75/365: Sunday Prayer and Photograph: Thank You To Both of You!

16th of March


“Dear God,

Perhaps, it is not too much to ask from you today. I have a good friend named Balut who is celebrating her birthday few days from now. All I wish for her is that you'd grant her all the desires of her heart - be it for anything.

I thank you God, for blessing me a friend who truly care and value friendship. Shield her whole family with your mantle of protection. Bless them with all their daily needs. Continue to allow her to be a blessing to others in her simple ways. Grant her the strength when challenges come her way. Gift her with a discerning and faithful heart when crucial matters are to be decided. Never allow evil spirit ruins her good disposition in life.

Lastly and most importantly,  grace her with a healthy body and mind as she run her journey here on Earth.

This I ask through your son Jesus Christ, with the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints. Amen”
The huge bouquet of flowers and the card in the photograph came from two blogger friends,  Jay of ABOUT JAY'S JOURNEY and Arvin of CHATEAU DE ARCHIEVINER - two very well-mannered bloggers that I had the privilege of meeting in person.

The bouquet and the card were delivered right at my home a day before my birthday while the prayer is written by Jay and published on his blog as a gift for my birthday. Another big big surprise for me from my thoughtful friend Jay.  He also made a special birthday post for Arvin on his birthday

Arvin on the other hand called and texted me days before my birthday saying that since he is on current blogging hiatus and we can’t meet yet (my fault), he was really finding ways to greet me.  I’m wordless to the sweetness and thoughtfulness of these two awesome creature.

To you Jay and Arvin- THANK YOU!  You two did not only surprised me BIG TIME  but you melted my heart with the sweet syrup of your thoughtfulness.  I so love the flowers and the card most specially the personal and printed message on it.  I also want you to know that you are definitely among my favorite people!  I feel so blessed to have you both in my circle.

Cheers to more years of blogging and friendship!


  1. Thank you for the appreciation!

    The idea behind the sending of flowers originally comes from Arvin, we were chatting online and thinking of how to surprise you. We've had discussions over some things but when he popped up with this idea I quickly agreed on. And so we finally decided to send you flowers. All I thought was I'm spared with the message part and that he'd take care of it only to end up being asked to do it lols!

    Then, sabi ko send niya before your birthday para di kami tatapat on the very day since we thought na baka super busy ka na noon. Kaya March 14 niya ata pinadala yan hehehe.

    Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sa'yo! God bless you and your awesome family

  2. You deserved the best Balut:)
    like them both too:)

  3. awww ang sweet naman nila sau! hehehe... belated!!! basta talaga mga march bday celebrants, sexy and magaganda, noh???


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