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69/365: All About Me: On Blogging and Writing

10th of March

This article was originally posted on my blog "The Lucky Blog".  Since I am posting an "All About Me" series here, I believe this is the perfect time to re-post this.


Hey it’s my birthday week! So why not share some weird things about me?  Let’s start with one of my passion - blogging and writing!
  • I write better when music is pumped in my ears matched with a mug of coffee. I have a variety of choices but on top of them are Gregorian Chant, Enya, Barry Manilow, Jim Croce and believe it or not – Queen’s Freddie Mercury.  “Queen Live in Wimbley” is plugged in my ears while I’m writing this.

    For coffee – not too sweet not to creamy but preferably strong!  I don’t mind about the brand as long as it smells and tastes like coffee.
  • I have a 500 gig external hard that where I stock my photos for blogging.  Each photo in there has a story saved in my brain’s draft folder.
  • I am a magnet to dramatic, sad and lonely post ("emo") that I am really trying to minimize.  The irony is that I am a very happy person.
  • I usually don’t comment to a blog post that I did not read with understanding. I’d rather not comment at all.
  • I have a habit of spontaneously back reading posts of the blogs in my roll.  I usually don’t comment on the posts while back reading so as not to break my reading momentum.  But I always try to make a mental note on the posts that I like specifically if it mention anything about the blogger’s personality.
  • I have a secret list of favorite bloggers (good writers) not because they are my friends but because I really love the way they write and express.
  • If you link my blog or include my blog in your blog roll,  I will link you back at least to any of my blogs regardless of your blog's page rank. 
  • I don’t mind putting blog links on my sites even I am aware that they will negatively affect the SEO  thingy.  I am confident that I can pull it up by making quality posts.
  • Never in my entire life that I did not have a writing desk in my home.  It is one of my basic furniture. 
  • My father said that I’m in my weirdest when I’m writing.  (Back in the province when I was younger) He was always amazed whenever he stumbles upon one of my scattered drafts and he would always ask “Did you write this? with the tone that sounded like he is asking a stranger and not his daughter. LOL!
  • And as Freddie Mercury says I write better when “Under Pressure!”.
  • I write to express NOT to impress.

… hmn there’s a lot more. till next share!

The manual organizer’s photo is taken aboard a plane. The scribble on the notebook is a list of posts that I plan to write while on a trip.  I was surprised to find that all the scribbled topics were published on my blogs.


  1. masarap naman talaga mg sulat pag may music sa back ground,
    sa coffee baligtad tayo ako want ko too sweet too creamy

    ako iwas ako sa sad post kasi ayoko makahawa hahaha, kaya instead na sadm religious post na lng

    ako comment lang kung comment eeh hahaha kahit iba na lenguahe ee sige pa din

    novels or poems ba yang mga drafts na yan? ishare na yan!

  2. needless to say, you're one of my most-abanged blogger miss balut. I really admire your writing (over-all). hehe, happy birthday and more blogging years to come.

  3. weird haha! pero isang malking tsek sa red na ballpen yung write to express not to impress

  4. I'll go for "I write to express NOT to impress." Mas maganda basahin ang isang post kapag sinasapuso. ahihi

    Magkano bili mo sa 500gig external drive mo, Balut?

    Di ako nakalogin. Hahaha!


  5. 'I write to express, not to impress...' That's impressive. I wouldn't even know how to impress my own readers, since they are so much more impressive expressing themselves the way they do. Well, you know what I mean. ;)

    And a birthday week... I like the sound of that. Then again it depends on how old you'll be. Or so claim some of my female friends.

    Hope you're doing fine :)

  6. really nice to know your blogging / writing habits!


    Much love! :)

  7. Happy Birthday beauty :) enjoy your big day! I love this post esp the phrase to express not to impress.

  8. Happy birthday ulit sis.. I love all what you said. Hope you had a wonderful day there.

  9. Me too I get inspired when listening to music especially like OPM Songs :) Well, just dropping here in your blog! GOD BLESS!

  10. Here is a link to my blog feel free to visit it OPm Songs.

  11. Nice to know you more Balut. I am an admirer of yours when it comes to writing. I write to express too and from my heart. Nakakahiya nga english grammar ko eh:)

  12. I write to express than to impress. I'm so love this. However ung music sa background, mejo opposite naman ako, weird. Gusto ko magsulat na marami akong nakikita. Like over the balcony na maraming naglalakad na tao para makakuha ng inspiration. I tried sa loob ng kwarto pero it took me more than 4 hours just to complete one article to post. Darn!!

  13. I write when it is utterly quiet, no music, no TV, no phone calls. This is usually at 9 in the evening when the village is ready for slumber. I like reading melancholic postings that touches my heart. I also like posts that are humble in content and with sincerity. I have a few fave writers and a couple that I dislike. I backread all the time and I study comments. Most of all, I write to keep my memories digitally.

  14. Iba talaga pag under pressure. Parang ako lang sa pagcocomment sa blog mo. Inactive ako pero dito sa blog mo, active ako! feeling ko kasama mo talaga ako sa challenge mo this year!

  15. Nakalimutan ko... Happy Birthday Ate Balut! more power sa blogging and writing.

    medyo nagkakapareho tayo dito> I usually don’t comment to a blog post that I did not read with understanding. I’d rather not comment at all.

    sa house namin... parang di talaga aware sa mga ginagawa ko even yung blogging. i wonder kung alam nila yung blog, wordpress, blogger or kahit twitter pero I'm happy that they just support me. hehehe


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