52/365: I’m Writing This In Real Time But…

21st of February

I just got back today after a two-day "work-related whatever" and I am  now facing my lappy overwhelmed with the tasks that I need to do in the coming days ahead.

The first thing that I did is to check my emails specifically the ones originating from my blogs’ contact pages, (important) messages from my social media accounts and all the important messages that were sent to me through this crazy e-world.

I’m trying to finish reading the ones from the social media as quickly as I can that I don’t even have the time to “Like” or “Favorite” the statuses that made me feel good .  Does that mean that I’m “anti-social media” now? LOL!

Well the reason for my rushing is because I need to finalize the drafts that needs to be published on specific dates for this blog.  However, the list of the drafts on my writing tool made me frown.  I tried to pick one to finish but nothing seem to fit my mood.  This is bad!

bloggerWhy does the topics that you were so inspired writing some days ago does not seem the same when you go back writing about it?  Is it the same with you or is it just me?  I’m a moody writer most of the time.  I usually type away what’s on my mind or what fits my mood.  And this usually gives me problem.

The reason of this ranting is of course has something to do with  my daily post or what I call my 365/blogging challenge. I’m running five days (six including today) behind by now.  Although I have all the topics drafted per day but they are not finalized yet.

As for this one, I’m writing this real time – see that date on the upper right corner?  That is the exact date that I am writing this post.  The problem is I will not be posting this as long as I haven’t posted the five days prior to today.  (I’m nuts!)

So what’s the topic on this post again?  Nothing!  I am just posting this just to let you know that I’m still on with the challenge (except that I’m not just in the mood *frown*)!


  1. It happens to all of us. I have numerous drafts and some were inspiring when I started but I lost the spark when I went back to edit thus no post. This one just shows that you are still human. Have a great week!

  2. I can relate much. Kaya nga ako laging isang upuan lang ang sinusulat para hindi umalpas ang inspirasyon... ang ending? mga sabaw posts ang sakin! hehehe

  3. Lahat naman yata makaka relate sa post na eto. Laging nangyayari sa akin ang ganitong sitwasyon. Yung tipong may dala na nga akong small notebook and pen para lang i capture ang thoughts na suddenly pumapasok sa kukote ko pero malingat lang ako at nagkaroon ng kausap bigla nalang nawala kaya di ko na maituloy tuloy. Ang ending nasa draft na naman nakabalandra hahaha. Di bale, normal lang siguro eto hehe.


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