49/365: Wok With Balut: Pizza Talong (Pizza Eggplant)

18th of February

This post is for my friend and colleague Jae-Arh.  She’s the friend I was talking about on the Prelude of my "Wok With Balut" series who had been requesting for a copy of this recipe.

Every time I invite close friends to dine at home Jae-Arh would automatically ask “may pizza talong ba?”  And this is the reason why I am posting this recipe a little detailed compared to the other recipes that I posted.

So here’s my personal recipe of PIZZA TALONG.   It is actually similar to “Tortang Talong”.  I just named it “Pizza Talong” because it looks like pizza when cooked.  It also sounded more yummy. 

There are two versions of this recipe.  One is for VEGIE LOVERS and the other one is for MEAT LOVERS (just like pizza).

My Pizza Talong for Meat Lovers.  Fresh from the Pan!


My Pizza Talong for Vegie Lovers.
The Pizza Talong in this photo is already sliced because I made it as a side dish for the “Steamed Tilapia”


Large Eggplant - grilled, peeled and mashed
Eggs – beaten
Tomatoes sliced horizontally
Green Pepper sliced horizontally
Bell Pepper sliced horizontally
Red Onion chopped
White onion sliced as onion ring (optional)

Hot dog or Sausage

1. Sauté all garlic, onion, tomatoes, green and bell pepper in butter.  Don’t over cooked the spices.
    (If with meat, sauté first the meat ingredients before the spices)
2.  Then add the mashed egg plant.
3. Add salt and seasoning.
4.  Pour the beaten egg and wait until it formed a circle.  The thicker the better.
5. Served topped with onion rings and fresh green bell pepper.

If you noticed I don’t give an exact measurement on the ingredients for my recipe.  Because that’s how I cook.  I match the measurement of my ingredients according to the number of people to whom the dish will be served. And I just estimate the quantity of each ingredient to the quantity of the major ingredient which for this one is the egg plant.

Why don’t you try cooking your first pizza talong?


  1. I'm not sure about this. But I'll try. I'm not a big fan of talong. I'll report it to you and post it in my blog. At kapag may time din. hehehehe!

  2. Try it! You'll gonna love it promised!

    Can't wait to see TG experimenting in the kitchen :)

  3. Napansin ko naman ang purple plate... kagutom. I love tilapia! I'll try your pizza talong!

  4. Natawa ako kasi di ko natapos ang pagbabasa ng makita ko ang picture. Bigla ako nagutom lols. Ang sarap lang.


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