. :) :) Push lang!

  3. KEEP GOING MS. B!!!!!! Pag nagkita tayo sa December treat kita!!!!! Go go go!!!!!

  4. GO lang ng GO madam! :D

    Tuloy ang laban :D

  5. Actually, I admire you for what you are doing. Good luck!


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