74/365: All I Want for Today Is...

15th of March

Today is my birthday and I’m not planning anything special. All I know is I want to give myself a relaxing day which I started yesterday by doing a morning run and a walk in the park.

I did not even register for a birthday run as I annually do.  Because if I did I will not be able to relax because I need to train.  But this does not mean that I’m giving up on running – I will definitely NOT.  It’s just that I want my today to be simple and really relaxing.

I also did not invite friends at home or to celebrate or party anywhere.  Not because that I’m anti-social now LOL. Again, it is simply because of the same thing.  I want to relax.

I also did not plan for a getaway because the planning and the trip might stress me out as well.  If I have a choice I want my today to be quiet.  I am supposed to remove my birthday info on my social media accounts but that would mean a lot of work removing it and putting it back on.  Plus that my 365 Day Blogging Challenge will be incomplete without my birthday being part of it. Anyway checking on my social media accounts today is a part of my relaxation.

So today as my birthday will be a day that I always like it to be.  Spontaneous!  I will definitely spend it with my family but we are not planning anything big. There is one thing though that I still want to do.  And that is to have my cake and blow the candle with my wishes.

And speaking of cake Google sent me a lot!

Google made my day with this doodle!  This is a lot of cake huh!

Happy Birthday from Google - Copy

I’ll share you the fun about this Google thingy on another blog post ok. Because as I have said I want to relax today ha ha!

There’s a lot more to be thankful for all the thoughtfulness from family and friends that also deserved a special post and I am definitely be doing that.  Let me just relax today and enjoy my cake.  I know you are all wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and that is more than enough plus a lot better with a cake (naughty grin).


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Lista na to sa mga utang mong treat hahaha

    1. THANK YOU! Ikaw ang maglista isang drum na ang utang mong kape sakin! ha ha ha

  2. Happy happy birthday. That was I did on my birthday too:) just relaxed and no big big deal:) but it was good:)

    1. THANK YOU again Joy! Yes it's the best birthday git we can give to ourselves :)

  3. Happy birthday again and again! May you have a blessed year and all the best to your endeavours.

  4. Happy birthday, Ms. B! Enjoy and relax! :)

    1. THANK YOU Lakwatsero! Good to see you here :)

  5. Kaya hindi ako nag post ng greetings dito kasi nga may special post ako intended for your birthday lols! I just dunno kung napuna mo hahaha


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