82/365: Will You Be My Guest (Post) Blogger To Feature About Church or Any Place of Worship?

23rd of March

This coming month of April I will be starting a new series on my blog.  It will be called “Churches and Places of Worship” which will be done through guest postings.

Who will be the ”Guest Post”?
YOU! Be that you’re a reader, follower or blogger friend you are all welcome.  Anyone who is reading this and interested to be my guest blogger is welcome!

What makes this unique?
There are a lot of on-going guest posting in the blogosphere but what makes this unique is that we will just be talking about “churches” or “other places of worship”.

You may have noticed that I have this special interest (to the point of passion) about churches and places of worship. I already featured several churches here, and there’s a lot more that are on queue to be posted. As always I am just waiting for the right time to post about each church.

Then why guest post?
The more the merrier plus the fact that I will not be able reach as many places as I want to and feature as much churches as I want.  So why not ask the help of other people that might be interested with my interest as well?  Also, I have friends all over the world and it would be awesome to make them a part of this right?

Come join me as I feature churches and places worship from everywhere!


Any specifics?
Yes there are but they are not too complicated.

1. The post should not exceed 1,000 words and you can express it in any medium that you are comfortable with.
If you are a photographer you can feature it by photographs you just need to provide the caption.  If you are an artist you can express it by any medium you are comfortable with – drawings, doodles, song (with video is allowed) or any similar medium.  If you want it something literary, poem, quotation or a featured article it’s fine as long as it will not exceed 1,000 words.
3. Since my blog site is in the English medium the post should be in English as well.  But please don’t be intimidated by this.  I am not expecting a high-falutin words in the entry.  The simpler the better.
4. The church photograph or illustration is a must-provide plus the exact name and location of the church/place of worship. 

(If this is not too much) My special request.
I would appreciate it if you will be featuring a church from outside Metro Manila.  The reason for this is that I almost covered all the churches within the metro and we might have similar post.  My suggestion is that for you to choose a church from a place where you grew up, your provincial home or where you are currently located at or where you visited and travelled.

Is this a contest?
No. Therefore there is no material prize.  You will just make this blogger happy if that matters to you (smile).  What I will do is to connect your post to your blog or to any of your social media accounts or to whatever site you wanted to link it back (as long as it’s legal).  I will also include a brief description about yourself.

Initial steps.
I’ll start this by dropping private messages of request to some of my (fellow) blogger friends so I will have the initial batch of guest blogger as I wait for other guest volunteers.

How to?
You can email me at balutmanila@gmail.com or drop me a message on the comments form below or here. You can also contact me in Facebook or Twitter. Wherever that you are comfortable with is fine with me.
I am hoping for a “Yes” on the comment box below! Please?

There’s a lot more about churches on this blog.  You just need to browse the “Search” button at the ride sided bar.
~ *** ~
HURRAY! for this early contributor! Be sure to check them out!


  1. Oh thanks Balut for making me on your list:)
    Hanapin ko pa mga pictures ng churches sa computer ko at need ko pigain brain ko sa isusulat ko. Hi hi.
    but it is really a nice topic;) good luck to everyone!

    1. Woot! nice buena-mano Joy! I'm excited about your entry yey!

  2. Puede ba churches abroad? I've got dozens of them in our city....

    1. Yey! That's exactly what I want TG!
      I'm thinking about you and Italy churches while I was writing this. I was in the middle of sending messages last night when my internet went crazy again.

      I'm so excited with your entry!

  3. How about places of worship outside Philippines?

    1. OMG Jonathan I'm excited about that.

      I was thinking about the temples you featured on your blog while I was writing this. You are among the top people in my thought while I'm writing this. Can't wait to see your entry!

  4. wow isang karangalan salamat sa pag imbita hehehe... :-)

  5. It's my pleasure kapatid!
    It's your choice kung anong pinaka gusto mo sa lahat ng napunthana mo na :)

  6. Hmmmm...i have two posts already about Churches. Pero magandang push to ha. Sakto mag vivisita Iglesia ako. :)

  7. Naku Ma'am Balut. Ako ay hindi nagsisimba. Hindi rin ako masyado nag-iingles. Masakit sa ulo. Pero maraming salamat sa pag-imbita. At hindi ako maaaring tumanggi? Kayanin ko sana. *krus :)

    1. Ala-ey Red kayang-kaya yan! Masyado ka lang talagang humble samantalang napaka-galing mo naman eh... :)

  8. hmmnnn... hindi pa naman ako ma-church... bet ko sana.. basta i'll be around to check out your upcoming guests para parang nakapunta na rin ako sa mga simbahang mafi-feature!

    1. Walang excemption dito Senyor! Inaantay ko yung entry mo! mas challenging nga yung mag feature ka ng place na hindi mo gawi puntahan eh :)

  9. "Since my blog site is in the English medium the post should be in English as well. But please don’t be intimidated by this." - still, I am!!! hahaha...

    will find time for this msB, no promises though...but I'll try. :)

  10. And I am starting to write my contribution :)

  11. Hi. I have a exceptional church for you.


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