50/365: Do I Wanna Build A Snowman?

19th of February

Sorry to disappoint you but this has nothing to do with the latest movie craze “Frozen” and to everyone’s LSS for a couple of weeks now.

This has something to do with me gaining  a lot of weight since the Manila weather went back to its “tropical mightiness” after a short period of allowing us to display our jackets. Ang init! (It’s so hot!).

Apart from eating a lot (due to stress maybe or whatever alibi I have for eating a lot.) I found the other major culprit that is continuously causing my instant chubbiness.  I realized that while I’m enjoying slurping one of them from a Belgian Cone that I bought from a nearby grocery.

My son’s version of Banana Split! (LOL)

banana split

Hubby jokingly blurted “Did you know that there’s no ice-based food with a salty taste?  They are all made from sweet foods.  Well apart from those specialty ice cream that we don’t eat regularly”.  Then it was followed by “And did you notice how often do you eat these sweet ice craze foods lately?” (while grinning) 

Oh wham! So true!

Every time that I’m out of the confine of an air conditioned room I’m looking for something that is refreshing to eat. Be it frap, praf, smoothie, ice cream, ice craze, zagu, sago, halo-halo or whatever brand term they call it I am having them all.

What I’m wondering about is that I’m not fond of these ice-based sweet foods before.  In fact back in the days that I was working with a Chinese-owned company, I adapted their habit of drinking hot tea even during the hot weather/temperature.  I don’t know how I started this habit lately.

Summer is not even at full blast and yet I’m having an overload of these sweet ice-based food.  Any tip how can I avoid these foods?

Naaah! Let it go! Let us just build a snowmann - in my tummy!

Oh by the way, if I frustrate you because I did not talk about the movie “Frozen” on this post in spite of my title, I suggest that you check out a well-written post about the movie from my good friend Jay.


  1. Yes, I remember the film. Seen it many times and loved it.
    anyway, malamig pa dyan during my stay. Mainit na pala ngayon:)
    I ate ice cream though nong last day ko dyan. Rocky road flavour. My favorite.

  2. Ay... i'm not an ice based foods fan... cold water or coffee na lang!.... tea na lang tayo...pls? let's amke it soon. hehe

  3. Akala ko nag review ka rin ng FROZEN lols...and thanks for the mention. Magsa-summer na kaya bentang benta na ulet ang mga ganyang refreshments.


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