51/365: My Soul Learned A Little About Surfing Through “Soul Surfer”

20th of February

Unlike most bloggers (and other people) I don’t have a bucket list or a “50 before 50”  thingy on my profile.  Although I have a mental list of things that I want to do before I die one of which is to run a full marathon (42K baby!) – but the thing is , I don’t document them.  Probably because I’m really an spontaneous person.

Lately I’m starting to add some more adventures (and dreams) to the things that I still wan to do before I die.  There’s another one that I added today and let me share this one to you.

I want to experience…

me surfing

This thought is kinda disappointing right now because just some weeks back I could have experienced surfing in Baler (Aurora, Philippines – which is starting to be popular  right now).  But because I’m too hooked up with work I missed an email invite from a friend for a Baler adventure – of course this is another story

So why suddenly surfing?

I came home one day from work and saw this movie playing on our family’s 24-hour movie screening (LOL).  As I slumped on the couch just to catch my breath and take my shoes off I saw this ocean/surfing scene that looks so refreshing plus the story seemed familiar to me.  Staying a little bit more in front of the screen I realized that I really know the story because I was following that story before from magazines and other reading materials.  Well of course it was back in the days that I wasn’t too hooked up yet in the e-world.

The movie is titled “Soul Surfer” .  It is about the story of Bethany Hamilton, a lady surfer that lost her arm from a horrific shark attack.  I got hooked watching the movie till the end while I am still wearing my  outfit from work.  It is not only the inspirational aspect of the movie that interests me, but it is actually more about surfing. There are scenes and dialogues in the movie that made me understand a bit about the sports of surfing and it perks my interest and fascination. 

Prior to watching this film, I never really got interested about surfing.  I consider surfing as a thing for people who lives nearby the sea with surfing waves.  Or.. people from Hawaii (LOL).

But let me clarify that I’m not planning to be a surfer (Goodness gracious!).  I just want to experience surfing.  I just want to experience how it feels like to be on the surfing board and with the wave.  I bet that would feel awesome.

You might also want to watch the movie.  It was cinematicaly good for a biopic plus it is very inspirational.

“I don’t need easy.  I just need possible.” ~ Bethany Hamilton / Soul Surfer~


  1. Pareho tayong spontaneous! Apir! Pero di ko bet ang surfing! Pero I heard it's exciting! I have not seen the movie.

  2. I've seen the move and it's so inspiring. I guess the it also starred Carrie Underwood, with Kevin "The Hercules" Sorbo and Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt.

    So far yan ang natatandaan ko sa cast.

  3. I love that movie a lot! :) I sama mo na ang blue crash 1 and 2 :D


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